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  1. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    Totally simple! Love it!

  2. Aaron
    Aaron Published |

    Between your and Ian’s wonderful code tutorials, I might actually finish (and release) a proper child theme for Thematic.

    Thanks Justin!

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  6. Webwinkel
    Webwinkel Published |

    @ Justin, the script above, using the_content_more_link filter hook, just works for WP 2.8 ?

  7. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    Thanks for the tip. Also remember that you can style your more-link text using the CSS class:

    .more-link {
  8. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Justin, is it possible to have an image for this custom more link?
    And apply it to specific categories as well?

  9. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    I don’t want to hijack any answer Justin might give, but you can have a background image attached to the .more-link CSS class and can easily apply a single image to the more link.

  10. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    As a followup, I used this PHP code to add a class to the container that the more link is in. By doing so you should be able to apply additional CSS markup to add a different background image based on the category ID number.

    cat_ID;	?>

    I think.

  11. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    Sorry, the PHP code was stripped out of the post above. Let’s try it again:

    cat_ID;	? >
  12. Ed
    Ed Published |

    No problem at all David! 🙂

    So how would that alter the above code snippet Justin posted in his post as a whole?

    Like this?

    I don’t know exactly how to apply your suggestion to the code.

  13. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Ah crap, same thing happens to me now.

    Let me give it another shot:

  14. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Okay this is not going to work for me, I can’t post the code in a comment.

  15. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |
    $category = get_the_category(); echo $category[0]->cat_ID;

    I placed this code (contained withing the appropriate PHP tags) inside the container tag that the more-link was contained within. By doing this a unique container class can be generated depending on the category of the post.

    For instance, in my case it generated as such:

    as the 33 is the category ID of the category assigned to the post.

    Then, I suppose, you could use CSS to customize this class and serve up a different image for the more-link depending on the class.

    Make sense?

    1. Nick
      Nick Published |

      Hey Guys,

      Wow, lots of support here! I’m trying to figure out how to make the “Read More” on my “Goat Shows” (Video) category say “Watch The Video” instead of “Read More”. I want all other categories to say “Read More” except for this one. I’m hoping for an easy fix pasting the code into Functions.php file if possible.

      Here’s the category page: http://www.goatsontheroad.com/category/goat-shows/

      I’m a newbie at this code stuff so lamens terms would be much appreciated.

      Thanks for any support!

  16. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |



    At the example URl above, I have styled the “Read the full article” link just as I described above. The .more-link class can be styled as desired, and the PHP code that gets the current category can be used to specifically style a CSS container. The red bordered link is styled in such a way that only items in category 3 received the red border. In this same manner you could apply a background image to the link that would be different for each of your categories. I hope this helps.

  17. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Hi David,

    Hmm, I’m still not sure how I need to use that line in combination with Justin’s code?

    Should I just add it under the second line?

    I’ve got the snippet here: http://snipt.net/Edwin/custom-more-link

  18. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    That code needs to be hard coded into your index.php file, etc. so that it applies the unique class to the division that the more-link is located in. Make sense?

  19. Ed
    Ed Published |


    So I could basically add that line (Within the appropriate php tags) after the the_content template tag?

  20. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |

    Not really. It needs to be added to the CSS markup that controls the container that the more-link is located in. Are you familiar with CSS?

  21. Ed
    Ed Published |


    Okay, now you’re confusing me. 🙂
    The code line you posted surely can’t be posted in a CSS stylesheet?

    $category = get_the_category(); echo $category[0]->cat_ID;


    Thanks for posting the code for the background image, I’ll check it out.

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  23. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    My Question is..

    add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'my_more_link', 10, 2 );

    What for the 10 and 2 number above?

  24. Shibi Kannan
    Shibi Kannan Published |

    Very nice discussion going on here, I would like to see more creative uses for the custom more link – any ideas !

  25. Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)

    Hi Justin,

    I’m finding a lot of useful stuff here.

    My homepage was getting a bit full so I’ve just edited a few posts and put in the
    tag to tidy it up a bit. I know there’s plugins that do something similar but this is so simple and you can choose where to put the tag to intrigue people – a bit like having a headline that makes them want to read more.
    Now I have a whole compact list a partial posts and I think it will get me more readers.

    Haven’t got as far as the advanced stuff yet 😉

  26. Simon Wilby
    Simon Wilby Published |

    I am using this one but not able to edit its style, like I want it to display in bold and underline.

    Can I change that on the stylesheet or in the functions.php itself.

  27. David Zemens
    David Zemens Published |


    You should be able to add this class to your style.css file and style it accordingly:
    .more-link {

  28. kaos murah
    kaos murah Published |

    My homepage was getting a bit full …yeah. but no problem

  29. Tiago
    Tiago Published |

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Was able to hook it up on Thematic without any issues. Out of curiosity: what are the 10 and 2 numbers refering to?

  30. neel
    neel Published |

    Nice trick. i want to ask you can we apply filters in sidebar widgets. I want to change all links in sidebar and want to add affiliate id in front of all the links. can i do this using the filter . please let me know

  31. Jaxov
    Jaxov Published |
  32. Cool Things You can do with the WordPress “more” Tag | Digging into WordPress
  33. Maxwell
    Maxwell Published |

    I’m starting to use more links too.
    But what if you have a nice beautiful image (say 640 X 480px) in your post and you still want that image (resized of course!) to be part of the entry so that you post isn’t just all text. For exaple, look at how Purse Blog (http://www.PurseBlog.com ) has nice small intros with a “Continue Reading” button, but the glamourous fashion product image is still part of the shortened post. How do I do that??

    I know some professional themes do that right off the bat. But is there a way to tell WordPress that you want the image in your post to also be part of the shortened entry?

    Thanks for the tips!

  34. Alan
    Alan Published |

    Thanks very much! In particular, here’s how to append a right arrow to each cut, regardless of whether you’re using the default cut text or not:

    add_filter('the_content_more_link', 'my_more_link', 10, 2);
    function my_more_link($more_link, $more_link_text) {
            return str_replace("", " →", $more_link);
    1. Alan
      Alan Published |

      Oh, darn. that was supposed to be str_replace("</a>", " &rarr;</a>", $more_link)

  35. Rehberi
    Rehberi Published |

    Thanks for the tip! I am gonna try it right now!

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  37. yuzienborn
    yuzienborn Published |

    Thanks 🙂 easiest time I’ve had changing that yet.

  38. YetiMade
    YetiMade Published |

    Hey, Thanks for this tutorial.

    I noticed though that when I use this “hook” it breaks my site. I’m using WordPress 3.0.2 and a child theme of 2010.

    I’m noticing that the function for twentyten_continue_read_link , if modified at all, crashes my entire site. Furthermore, when I use the code provided, I get similar results.

    Anyone else having this issue or know of a way to combat it?


  39. Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey Published |

    thanks Justin for that info… i am searching for this..its useful for me..

  40. John Potter
    John Potter Published |

    I arrived here with the same question as Jauhari and Tiago about the numbers 10 and 2.

    The 10 is the filter priority and the 2 is the number of arguments, according to this page:

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    Filmy poskie Published |

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  45. sithon
    sithon Published |

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have problem with plugin leafleat maps marker , it doesn’t display image icon in the website and backend too. and one more thing , I have problem with cannot delete read more text [read more]. How can I find the text[read more]. I use wordpress3.7 please help me .



  46. chill
    chill Published |

    Thank you, thank you! I’ve searched so long for this code, found so many, none of them working… and yours does. You really made my day and I’m happy I came across this site. Really, thank you. 🙂

  47. CS Guru
    CS Guru Published |

    This was really helpful. After searching for while could not get find the solution but this works like a charm.

    I m amazed to know that an article written in 2009 can be so helpful. Thanks again.

  48. Rakib Howlader
    Rakib Howlader Published |

    really useful and it works. as i am a new blogger so i have to know how to add read more link but i didn’t know untill here. THanks a lot

  49. Fashion Shopper
    Fashion Shopper Published |

    Yes, it worked like a charm, thnq! =)

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