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  1. christopher
    christopher Published |

    very cool plug-in.

    the only issue I’ve run into with it are differences in css class naming… for someone using a theme other than one of yours the the results are going to look funny.

    after looking through your code it’s an easy fix.

    aside from that it does just about anything i could think of.

  2. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Actually, I can see this as being extremely useful for approaching Wordpress as a full blown CMS instead of just a blog. Couple multiple instances of this with multiple instances of your widgets page template in Hybrid, and you can have one WP install that divides content between pages all without doing and custom theme modification.

  3. Mireille
    Mireille Published |

    I would be happy to try out this widget. It sounds like the kind of stuff for newbies like me so we might be able to do something cool. I just recently switch to wordpress found all the templates to be pretty much the same except for yours that allow some flexibility. But I still can’t change the title that shows at the top of the page. I sent you 2 emails about that without results. So my local blog about kids in my hometown say options theme. That’s not cool and if you don’t answer me soon, I will have to not use this template and go back to the others.
    Please feel free to edit or remove this comment. I just needed some attention

  4. BukuJurnaldotCom
    BukuJurnaldotCom Published |

    Seems like a good one, like you always do ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll try it and hopefully I can make a comprehensive review.
    Thank you for all your efforts.

  5. Kathy
    Kathy Published |

    Looks like a great plugin. I have a WP install I use for development, but it doesn’t have enough content on it to really test this. The site I have with enough content is real, and shouldn’t be used for testing. Well, maybe I’ll try it out in the middle of the night and then deactivate it.

  6. Vix
    Vix Published |

    I’ve been testing it on my development blog which has a lot of posts with a variety of categories and tags and the plugin is working great.

    My main concern is being able to customize the output of the widget display. From the looks of it I’ll have to edit within the plugin.

    If I were to create a completely widgetized theme, thereโ€™d have to be widgets that handled displaying post content…. I donโ€™t believe themes should be widgetized like that.

    I’m curious to know how a completely widgetized theme takes away from a theme designer’s creativity

  7. johnny_n
    johnny_n Published |

    Want to echo what Vix was saying — I’d love the ability to control the widget_title more, in specific being able to link from it…

    Great plug-in though, really helpful!

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  9. AC
    AC Published |

    Oh, hell yeah! This is going to be an amazing plugin. Your ideas are gold.

  10. Vix
    Vix Published |

    Thanks for the explanation – because it’s very easy to destroy a theme designer’s intent with a theme you have to walk the fine line between functionality and too many options.

    I made a small change to the plugin so that it would let me display custom field data. Is this the kind of functionality that you want in the plugin? If so, how do I send you the code?

  11. tonya
    tonya Published |

    OMG! This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. There are so many plugins that allow you to add custom fields to a users profile but nothing that will allow you to display that information. I am not a programmer so having a plugin that will allow me to display content from fields i already have in anyway that I want is priceless.

    I did see your warning about not using it with a live site, unfortunately its all I have so wish me luck!

  12. Vix
    Vix Published |

    No worries, I’m at ease with editing plugin files. Here is a screenshot of what I did: added “meta” option to the display drop-down and set it so that if it was selected, the widget would display the data of chosen custom field.

  13. tonya
    tonya Published |

    Justin, thanks for you quick response. I guess I miss understood the plugin. Thanks Vix for the screenshot. I thought the plugin would list the data from other sources not just the post query, bummer!

    Most plugins do a great job with getting the data into Wordpress but I haven’t seen one that helps you get it out. This issue may not sound like a big deal if you are a programmer but for those novices like me having a plugin to display content from the user profile in your desired format would be priceless.

  14. Craig
    Craig Published |

    Wow that is sick I just installed it, into my fresh new install of Hybrid News and it is beyond cool. I’ve just poked around, but to be able to “stick” any of your content, anywhere which is especially true with Hybrid. I brought out an old post and stuck it on the home page, sweet. And no it hasn’t broken anything… That with widget logic and “I” can’t imagine what can’t be done. Opps double negative ๐Ÿ™

    I am really seeing how Hybrid is a full blown CMS at this point.

    Thanks as always


  15. tagecho
    tagecho Published |

    Cool plug in with no cost thanks.

  16. Fadli
    Fadli Published |

    look too complex. can u give simple explanation. i read it over and over again but still confuse! what this tool used for? what the adventage to use it? thanks

  17. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Justin, I simply liked the concept of widgetizing everything – that would simply make wordpress a complete CMS for me. I would try to create a new blog using this plugin itself, is it right time to do that?

  18. Jason
    Jason Published |

    That should not be a problem as long as I am trying it on completely new blog as a beta test. That way, we can figure out major issues at end user.

  19. Jim
    Jim Published |

    I would love to try out this widget. I have been looking for this kind of widget for a long time.

  20. Danny
    Danny Published |

    OMG! this is awesome! I’ve installed this plugin 3 minutes ago and I already love it!

  21. imtiedup
    imtiedup Published |

    does this work with wordpress mu?

    if not is it planned for the future?

  22. Mika
    Mika Published |

    This is exactly what I need, I guess. Now I just need to learn how to use it. Could there be some kind of short list of options you may put into those text fields. For example when you move your mouse over the text “Author:” you would get an example of use or a list of options or something to help the user to understand what you can do with the text field.

  23. Mika
    Mika Published |

    Thanks for the readme file. I found it by my a bit later ๐Ÿ™‚

    However, once this plugin gets released officially, a “typical” user might not ever see the readme.html file (unless it is linked somewhere), because they install it directly from their wordpress admin.

    All the query options and settings are outstanding! Now the only thing I’m missing is how to define the way how the query results are shown in by sidebar. Should the timestamp and author be shown and things like that. There could also be a possibility to define the layout of items by pasting some code for the plugin. Then other people would be able to create their own layout codes for showing items in your plugin. Or should this be left to the theme designer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. DaveK
    DaveK Published |

    been playing with this plugin for the last few days and love it.
    The only issue I have is when using it in a narrow ‘sidebar’ to display posts with image & excerpt, the default excerpt can be too long, so your old limit_content function would be a great addition.

  25. DaveK
    DaveK Published |

    Hi Justin, been looking but can’t find a solution.
    Do you know somewhere that I can look to find a filter/function for shortening the excerpt text?

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