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  1. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    This is a nice tutorial Justin. Can’t wait to play around with bbPress. I only have a couple of gripes with bbPress before starting.

    I’m missing an import-feature like the one we’ve come to know (and love) from WordPress. I run the biggest Danish community on IP-Telephony, but unfortunately it was started on PHP-fusion, and there’s no way of importing to bbPress 🙁

    The second one is the direct integration with WordPress. I don’t see why Automattic don’t integrate bbPress directly into WordPress, so that bbPress could use WordPress page templates. I see better use for that, than the future integration of MU.

    I know this is a bit to the side of your writings, but it’s so seldom that you write about bbPress

  2. Justin Tadlock On Creating Custom bbPress Views
  3. JLeuze
    JLeuze Published |

    @Thomas Clausen – Now that it has hit 1.0, I have started migrating different forums to bbPress.

    The secret is phpBB, if you check out the bbPress support forums, there is a script to convert phpBB3 to bbPress.

    Since phpBB is very popular, I would be very surprised if you were not able to migrate from PHP-Fusion to phpBB, and then on to bbPress.

    @Justin Tadlock – Glad to see some great content covering bbPress, looking forward to more!

  4. EvilEsq
    EvilEsq Published |

    @Thomas Clausen

    WP’s import/export function and the bbpress script are fine for straight-forward applications. I highly recommend Navicat for more complicated data migration. In fact, I use it to backup my db and to write and mass edit posts b/c it’s a lot faster than wp’s admin panel.

    In order to use Navicat you need the capability to directly access your db with an external client. Most isp’s don’t allow this as they are concerned about having their other client’s databases hacked. That said, there are sophisticated hosts that do provide this service you just have to hunt around.

  5. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    @ Justin
    I’m sure you’re right about the DB load, but I bet there’s a way to open and close some doors, so that they’re only used when relevant. But of course I have no idea how to do something like that. But being af sister (or maybe a cousin) project of WordPress, I think it should be easier to make the visual (and DB) integration with WordPress than it is today.

    @ JLeuze
    That’s great advise, I’ll try playing around with that, and see if I can get it to work.

    @ EvilEsq
    That’s also interesting, but a little more demanding than the solution JLeuze has. I’ll go with his solution first, and then I’ll try yours if I fail 🙂 Thanks a bunch.

    And when the change is complete, I’ll start annoying you Justin with a bunch of bbPress question… Can’t wait 🙂

  6. Kelli Garner
    Kelli Garner Published |

    First time I heard of bb press. I look forward to trying this.

  7. bhujhangi
    bhujhangi Published |

    thank you justin for this tutorial, it has been extremely helpful

  8. yair
    yair Published |

    Hey Justin,
    This was cool… I consider building a forum to enhance my business דם I ‘d like to try this for myself.
    Those two templates (named as the views ) might be very usefull for my new forum.
    Waiting for ypur coming post !

  9. Darrin
    Darrin Published |

    I could see a use to integrate, or at least have the option to integrate, bbPress and WP, when you’re developing a full-fledged site that incorporates a forum and you’re using WP as the CMS. For instance, sharing the user db between the two, full-site search capability, theming, etc. I’m in the process of developing such a site, and it’s been hell getting the two to play nice with each other.

  10. Jeux de Fille
    Jeux de Fille Published |

    Pretty nice tutorial, thx 🙂

  11. vacuum chambers
    vacuum chambers Published |

    Thanks for your tutorial, I actually need something like this!

  12. multinivel
    multinivel Published |

    Wow I need some time to understand all the process, but I found it very usefull…(when,at last I understood it! 😛 )

  13. MFSB
    MFSB Published |

    Quite interesting as usual, although looks like the guy who’s developped the aforementioned plugin is far from coding properly as you, Justin. Spent the afternoon trying to get rid of the mistakes (about 30 at the beginning) and managed to be currently at 5 after spending most of the afternoon on it (cf. my-views.php and my-views-statistics.php…

  14. MFSB
    MFSB Published |

    Oooops, just realized the repetition on my sentence… Down to 4 mistakes while getting rid of the series of as written by the author of the plugin on my-views-statistics.php, although seems obvious that the design will be broken when the databasis is changin’. Could you please give me a way to translate this into CSS please? As usual, thank you so much for your expertise.

  15. MFSB
    MFSB Published |

    Of course, I’ve forgotten about the backticks which I can’t use on my azerty keyboard. The piece of code I meant is like br clear both. Hope you’ll get it although not properly written here.

  16. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Is it possible to create a custom view for Most Recent Topics and Replies? I’m surprised I can’t find anything like this in the form of a plugin or otherwise.


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