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  1. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Do I have to re-install the existing plugins so that future auto-update features will work from the repository?

  2. Pangeran
    Pangeran Published |

    Congratulation for this!
    Keep up the good work Justin. 🙂

  3. Elliot
    Elliot Published |

    Nice, you will get a lot more exposure there. I didn’t knew about your Get The Image and Cleaner Gallery plugins, they both look very interesting.

  4. Craig
    Craig Published |

    About time your like the Rodney Dangerfield of the WordPress world…

  5. Chris Hajer
    Chris Hajer Published |

    Why were you fighting it?

  6. Craig
    Craig Published |

    @JT You are correct sir… I will miss having all the good cookies to myself…

  7. dinu
    dinu Published |

    thanks for making things easier 🙂 just installed and used widgets reset plugin 😀

  8. keep informed
    keep informed Published |

    Thanks friend… so usefull plugins 🙂

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