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  2. Erin
    Erin Published |

    Thank you for this, Justin. One thing that I never see addressed in RSS + Feedburner + WP tips is the ability to preserve individual category feeds when redirecting to Feedburner. In other words, a feedburner link for each category feed. Is that even possible? You write the best tutorials around these days, and I hope you find this interesting enough to take on.

  3. Jeff Starr
    Jeff Starr Published |

    @Justin: This is a great addition to the available Feedburner redirection methods, and the first I have seen for using PHP. I am looking forward to trying this technique and testing the various redirect possibilities. Thanks for sharing it with us, and thanks for mentioning my article as well! 🙂

    @Erin: Custom category and tag feeds are certainly possible. For PHP, use the (second) method described in this article and replace the $link value with that of your category feed. For additional categories, tags, and other feeds, simply extrapolate either method with the desired Feedburner URLs. For HTAccess, the method(s) described in this article will do everything you need.

  4. newbiesblogger
    newbiesblogger Published |

    Hey, nice tips, even I don’t know much about coding but with this I think I can do it man.

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  6. Brain Alien
    Brain Alien Published |

    What if you don’t use a theme, but rather have created your own theme? I’m having a hard time doing this on my website, finding the right solution. I have the “semi-pretty” permalinks activated (index.php/date/postname) as my host is through a friend on a Windows server, using IIS (and therefore no .htaccess).

    I can’t seem to get feedburner to validate any method I try as .xml.

    I’m thinking that changing this functions.php won’t do anything as I don’t really use a theme. Where is functions.php referenced? Should I move this file to the root of my site?

  7. Chon
    Chon Published |

    This works great with wordpress 2.7. Thanks!!

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  9. Anita
    Anita Published |

    Thank you so much for this solution, Justin. I tried .htaccess with no success and I was so glad to find this. You really made my day!

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  12. Claudia Webb
    Claudia Webb Published |

    i doubt it will work with 3.0.1 version of wordpress… let me check and will update you all… 🙂

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