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  1. dinu
    dinu Published |

    I used page templates to create sitemap, with copyblogger theme. I looked for something similar in the Hybrid theme, but the drop down was blank … how do I enable them for Hybrid theme ? may be this is the subject for your next post ? 😉

  2. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    What about a photoblog page template for pulling in a category dedicated to photos. It should have single view as well as archive (thumbs) view.

    Although I’d like to try it myself I haven’t had the time. Are there any restrictions on having a category specific page template? What about the next/previous post links in a specific category issue?

    I’m interested in the template you come up with. Looking forward to the tutorials.

  3. rgregory
    rgregory Published |

    How about a simple page template to display a single category of posts? Gotta start somewhere, eh?

  4. dinu
    dinu Published |

    my mistake .. sorry ..
    I got it !!

  5. TGLR
    TGLR Published |

    So I’m guessing you’d say Wordpress is much better than Blogger???

  6. MyBodyPart
    MyBodyPart Published |

    How about a users page, done visually, by grabbing user profile information (if it exists). This could even be separated by user roles…and if you grabbed gravatars, that would be the cherry on top.

    So, here’s a list of my subscribers….then display their gravatar (if they have one), and selected fields from their profile information (if it exists).

    This would be most useful for a blog that has “contributors” or “editors” most likely, some reason that people would want to see these profiles of course. Or this use case, say it’s for an internal company site, and you want to create an employee directory…or a church directory?


  7. DaveK
    DaveK Published |

    I’m well into your quick-post page temlpate, I’d love to see how you would extend it with a submit to category option as well as adding images.
    I have this working on one of my sites but would still like to see how you would do it.

    I’d also like to see email-author of post & tell-a-friend about post page templates.

    As you can probably tell, I run a multi author site, I don’t want these authors having access to the word press back-end so I’d also like to have edit-post & my-posts page templates.

  8. Stefano F. (tacone)
    Stefano F. (tacone) Published |

    What I’ll probably do is a page template to let users send a post (along with tags and images). The post would be saved and marked as Pending Review.

  9. Ryan Fitzer
    Ryan Fitzer Published |

    Justin, category templates are great. The problem is the lack of interface for selection similar to page templates. I’ve always wanted to see this added to the categories page. It would be great to load up a theme with not only page templates but category templates as well. When a user creates a new category they could also choose what type of template they’d like to render that category (photoblog, calendar, quicklinks, portfolio, etc…). Unfortunately, pages are the only ones that get a UI. That’s from where my suggestion originated.

    What’s you’re opinion?

  10. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    I just coded a page template to pull in a certain category and right away I ran into the problem where users won’t actually be able to choose the category without some separate interface. Which, like you said (and I agree) can go a bit too far. Didn’t see that coming.

    Ok, my new suggestion for a page template is for a résumé. I make a lot of artists sites and the second biggest request I get is for the ability to have a standard formatted résumé page. The template I’ve made is pretty standard (example: http://davideology.com/?page_id=4 ). Maybe you’d have more exciting ideas

  11. Stefano F. (tacone)
    Stefano F. (tacone) Published |

    Ugh ! It’s already there :-).
    I’ll try to get it using the rich editor and so on, but it sounds like a good start.

  12. DaveK
    DaveK Published |

    Justin, I have thought about dressing up the back end rather than creating page templates to do similar functionality but I’m still stuck on page templates.
    Dressing up the word press back end is another nightmare I don’t want to get into.

    Took a while to figure out but adding images using:

    on the quick post-page template works perfectly, creates the thumbnails & adds links to full images…

  13. chris
    chris Published |

    wordpress should have post templates as well as page templates.

  14. Bonnie
    Bonnie Published |

    I always enjoy reading about what’s cooking in your brain, Justin!

    The only idea I could come up with is a post template, but Chris beat me to it.

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  16. ricland
    ricland Published |

    Love to see you hybred them pull in rss feeds that I assign a static image (user/author) to

  17. Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan Published |

    Hi Justin

    Although definitely page templates have a great potential, but I have a problem which I am really stuck in!

    So, I am making a Page Templates within my WP. One of the Page Template is confusing me a lot.

    This Page Template denotes Projects. Now there are three projects as of now and ofcourse a new project can be created later by the user.

    When a New Project is made, it is assigned that Project “Page Template”. Now the problem is that I want to have a different gallery for each project within my Project Template.

    I know how to make a gallery and how to make user to put it through Page, but what I am stuck in that how would I control different Project Galleries within the same Project Template. Ofcourse, I have to find a way, to let user do that for every new project he/she makes.

    Do you think, I can achieve a solution to this problem through Page Templates?

    Many Thanks!

  18. karen
    karen Published |

    could you create a template that had a grid of thumbnail photo on the left half of the page.
    Each thumbnail would be clickable and, wehn clicked, a larger version would show up on the left hand of the page, and in a perfect world, a caption for that enlarged image?
    I’m an illustrator and would love to create that kind of portfolio template. I’m fairly new to Wordpress, so – don’t laugh – but is what I am imagining even in the realm of possibility with a template?

  19. Mrs. Micah
    Mrs. Micah Published |

    Thanks for starting this. I don’t think I even need a tutorial, I just need to do it. My site theme is Cutline-based but majorly modded (and not very clean, I’m afraid, though I’m working on a cleaned-up version without the discarded CSS and whatnot).

    As the blog evolves, I’ve found myself using a lot of conditional PHP to control things that I could solve with a couple templates. Like one for pages where I want 2 sidebars instead of 1. And another template for pages where I don’t want any. Those are the most-common changes I make to pages. All the code is there, too, I just need to straighten it out and put it together. But my brain got so fixated on the conditional PHP solution that it wasn’t thinking about simpler alternatives.

    Thanks for the idea! (I’ll also be following the series to see what else people come up with.)

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  21. alvin
    alvin Published |

    hey justin,

    do you think it’s ideal to use templating to create page variations? i.e seperate the content being displayed, and how it’s being displayed on a WORK page (portfolio) vs. the BLOG page.

    would be klutch for artists, illustrators and designers if they could easily create a page called work, select “portfolio template” in the drop down, and then be able to skin and customize their portfolio that way, as supposed to having an entire site dedicated to artwork.


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  23. Slotted
    Slotted Published |

    I build real estate and legal sites using WP as a cms. One page template we use for RE is a property listing template. Another is a featured listings template for thumbnails of property that link to the specific single property listing template – basically a gallery template. We also have a blank template with no sidebars for framing in 3rd party property search programs.

    Couple the different page templates with widgetized content areas and you have a huge number of layout options.

  24. Matthew
    Matthew Published |


    Thanks for the post, I would like to raise an issue I am encountering. I am using a customized theme. This theme doesn’t have the ‘Template’ dropdown within the ‘Attributes’ box. Is there a way for me to add that dropdown box?


  25. Valkrum
    Valkrum Published |

    I am making a page template that dynamically calls different header templates for SEO purposes.

    Just to give a basic idea, I have the metas from google that only need to show up on the site root. So if the page being called is the site root, then the page will call rootheader.php and load the header with the google meta.

    One more example. I only want certain pages to be tracked by analytics. So I have an analyticsheader.php

    So that’s what I am doing with my headerselectpage.php custom page template.

  26. Valkrum
    Valkrum Published |

    by the way, if the admin of this site cares to edit my original content, this is a great source for the proper conditional tags to use in your custom page template to call different headers based on certain criteria.


  27. palle
    palle Published |

    Thanks alot!

    That pictured helped me alot, due to a bug in wordpress admin I couldn’t see the page template until I selected default theme – and then back to my own. But it was the picture that made me realize that there should’ve been something there and not just that I didn’t find it. Thanks again…

    Keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes Palle

  28. Devin Walker
    Devin Walker Published |

    Very helpful tutorial, hope you keep posting on your site. Gotta love WordPress!

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  30. Ellen
    Ellen Published |

    I don’t see where to choose a page template. I don’t see anything called Attributes (I’m using 3.1). The WordPress codex says, “Toward the bottom of the Write > Page administration panel (or on the sidebar, depending on which version of WordPress you are using) is a drop-down labeled “Page Template.” I can’t find that either.

    Can you help?

  31. Jae Baeli
    Jae Baeli Published |

    you say change the header and then save the example.php–but WHERE do you save it? when it’s modified, do you mean modify it within a text editor and then save it there, and then upload it ( example.php or any new template) ? if so, which directory do we upload/save it to? wp-content? OR the folder where the material for that page goes? (In my case, blog/video/example.php). I’m just a little confused about where we put these things we create.

  32. Jae Baeli
    Jae Baeli Published |

    that template i created is also not showing up in the Page Attributes/Parent/ drop down box…

  33. Tamara
    Tamara Published |

    I guess this is a dumb question, but are custom themes only for those who are running WP on their own site (not just using http://www.wordpress.com)?

  34. Barry
    Barry Published |

    Hi Justin

    You write “I’ll get to that in the next tutorial” are you planning to continue with this series? I have avidly read your posts on page templates and would like to learn more, perhaps you can point me in the right direction?

  35. Keith Gardner
    Keith Gardner Published |

    I just stumbled upon your info here because I finally did a search on wordpress PAGE templates. I’ve been having a hard time finding templates that will work for me because most of them are POST templates. But I’m not using Wordpress (in this instance) as a blog, but rather as a CMS for a corporate website. It’s all about pages, and I am happy to see at least a start of some information on this subject. Thanks Justin!

  36. nigel tayrus
    nigel tayrus Published |

    ahmmmm……we just started our lesson about page template. can i ask what is the really use of the page template??

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