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  1. John David Turner
    John David Turner Published |

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have been working on a project for about 8 months now and it’s about ready for release and I often have doubts. But I find if you just keep pushing something will come of it. As far as finding people with no cash , just an idea, I’ve had no success at all. So it’s been all me on this project. I many hats, Developer (my forte), Designer, Support, Marketing, Blogger, etc.. I’m learning alot!

  2. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    If you’re not willing to put your heart and soul behind a project, we’re not going to be a good fit.

    Exactly. I’m always saying something similar. You can’t pay people to care. They either do or they don’t.

  3. Josh Stauffer
    Josh Stauffer Published |

    Justin, do you currently reside in South Korea or Alabama?

  4. marti garaughty
    marti garaughty Published |

    hi Justin, I’ve learned a lot from both you and Ian over the past few months and really admire/appreciate what you guys are doing for WordPress.

    The real beauty of the web is how we can find people with similar interests, goals & direction to share and bounce ideas with. Separating the doers from the wannabes is another topic. Fortunately the doers seem to find each other one way or another.

  5. Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams Published |


    Success is in the journey. That’s why I dislike the traditional 9-5, because the journey usually stinks.

    I’m trying to do the same thing North of Seattle you are trying to do in Montgomery. I can’t afford to start a full company. However, I made calls today to schedule a 2 night break away for three guys. We’ve got one project and we’re going to knock it out. We’ll see what happens from there.

    Too bad we’re not in the same city 🙂 (I do have relatives in Pike Road…)


    (PM sent)

  6. John Myrstad
    John Myrstad Published |

    Knowhow+Motivation+Damn good marketing strategy=success

    The last one is as important as the two other.

  7. Johnes
    Johnes Published |

    Thank you for this inspirating post. I think the most important key for success is to do the things that must be done. This called so easy, but most of the people are to lazy. My slogan: Don´t think so much about the things you want to have – just do it!

  8. Erin Kennedy
    Erin Kennedy Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I agree. You need to be motivated to be successful. I also agree it takes a team to be truly successful. I have recently assembled mine and business seems… smoother. Not that I am working any less, but it’s nice to have people who ‘have your back’.

    Good luck assembling your team!

  9. Detroit guy
    Detroit guy Published |

    That’s true 1st the motivation and then the right kind of people is the success key. But the question is do we really care about negative motivation or positive motivation i think most of us always go for positive motivation but the truth is negative motivation plays an important role in our success. As it gives us strength to think in right direction.

  10. V.C
    V.C Published |

    Success is a question that we can’t not answer just in a blog post.
    In my opinion, it takes time. You need to work hard day by day and still think just about how to be successful.

  11. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Sounds like you’re going through what all small business owners do at one time or another. Trying to succeed in business does take some real perseverance that only comes when you have vision of where you’re going. I wish you well.

  12. Jeffro
    Jeffro Published |

    If I reviewed the most common phrases I say, Not Having Time for something would be near the top of my list. I suppose I should re-evaluate myself and check that I still have motivation.

  13. Chris Clayton
    Chris Clayton Published |

    Thanks for the post Justin, i am having the same issue regarding financial backing.

    I am also having trouble hiding the fact that i am only 17 (if your having trouble now, try it when your still technically a teenager).

  14. David C Ballard
    David C Ballard Published |

    It is funny to witness if the cup is half-full or half empty. I used that in a post just the other day…Except it ended with maybe we need a different cup.

    I have no time that is a true statement. Fortunately, it is all spent on motivation or maybe call it direction and passion. I hope that your passion becomes your financial success.

    I like your philosophy of finding like-minded people in your area.

    I enjoyed all the positive comments – it says something about your post.

    david c ballard

  15. Jane
    Jane Published |

    Hello, I somehow stumbled on one of your posts. When you say, not having time means you don’t have motivation… do you mean I have two years to complete something and I’m running out of time or I don’t have time for success I’m too busy with my own personal life? I don’t know, I thought it was confusing. This is confusing… I feel like it can mean anything if you don’t simplify it enough. Just a thought. By the way, I’m Korean (thought I’d share).

  16. W.A.Tipton
    W.A.Tipton Published |

    I checked out the ” There really is no Secret” website you mentioned in your article. I was expecting some elaborate success stuff…and lol I got the same lesson I learned in the Navy…minus the profanity. Keep your head up, and keep moving.

  17. steve
    steve Published |

    hi Justin,
    Great post. Success generally involves taking a risk. And if you’re taking a significant risk, there will always be some people that advise against it. Thus, if you have a plan to succeed, you should also plan that a significant number of people probably won’t be able to support you… Steve
    PS. Your header image is cool, but is there a way to “left float” it, if that makes sense. I surf with a partial window, and when I came here I saw only part of your header, so what I saw was “stinTadlock”.

  18. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    It is definitely tough to find good people, and it can also be equally as difficult to just take the risk and go for it. This can be said for many things in life though, and taking the plunge is a lot better than kicking yourself for not. Am I sounding cliche yet?

  19. David C Ballard
    David C Ballard Published |

    got an email – headed over to read and say hello.

    can’t wait to get over to my blog – i don’t know what i don’t know but, i do know – this will be my personal blog – i’m excited to find out what everyone does behind the WP curtain – i can post and do the small creative (minor) things.

    This is for fun and me – your welcome to visit and no one is obligated to stay – i hope there are enough at least to share a common interest.

    Wasn’t there mention of not having enough time…like i said you not obligated to come or stay.

    I’ll come to your personal blog first if you want.

    i hope to invite everyone soon.

    david c ballard

  20. Jack Duncan
    Jack Duncan Published |

    Justin – good point:
    If you’re not entirely convinced you can be successful, you won’t be.
    It’s called the self-fulfilling prophesy. There are alot of people out there who do this to themselves. They fail at one thing, then another and set up a pattern of failure. It’s not the failure – it’s the mindset. There are plenty of stories about people who failed miseravly (I’m thinking Walt Disney and PT Barnum) who ended up as successes because they believed that they could and would succeed.
    Good luck and have fun!

  21. Sugar cookies
    Sugar cookies Published |

    Success is depend upon the couple of factor

    What kind of goal u are going to achieve
    What is the lead time
    What kind of environments
    What kind of difficulty level u have

    So couple of thing


  22. Jeremy
    Jeremy Published |

    “(I’m thinking Walt Disney and PT Barnum) who ended up as successes because they believed that they could and would succeed.”

    Jack, you’ve got a great example here of what the world has seen as a successful person. Just to flip the coin, however, instead of paying a batch of cartoonist after they finished a movie, Walt Disney kicked them out on the street and hired people to keep them out. Here’s to success!

    A RandomHouse.com snippet about “The Triumph of the American Imagination”, a book by Nel Gabler about Walt Disney’s life:

    “Gabler also reveals a wounded, lonely, and often disappointed man, who, despite worldwide success, was plagued with financial problems much of his life, suffered a nervous breakdown, and at times retreated into pitiable seclusion in his workshop making model trains. Gabler explores accusations that Disney was a red-baiter, an anti-Semite, an embittered alcoholic.”

    As Justin’s article starts…just some thoughts on success.

    1. sanu
      sanu Published |

      i think you right ,but i think
      Success is a question that we can’t not answer just in a blog post.
      In my opinion, it takes time. You need to work hard day by day and still think just about how to be successful

  23. Kat Young
    Kat Young Published |

    Motivation is extremely hard on a daily basis. It usually comes in spurts. Need to find a thought or a feeling and hold on to it and never let go.

  24. John Zitto
    John Zitto Published |

    Thanks for the great read! Yes, motivation is key… There’s a lot of people that will tell you that you cannot do something. Those people are the ones who usually end up working that 9-5 their entire life.

  25. Oes Tsetnoc
    Oes Tsetnoc Published |

    Taking the risks on some actions is sometimes needed to make things happen. Get motivated by your goals not because others wants you to be. In that way, people seen you making things happen and in return will get motivated.

  26. Karl Walton
    Karl Walton Published |

    I remember quite a few years ago now, I had a meeting with a small business advisor and he said to me that if you wanted to set up and make a success in business you would have to find around 24 hours a week on top of your day job whilst in transition. I have since set up a successful Printed T Shirts business and I am at the far side of transition. Looking back I would say that the business advisor was correct if not slightly conservative. It’s a struggle but well worth the effort.

  27. Nate Kragness
    Nate Kragness Published |

    Your post causes me to reflect back on some of the partners I have worked with in the past… it can be very difficult to find like-minded people who won’t quit when the going gets tough. Remember: people who say “you can’t do that” don’t mean YOU can’t do that.. they just mean THEY can’t (or don’t want to).

  28. joker400
    joker400 Published |

    Motivation is what we need in everything in our life
    “Hard work and discipline are what you need to succeed. This applies to everything. There really is no secret—or shortcut—that will get you around this. Get to it. Now.”

    ZISHAN ALI Published |

    You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.

  30. Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar Published |

    “A successful is one who can lay a firm foundation with bricks when others have thrown on it.”

  31. cheshta gandhi
    cheshta gandhi Published |

    listen yourself,always beleive in you
    listen to ur heart, trust ur instincts
    KNOW U CAN!!!
    see ur on strnth, dreem it—dare it
    do wat u r afraid of,keep d faith
    follow ur vision
    anything is possible if only ur believe

  32. dwarkesh
    dwarkesh Published |

    “if you try hard and give your best without expecting anything then you must be achieve your goal”

  33. surinder jaggi
    surinder jaggi Published |

    Great post. Really if you want to do something special and unique, they you have the power to take risk.

  34. What your cousin’s-friend’s-boss’s wife WON’T tell you about your resume « FINS Resume Blog
  35. Pratik Gadhiya
    Pratik Gadhiya Published |

    Nothing is imposible in this world. Even the word impossible says I M possible.

  36. Barkha s joshi
    Barkha s joshi Published |

    success has 2 rules;1) silence to solve problems
    2) smile for positiveness

  37. Sudin Vanjari
    Sudin Vanjari Published |

    Success is never an accident, it is the result of right decisions at right time.

  38. Pinku
    Pinku Published |

    nice ones………


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