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  1. Rarst
    Rarst Published |

    I am not using widgets much (usually just edit in code snippets) but have one fitting idea – list posts that were made on same day in previous years. Something like:

    Blast from the past for Feb 06, 2009
    – Old post tite (2008)
    – Really old post title (2007)
    – Another really old post title (2007)
    – Somewhat ancient or bugged title (2005)

    If no fitting posts for the day widget simply doesn’t display. It could use variations with week and month display period for blogs that have few posts.


    PS my blog is not yet one year old, consider me optimistic 🙂

  2. mkjones
    mkjones Published |

    I’m just thinking out loud here and a lot of these widgets may already exist as part of current plugins or themes.

    A “log-in box” widget would be nice. Something that allows users to log in via the sidebar.

    A breadcrumbs one would be cool.

    Improved wp_list_pages similar to what the ‘Fold Page List’ plugin does would be excellent, but I think that’s a lot to ask.

    Google Ad ones are always nice.

    One that pulls photos from Picasa and NOT just Flickr.

    One that pulls together available RSS feeds and email-feed options.

    One that allows you to add PHP code so you can, for example, add a code to a sidebar.

    An accessibility one allowing for theme colour changes and font re-sizing, perhaps using jQuery.

    Errr, that’s all I got for now…

  3. Frank Lores-Penalver
    Frank Lores-Penalver Published |

    One of the things I would like to see is snippets. This is a custom feature we have in our cms (not wordpress), that allow us to have in the sidebar snippets related to the current post, this can be links to sub pages (already possible), but also thins like a small image advertising a specific feature of this page (like an annual review), links to videos relating to this page etc. Snippets can be created out of anything, they are usually composed of a small blurb explaining the content of the snippet and then the link.

    For example you could have a page on a new training program you have, a snippet could be a link to another page with testimonials about your training, it could also be a link to your online brochure etc.

    To make this work you should be able to create a optional snippe of pages, post, galleries, etc… The snippet could have a title, image, small blurb and link. By making the snippet related to the page it links to instead of the page is being linked from you can add the same snippet to multiple pages.

    Then on the page where you want to insert snippets you could have an interface for selecting the snippets, in which order and what specific part of the snippet you would like (on occasions a snippet has an image, but you might not necessarily want to include the image ).

    I understand this can develop into a monster of a widget/plugin, but you wanted fresh ideas…

  4. Adriano Estevam
    Adriano Estevam Published |

    I would love to see a plugin that enable you to read from another database/table and display that on a page/post, or allow you to select from a drop down menu as a widget.

    For an instance, you have a table called “contacts”. Would be nice to have a “widgetised” way to pull data from that table showing in your page/post or allow the visitor to do search in that particular table.

    By the way I loved the query-posts plugin. I’ve been testing on my local server. It’s really great, and has a lot of potential. Great job!

  5. Stefano F. (tacone)
    Stefano F. (tacone) Published |

    A category Widget wrapper to make a widget appear only in a given category.

    Would allow you to choose another available widget (and configure it) from a dropbox . The it should let you define category/post filter where you want the contained widget to appear.

  6. Dave
    Dave Published |

    I’d love a widget that lists authors with a certain user level, then when viewing an authors post a widget that lists all the authors other posts.

  7. amy gail
    amy gail Published |

    A simple list child pages widget!

  8. Kelshing
    Kelshing Published |

    a followers widget like blogspot has

  9. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Justin, on the listing authors with a certain user level, I achieved this using your Options theme by modifing one of the Options functions, not sure what it was but can root it out if you want.
    I added something like

    $level = $author->user_level;


    if ( $level !='2' ) { $link = ' '; }  else {' link code here';}

    to the function query & it works fine for now, but would love to see it as a widget that can be added multiple times with the `$level ` being set in admin/widget settings.

  10. TJ @ Smartblogtips
    TJ @ Smartblogtips Published |


    I would like to see a following widgets developed by you

    1. 125px ad management
    2. Auto Gogole Adsense and similiar ad plugins with auto ad rotation
    3. A wikiedia lookup and auto link for specific wikipedia page

    Thinking for more. will update once something comes to my mind.


  11. George Snyder
    George Snyder Published |

    As for the custom page/post snippets I think this has been done before, but a long time ago, I would really like to see an updated one. Have you checked out this plugin that helps you add default custom fields to the page/post edit/creation page for users etc

    Great site by the way, if only everybody would create such great themes for free as you do…

    Keep up the good work
    ATB George

  12. AC
    AC Published |

    Justin, this is a really great idea. Since I am new to all this, I’d be interested in learning the other things we can possibly do as widgets. Up to this point, I had only considered them as sidebar enhancements. Perhaps you can point me to some articles that talk about other uses for widgets. Or maybe you are planning on writing something later, also. Thanks.

  13. klmartin
    klmartin Published |

    I’d like to see a universal custom field widget.
    The the widget setup would pull all “names(key)” and “values” for the user. The user could then select a key and get a list of all posts with that key – same for value. Or both fields could be used simultaneously to produce a list of results displayed in the sidebar. Image/thumb support would be cool, the ability to affect the sort order of the lists, and the ability to limit the number of posts. And the widget title would link to a search results type page.

    How about that for a wish!
    Thanks. Great stuff!

  14. Lorelle
    Lorelle Published |

    What I’d love to see more than anything is the Widget feature breaking free of the sidebar. Why can’t we put Widgets in our header or footer? Many in the WordPress community really thought WordPress Widgets would break out of the sidebar by now.

  15. Rarst
    Rarst Published |

    >Why can’t we put Widgets in our header or footer?

    Ehm… We can’t? 🙂 I have changed my theme to have widget area in footer just fine. And I think plenty of themes with large footers have them widgetized.

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  17. maui
    maui Published |

    Hy, here my ideas:
    1. A sidebar widget that displays flickr pictures based on the post title or on the tags of a post(s).
    2. A sidebar widget that displays pictures (flickr, picasa, …) based on the geo location of a post.
    3. A simple slideshow widget diplaying images used in the post (not nextgen gallery or else, just standart uploaded images)

    Thank for your work.

  18. Lisanne
    Lisanne Published |

    I would *love* to have a WordPress widget (compatible with 2.7) where I could display the bath goodies that I’m currently enjoying in my bubble bath. 🙂 You know, like how some people display on Shelfari what they’re reading … this would make a list of bath and body goodies that you specify (maybe even with thumbnail photos). It would take a while to create that database, though, I’m sure! I’m a bubble bath junkie.

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  20. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    Hi Justin, I’m really new to all this, only started blogging early Jan this year and only moved over to Wordpress yesterday. I would love to see a “followers” (and a visitor counter) section like blogspot do. Apologies if there is already some way of doing this but from the bits I’ve read regarding this it seems to be a no-no.
    Good luck with the creating


  21. infiltrator
    infiltrator Published |

    Can you make some SMS based wordpress widgets?

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  23. Dave S.
    Dave S. Published |


    Lorelle’s idea has some merit and I believe it is something that Drupal does natively. WP could have user defined regions that would be “really easy” to add to current templates and could be widgetized. It’s not so much an extension of the core functionality as areas where theme developers would have to provide to appropriately extend their themes. Not sure if it fits your plug-in ideas…but definitely a thought-provoking idea nonetheless.

    Keep up the great work!

  24. Rarst
    Rarst Published |

    I remove my request because widget with almost exact functionality I suggested was released http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/time-machine/

  25. Ray
    Ray Published |

    How about a “search” widget based on what the admin defines (eg. specific categories, tags, authors).

    Combined with Widget Logic, I can see the potential usefulness for this.

  26. Rick Judge
    Rick Judge Published |

    Is their a widget that syncs with I-calendar. I have am trying to make it so that I can have one calendar on my internal company blog that syncs to everyones else’s I-calendars, making in essence, one master calendar. Maybe their is something like this, but I haven’t seen it yet. Thanks.

  27. Gunnar Lindberg Årneby
    Gunnar Lindberg Årneby Published |

    Justin, I think we need widgets and plugins to make WP more social. As add-ons to BuddyPress or as independent code.
    On LinkedIn you can see how much you’ve “invested” in your profile as a percentage number, in my case 85% since I have not been recommended by anyone yet.
    How about a points system where you get 1p for thumbs up/down, 10p for a comment (or 50p if the moderator finds it useful), 100p for a review and so on. All configurable of course.
    This would get users more involved for sure.

  28. JamieO
    JamieO Published |

    This might be a simple one, but it might be a good example of a small scope widget that others could learn from. A “latest posts” plugin that is tied to a particular category. It would have 3+ fields in the admin menu.
    Required: title, drop-down of category, input field for number of latest posts
    Nice To Have: Drop-down to specify sort order matching theme functions.

    Perhaps it would be a good example to pitch to http://net.tutsplus.com/ on the how to write a widget.

  29. JamieO
    JamieO Published |

    I posted that last comment a little too early. Your query_posts test plugin (http://justintadlock.com/archives/2009/01/28/anybody-want-to-test-a-new-widget) does exactly what I was after. Great job Justin!

  30. My plugins are now hosted on the WordPress plugins repository
  31. Quote This: WordPress Plugin
    Quote This: WordPress Plugin at |
  32. HowlingScribe
    HowlingScribe Published |

    I would really like to see a plain widget or two for my book review site.

    1) Currently Reading: This would allow me to upload to my server a book image, and link the book image to a url buy the book, the book title, a section where I can tell my readers what page I am on.

    Book Image
    Title of Book
    Reading Page: ____

    Note: I have looked at all the ones listed on WPplugins, etc. and all of them use either Amazon, BN or something. I read many ebooks from online retailers so they don’t show up at Amazon.

    For an example go to my website. I am currently using a text widget to do it, and I hate having to add each and every one with code and everything.

    I would love it if the widget only posted books that have been added in the last 30 days, and perhaps had a MORE that will create a page gallery of the images/txt in the body to show more books that are over 30 days, but that might be too much work. *chuckles*

    2) New for Sale: A simple copy of the Currently Reading, but without the page number.
    Basically it would just allow a book image, title, and maybe something to mark it new for books that have been added in the last 30 days.

    I know I am probably asking too much, but you asked what I wanted to see right? 🙂


  33. Idealien
    Idealien Published |

    Brain dump of widget concepts ahead:

    A widget that is really just a wrapper for creating lists. Yes I can do it with a text widget, but if the point of widgets is to make it easier than having to hand code the html in the template, why not ways take it to a further conclusion.

    A widget that ties in the media uploader to upload an image, allows me to specify a link that it goes to. Perhaps an additional one that can do a random photo of the day from the entire library with no upload options.

    A Twitter widget that pulls back a configurable amount of tweets for a specific user filtered by a specific hashtag (i.e. If I put #ZZZ into a post it will go to my website, but rest wouldn’t). Preferably if it can also filter the hashtag out of the twit that would be excellent.

    Your template tag shortcodes plugin is a great start towards this (I think) – A widget that is a checkbox based list of all the pages on a site which you could use to build a widget that represents the header navigation for a site. This would need to have a few configurable options about presentation style (suckerfish, sliding doors css, basic)

    A widget that supports the bilingualisation functionality of qTranslate – I know this is really one that would be meant for qTranslate to build, but since I was on the widget idea train and this was the last stop….

    You’re doing great things Justin!

  34. celine francisco
    celine francisco Published |

    I’d like those widgets from Widgetbox. If you’ve encountered them, try developing some that are like those. They are cute and very cool!

  35. Glenn Bennett
    Glenn Bennett Published |


    You might want to look a tool I created that turns some php code into a wordpress widget. It would easy to nab a piece of word press code and turn it into a widget.

    Once you have the functioning php code you want. You can turn it into a widget in just few minutes.

    You can find it as widgetifyr.com. It’s totally free.

    Let me what you think.


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  37. vadragol
    vadragol Published |

    I am not new to wordpress but new to these widget things in wordpress. I just love widgets because it brings boring site to life and thats what the widget should do. Something to click on, something to play with, and something to learn. Salute to those coders who built that thing..


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  39. Judge
    Judge Published |

    How about a wp widget for a business catalog, like a restaurant menu. Categories drop down into items, maybe when you mouse over it ajax’s a little description under it.

  40. Joe
    Joe Published |

    Hello there,
    I know this article is quite old but since I am frantically looking for a special widget for ages I thought I might just give it a try – who knows maybe you’re still in programming mood?

    My favorite Widgets are those which list the pages and the categories in the sidebar. In addition there is one widget which lists the most recent articles. But what I am really looking for would be a widget which actually displayes the most popular articles. Where most popular meanst that they got the most pageviews.

    I am not quite sure how this could be accomplished or if it is even feasible, but if so I would be really really eager to use it. I’m still hoping that there is a solution and that I just didn’t see it.

    Thanks for your great offer and support.

    1. Michael
      Michael Published |


      Two plugins working in conjunction can do that easily:


      For the first, you’ll need to sign up for a WordPress.com account, where you can get an API key. But it’ll work on any self-hosted site.

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