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  1. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    This is awesome! I just created “person” taxonomies in a photo blog I started for myself, so I could add in people tagged before guest’s can tag themselves.


  2. Edwin
    Edwin Published |

    Great post. Especially the excerpt box for pages. I was looking for this as I use Wordpress mainly as a CMS.

    Just one question. Are excerpts for pages only possible in WP 2.9 ?

  3. John
    John Published |

    So – this is interesting. But what if I wanted to create a single taxonomy for pages AND posts? Is it an either/or proposition at the moment?

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  5. designOdyssey
    designOdyssey Published |

    Justin, just getting started with custom taxonomies. Did you write that tutorial about how to use taxonomies to make custom template by taxonomy? I definitely have use for that one.

  6. David
    David Published |

    Thanks Justin for great writeup. This has huge potential for pages. One thing. Does 2.9 enable us to filter query_posts by multiple taxonomies? (i.e., like you can do with tags). I did see one plugin for this, but have not tested.


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  8. Juani
    Juani Published |

    Hi Justin, Thanks for share info! Do you know how can i insert a custom taxanomy from an external form? like wp_insert_post for posts or add_post_meta for custom fields.

  9. YMO
    YMO Published |

    Thanks for all of the tutorials. I have a similar question to Juani. If I wanted to add custom taxonomies to posts in bulk, what’s the best way to do this? I’ve been looking at the wp_add_post_tags function, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to change this to use your custom taxonomy instead of post_tag

    The only thing I’ve been able to think of is a rather tedious process of going directly to the database to get a list of posts, then inserting records into the term_relationships table

  10. David
    David Published |

    Justin – Re: my question above about filtering multiple taxonomies with query_posts, I can confirm this plugin does the trick. Just wish this was already in core…


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  12. Chang Tana
    Chang Tana Published |

    2.9 already?. I now using 2.7….But thank for tutorial, It’s really help.

  13. prasanth
    prasanth Published |

    Currently i am using Drupal evaluating Wordpress for some of my blogs, Drupal has taxonomy module for working with tagging wondered how to do it it word press, your post helped me with it.

  14. Andri
    Andri Published |

    Hey, Pardon me… what are excerpts and taxonomies actually?

  15. darila
    darila Published |

    Yep, cant wait for 2.9 version ­čśë

    greeting, darila

  16. Nick
    Nick Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Do you know how to use custom taxonomy with wp_insert_post ?
    Thanks in advance,

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  19. Walter
    Walter Published |

    Thanks a lot for this and the ÔÇťCustom taxonomiesÔÇŁ tutorials, you just saved me hours of work!

  20. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Thanks, i was needing info how to add excerpts to pages. Nice post.

    greetings, nagradne igre

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  22. Rich
    Rich Published |

    All I can say is that Wordpress is number 1 for me and I’ve been using it for my small online business. Everything works fine particularly on excerpts and taxonomies. Thanks.

  23. Andri Apriyadi
    Andri Apriyadi Published |

    Thanks for u tutorial Justin, I love reading ur blog since it always contain a great article inside. Keep sharing bro, nice to know u.

  24. Mark
    Mark Published |


    If I add a taxonomy for BOTH page and post, using:

    register_taxonomy( ‘people’, array( ‘post’, ‘page’)…..

    Can I create an archives page that lists both pages and posts with that term?

    Specifically, I will assign a person’s name to posts in our blog and to pages. When someone clicks on one of the names, I want an archive page with both posts and pages listed.

    Thanks! And fantastic articles you’ve written on this subject.

  25. Toko Coklat
    Toko Coklat Published |

    Thanks a lot for tutorial, recently I had a problem with excerpts. Fortunately, I got the answer here. Thanks

  26. Romano
    Romano Published |

    Currently i am using Drupal evaluating Wordpress for some of my blogs, Drupal has taxonomy module for working with tagging wondered how to do it it word press, but this post helps a lot in conceptual idea I should use to get it done.

  27. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu Published |

    it looks like adding excerpts just got easier: `add_post_type_support( ‘page’, ‘excerpt’ );` and you’re set.

    what would be the easiest way to add the post tags to pages though?

  28. kenny
    kenny Published |

    Now i know the way to make excerpts box thanks to you. hope you post another useful tips for us.

  29. susu colostrum
    susu colostrum Published |

    Thanks a lot for this and the ÔÇťCustom taxonomiesÔÇŁ tutorials, you just saved me hours of work!

  30. Daniel Weidner
    Daniel Weidner Published |

    Just a small addition:

    I ran into some troubles with my custom taxonomies for pages. Whenever I was querying for terms of my custom taxonomy on pages I retrieved an empty array. The problem was the use of the default callback “post_tags_meta_box”. If you do not provide the additional callback argument, WordPress will use the ‘post_tag’ taxonomy. As a result you can only retrieve your terms as tags using get_the_tags().

    You can change that behavior by simply telling the callback function which taxonomy to use:

    add_meta_box( "tagsdiv-{$tax_name}", $tax->label, 'post_tags_meta_box', 'page', 'side', 'core', array( "taxonomy" => $tax_name ) );

    Look at the last parameter. It tells WordPress to which taxonomy the meta box should add new terms to.

    Hope this helps people which run into similar problems. Took me some hours to figure that out. Maybe you could add that to your article aswell, Justin.

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