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  1. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Noted! Will add that to any child themes, or regular themes with additional widget areas!

  2. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Published |

    Do you know if adding this before the 2.9 release will cause errors for earlier versions of WP?

  3. Ptah Dunbar
    Ptah Dunbar Published |

    Glad they committed that ticket. This will come in handy for a lot of themes.

    @Mike Smith: No it won’t affect any earlier versions of WP as the description field simply gets disregarded.

  4. Jake
    Jake Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I’m not a theme developer, but a user of course. I could see how adding this description argument could be very useful to the user and, in my opinion, only adds to the “professionalism” of any well developed theme. It’s the little things like this that go a long way in making a theme user-friendly.


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  6. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Published |

    @Ptah – thanks for the response. It’s good to know, and something I’ll be putting together for the themes I’m releasing on Jan 1st.

  7. shane
    shane Published |

    Right on. Makes me wonder when they will just drop the inaccurate “sidebar” name and call it something more generic such as “container” or some such as most of us are using them throughout the theme to handle all sorts or requirements.

  8. Judy Jacob
    Judy Jacob Published |

    I have been contemplating blogging after following so many blogs, and I am tending towards WP

  9. kucrut
    kucrut Published |

    Is there any way to group the custom widgets? Normally, there are two widgets groups in the widgets admin panel; ‘Available Widgets’ and ‘Inactive Widgets’. I think it’d be cool if the widgets provided by the theme (or plugin) can have their own group.

  10. Agung
    Agung Published |

    whether this method works for hybrid themes? because the hybrid theme has no sidebar and how I can add a sidebar for hybrid themes. thanks you so much justin. i love you blog

  11. Jeffro
    Jeffro Published |

    I was reading about this today on Yoasts Geeky WP2.9 article and I wondered how long it would take you to add descriptions to all the different sidebars to give me a direction of where on the site those widgets will be displayed. This is a nice change.

  12. Andri
    Andri Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I am using your hybrid theme, and i am so satisfied… but there are so many functions i don’t know… Let me Thank you so much for this widget description, so helpful 🙂

  13. muxin
    muxin Published |

    I gotta tell you, PHP code is NOT my thing, thanks for making it easy for me.. the original WP widgets are just dull..

  14. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    This is a great thing I am in the middle of a theme right now and this will bring a great deal of organization to my project. I wonder why it took so long?

  15. Yuan.Yu
    Yuan.Yu Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Whether can do it like this: Index, single, page all have their own sidebar? I do not love every page have the same sidebar.


  16. Mark Henry
    Mark Henry Published |

    Valuable information!! I tried the code you given and got the result. Providing a description is good idea to our visitors.. THANKS FOR THE POST.

  17. Nick
    Nick Published |

    I wish the developers had used a name other than “sidebar” to describe the area that contains widgets since you can widgetize any part of a theme.

  18. darila
    darila Published |

    Finnaly, I wonder why it took so long..

    greetings darila

  19. andri
    andri Published |

    Btw, how to hide widget on single post… or to show widget on homepage only?

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  21. Stella
    Stella Published |

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. Keep on writing.

  22. Webbhotell
    Webbhotell Published |

    Wooo finally! So this feature is available by version 2.9 of our beloved WP? This is gonna be very useful especially for those who are not very familiar with widgets and where they go. I’ve been blogging for a long time both on the free WP blog and personally hosted WP, and up to now I still get confused by these widgets. I do hope designers and developers will make the time to add the descriptions to their already excellent creations. 🙂

  23. Gilles
    Gilles Published |

    I can see this helping the end user…but what I would really like to see WP do is allow entering a title to the widget but being able to “not” display it in the front-end. I still yet to see anything that can do that simply by having a function added to every widget to display or not display the title.

  24. maca
    maca Published |

    thank you for this interesting info. i was looking for something like this.

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  27. Greeny
    Greeny Published |

    I just try validate my WP blog and I see Text widget give validation errors even is empty, even it have inserted a piece of code inside. I use WP v2.8
    W3C Validator verify the same HTML source code which I view in the my browser and indicate me the place of them, but I dont know where is the code which I have to corect.
    What is/are the name of file(s) I must fix?
    All that wrong “li” and “ul” about Validator tell me to fix, are part of Wordpress code not mine.
    Please tell me if version 2.9 contains a new text widget, which permits W3C validation.
    Thank you.

  28. James
    James Published |

    Oh, for “Wordpress 2.9”, that’s why I spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out what I did wrong.
    After the 2.9 upgrade it worked perfectly 🙂

  29. mybb
    mybb Published |

    thank you your useful post 🙂

  30. Dravalley Webmaster Forum
    Dravalley Webmaster Forum Published |

    thanks a lot. was looking for something like this. helps a lot.

  31. Jayson David
    Jayson David Published |

    Thanks for this tip.

    I was thinking of making my site to have something like having images on the post excerpt and then when they click on it takes them to the single post and now its built in on 2.9. Great.

    – j

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  33. sxe
    sxe Published |

    Thank you 2.9 great..

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  35. Eurolappen @ Fahrschule Polen
    Eurolappen @ Fahrschule Polen Published |

    Thanks for the script and the information. Have already included it.

  36. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    thanks for sharing, didnt know this new feature in 2.9 version. I cant image what else they will put in 3.0??? 🙂

  37. Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood Published |

    This is a great Wordpress Blog. What theme are you using?

  38. Grobi
    Grobi Published |

    Thank you for this interesting info. I love 2.9!

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  40. chs
    chs Published |

    Valuable information!! I tried the code you given and got the result. Providing a description is good idea to our visitors..


  41. Rich
    Rich Published |

    I really need this information. I need it for changing and categorizing widgets in my site. It’s very helpful. Thank you.

  42. Dan Wheeler
    Dan Wheeler Published |

    Where do you put the code to change the sidebars?

  43. Rich
    Rich Published |

    Great. I will consider your ideas although I already knew few things in making my widget more interactive and interesting for visitors. 😉

  44. Mukhtaruddin
    Mukhtaruddin Published |

    Interesting information, I am a new wordpress user so your articles useful for me to learn it.. Thanks

  45. David
    David Published |

    Widgets are easy to manage as long as you know what to include in your widget. It’s very flexible to use. Thanks for sharing great ideas for us. 😉

  46. Jason Pereira
    Jason Pereira Published |

    Description for widget areas are very helpful for your visitors. We should all provide an accessible place for them to navigate your site and this will show the user friendly site.

  47. sergio
    sergio Published |

    Can anybody explain me how the heck the %2$s works?

    I’ve been trying to get the widget number, without the word “text-” before it, and I can’t figure it out.

    Is that a way to retrieve ANY variable?
    Do they have to be setup to be retrieved with that percent sign?
    Is there other way to get the widget number (inside that sidebar)?


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    budget hotel in jodhpur Published |

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  50. 3m espe
    3m espe Published |

    This is probably a validation error from your theme. The default WordPress widgets output valid HTML.thanks.


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