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  1. ben_
    ben_ Published |

    Now just add the feature to make the comment-able and give them unique IDs in the same line as post and pages … and voila … you got almost got a Topic Map inside Worpdress.

  2. Matthew
    Matthew Published |

    It seems so simple, wonder why it wasn’t there when tags were added.

  3. ben_
    ben_ Published |

    @Justin: Sure. Giving them a description is just another step of moving them from Meta-Data to Meta-Content. Making them commentable and having only one zentralised ID-System for Posts and Tags (eg. Topics) are further steps, although you don’t need them to create a topic map.

  4. david
    david Published |

    Good to know this is coming. I was just thinking that it would be nice to have around. Though I doubt I’ll be disciplined enough to give descriptions to all my tags.

  5. paquetes roatan
    paquetes roatan Published |

    Simple. Good to know. Thanks.

  6. Mary-Ann Horley
    Mary-Ann Horley Published |

    I’m just updating my theme in preparation for 2.8, and I’m wondering if there’s a way of adding links and images to tag descriptions (and category descriptions)?

  7. wordpress lovers
    wordpress lovers Published |

    I too wanted this feature, I am now looking forward to write excellent descriptions for my tags.

  8. Mary-Ann Horley
    Mary-Ann Horley Published |

    Thanks very much Justin!

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  10. eddai
    eddai Published |

    sorry..a bit out of topic but could you please let me know how you make that questioned mark mouse cursor when hovered over an abbreviation word ?

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  14. Not A Niche
    Not A Niche Published |

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  16. AIR
    AIR Published |

    Thanks! I use tag description in some other way. It’s a good possibility to place affilate link here 🙂

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  19. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Thanks for the meta description explanation! I had no idea how to do that and found you on a Google search. You’re the man!

  20. arabist
    arabist Published |

    Thanks for the post, Justin. I noticed that when entering descriptions in admin, you can’t put in an image (img src…) link. Wordpress appears to strip them immediately, independently of the theme (so the solution you mentioned, involving the themes functions.php file, doesn’t work.)

    Any thoughts on allow some limited HTML, such as a, img, blockquote etc.?


  21. Nebulizadores
    Nebulizadores Published |

    Thanks very much Justin, very useful information .

  22. Qurtubhy
    Qurtubhy Published |

    ist must use quote in description tag ?

  23. Richard
    Richard Published |

    remove_filter( 'term_description', 'wp_kses_data' ); is needed to allow full html in tag descriptions in 2.9

  24. ben corke
    ben corke Published |

    I wonder if there is a way to automate the tag description using boilerplate text and hooks to the tag name.

    i.e. This is a list of all the posts for %tag%. We love %tag%. We dream of %tag%.

    not sure if this would count towards duplicate content issues or not – doubt it if the text is short…


  25. Epiphora
    Epiphora Published |

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for it. I really want to get images showing up, but something isn’t working right. I added the code you mentioned to functions.php, and the images show up inside WP when I edit the tag, but they don’t show up on the page. Any idea why?

  26. Ralf
    Ralf Published |


    remove_filter( ‘term_description’, ‘wp_kses_data’ )
    is working well for strong or italic, but I like to use in the description. Do you see any way to manage this?


  27. Ste
    Ste Published |


    I use tag descriptions on my site to great effect. The one problem i do have, however, is that it seems to strip some of the html tags.

    If the text is more than one paragraph it strips all the tags except for the first and last, and replaces them with instead.

    Do you know any way around this?


  28. Matt Halfhill
    Matt Halfhill Published |

    I have been building out my tag.php in my template to offer as much relevant content as possible when an incoming reader lands on this page. Something I wanted to do was provide a picture as well as brief writeup about the topic of the tag.

    I hacked the functions.php so that I could input images, links, paragraphs, and other HTML into this field, but when I call it via , all i get is just the stripped down text.

    I have added the remove_filter( 'term_description', 'wp_kses_data' );, but no dice.

  29. KnockOut
    KnockOut Published |

    You can use full HTML in your tag descriptions by adding the following to functions.php

    remove_filter( 'pre_term_description', 'wp_filter_kses' );
    remove_filter( 'term_description', 'wp_kses_data' );

    It worked for me!

  30. Will
    Will Published |

    Is it possible to use Javascript in tag descriptions?

    Perhaps this can be achieved by adding a line to functions.php?
    (like the solution to use full HTML)

    Thank you

  31. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    Awesome tip. I’ve just been looking for a way to use tag descriptions as meta descriptions for tag pages. The problem was Wordpress kept wrapping the description in p tags 🙁 But your tip fixed it.

    1. Andrew
      Andrew Published |

      One small problem I’ve encountered is that in the source code, there’s a new line after description generated by the PHP. Like this:

      Just a minor annoyance, but I wonder what’s up with that?

    2. Andrew
      Andrew Published |

      Oh nevermind, I just had the smashing idea of using trim:

      <meta name="description" content="" />

      And the evil new line is removed! Yay.

  32. Dave
    Dave Published |


    Your post was very helpful. But I need to get the formatting done to the description. Right now its showing all in a single line and omitting all new lines and other formatting.
    Can you pls advise how I can format the description?

    Awaiting your reply!

    1. Dave
      Dave Published |

      hey I got it..
      I had to use a combination of a couple of functions for tags and get the description.

      Thanks 🙂


  33. ozer
    ozer Published |

    veri nice tuto.thanks man.

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  35. Sheikh Saaliq
    Sheikh Saaliq Published |

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Very much.

    You don’t know how big problem you have solved of mine.

    Thanks again 🙂
    God bless!

  36. Khawer Khan
    Khawer Khan Published |

    1, I am using wordpress 3.3.2. I found the code in archive.php but default code was

    2, So i added other code into it.

    3, Now the code looks like.

    4, After adding this code the description started appearing in tag archive.But my question is what code should i insert in the above code to hide description from tag archive so that the visitors don’t see it but it appears in search engine . I am asking because i am new to wordpress and i am new in it.


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