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  1. Jeffro
    Jeffro Published |

    Looks healthier than the 2 bacon, egg, and cheese bagels I keep eating from McDonalds 😛 I prefer melted cheddar cheese on my omelets. No onions, or peppers with mine.

    By the way, stay with development 😛

    1. Bryan Hoffman
      Bryan Hoffman Published |

      +1 on Justin staying with development. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

  2. Patrick Daly
    Patrick Daly Published |

    As long as you GPL your tasty creations and share them with me.

  3. Andreas Nurbo
    Andreas Nurbo Published |

    Much easier to just eat oatmeal for breakfast, healthy and fast =).

  4. Lauro Faria
    Lauro Faria Published |

    Damn, I was hungry.

  5. Carl @ HCW
    Carl @ HCW Published |

    Ditch the low-fat cheese (use real cheese), and skim milk (use whole milk), and get rid of the toast and you have yourself a decent healthy meal right there! Also next time use the entire egg (I would suggest adding 1 or 2 more if you opt for no toast) – don’t let all that good cholesterol go to waste!

    Without good fat, you won’t stay full for very long. You’re on the right track though!

  6. Sport
    Sport Published |

    It is much too late for me to eat right now and that picture has made me hungry again. Green peppers! Yum.

  7. paul
    paul Published |

    First I saw the title of this post, I thought that “Omelet and toast” is the name
    of new framework behind hybrid ( it sounds like 2 things that come together.)


  8. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS
    Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS Published |

    Another plug for using whole eggs, milk and cheese! (And pastured and/or raw with beneficial bacteria and enzymes would be even better.)


    I was totally shocked to see a recipe in your “feed,” Justin. I had to read it twice to be sure I wasn’t missing a punch line. Best wishes for a healthy new year.

  9. Jay
    Jay Published |
  10. Andrew@BloggingGuide
    Andrew@BloggingGuide Published |

    Really looks tasty. I am not a great cook myself but thanks for sharing this recipe will definitely try it someday.

  11. Allala
    Allala Published |

    yes thanks for sharing this recipe…

  12. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Cool, we will have some food recipes extra on this blog too 🙂

    greetings, nagradne igre

  13. Williams
    Williams Published |

    Every time my mother will cook for me now i will give her a little surprise. Thanks for sharing the information. Good picture …. water in my mouth.

  14. montažne hiše
    montažne hiše Published |

    Hi great blog. I really enjoy reading this blog. Thanks for this recipes.

  15. Carmi
    Carmi Published |

    Oooh, omelettes. Yum! I think I’ll give it a shot tomorrow morning. I’m long overdue for some breakfast goodness.

  16. Jane Somebody
    Jane Somebody Published |

    nice “delicious” touch! I need a breakfast as this Sunday Morning.
    Hmmm!!! Thanks for reminding me that blogging is not what life is all about!!!

  17. Ron Kaffee
    Ron Kaffee Published |

    Cool post! I have made an omlet with your recipe and it not only smells good but also tastes great. Thank you for this delicious recipe 🙂

  18. Dave Thackeray
    Dave Thackeray Published |

    Justin, you digress on to a subject altogether different to your usual coding and WordPress speciality, and you still get more comments than 99% of us bloggers! Clearly there’s no substitute for genius, whatever the weather!

    As an aside, I cooked up an omelette (why so few ‘e’s in yours? 😉 ) this morning and was flabbergasted to discover that it left the pan pumped up like Pammie’s bosoms! I suspect it’s because I used a balloon whisk rather than fork to get the eggs ripe for cookin’, but nonetheless it did feel a bit like I was eating an egg-flavoured football.

    Have a great weekend, man – keep on cookin’ and codin’!

  19. paula@offer in compromise
    paula@offer in compromise Published |

    hummm yammy, I’m hungry and I’m gonna have it done ight now!!
    thanks for the recipe

  20. Mike Geary
    Mike Geary Published |

    I also have a craving for omelet these days. that one looks very very good but not so healthy I think.

  21. Shannon Wood
    Shannon Wood Published |

    Justin this looks like something we use to eat when you lived in Auburn.Are you doing the body for life thing again.

  22. cebu tours
    cebu tours Published |

    it made my appetite.
    i stop eating omelet after seeing steve-o eats an union, garlic and drank the egg yolk and eventually vomit it after few minutes.

    they cooked it afterwards and let their jack-ass cast eat..that was grose. 😀

  23. Eddie Truman
    Eddie Truman Published |

    Justin, try what our family has always called a Spanish ommlette.
    Keep some boiled potatoes from last nights dinner or par boil a couple.
    Dice them up and fry with some bacon and onion.
    Get the frying pan stoked up really high so that there’s smoke coming off it and then pour your egg mixture over the top.
    Use a knife to get under the egg mixture as it fries almost instantaneously and pull it up, allowing uncooked egg mixture to hit the hot pan and fry.
    Do this going round the pan in a circular movement.
    Then add generous quantities of grated cheddar cheese, flip over each side, right and left, 45 degrees and serve with a large mug of tea.
    All the best to you and the magnificent work you do from Scotland.

  24. eagleshot
    eagleshot Published |

    wow… sounds like a great recipe. I will make this this Saturday for sure.

  25. rahul ninja
    rahul ninja Published |

    yummy EGG N BREAD sounds to tasty and healthy fried eggs and toasted breads together yummy and healthy i like it very much and having it daily ???

  26. Predictii Gratuite
    Predictii Gratuite Published |

    I like omelettes!Nice article

  27. Jane
    Jane Published |

    I am not big fan of eggs. But this picture makes me hungry! Thanks for your receipt!

  28. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Sorry mate, it all looks a bit beige to me. We eat with our eyes and this meal need some technicolor. A spinkle of bell pepper doesn’t cut it. You need a small mountain of fresh green salad on the side, 4-5 cherry tomatoes and some large crunchy slices of fresh capsicum. It will then start to look interesting.

  29. Stephen Smak
    Stephen Smak Published |

    while seeing this picture, my tongue wants to taste it..

  30. Marty Fried
    Marty Fried Published |

    Just came across your site – nice to see someone with similar interests besides web design. 🙂

    I like omelets occasionally, similar to yours somewhat. One thing I usually do is put it under the broiler to cook the top instead of trying to turn it, or overcook to get the inside done. One of my favorite omelets includes salsa inside.

    One thing about oatmeal. I used to eat it almost every day. I’d buy the quick oats (sliced thinner), cook it in the bowl in the microwave, using no water, just milk. Makes it taste much better. Then I’d usually add a little maple syrup.

  31. Kyler(@Net Directory)
    Kyler(@Net Directory) Published |

    haha, just made these for the wife. She very sadly approved and replaced her mothers way with this way.

  32. invisible braces
    invisible braces Published |

    I usually make omelet and bread for breakfast…but this recipes looks delicious…I am just waiting to make it.

  33. Luke
    Luke Published |

    Omelette and toast – there is no finer combination of foodstuffs. I like mine with various cheeses, marmite and if I’m feeling healthy, a bit of rocket/spinach is good.

  34. danny
    danny Published |

    I like omelets, i already told my wife to put extra eggs.

  35. Dan
    Dan Published |

    Omelet making can be a real art. It’s not too late to start eating healthier either! I love putting a bunch of veggies in my omelets. Typically I skip the meat and do veggies and cheese. Mozzarella can go well in omelets, it’s all about what you pair with it.

  36. Stan
    Stan Published |

    Nothings beats oatmeal

    The eggs despite using only whites has cholestrol

    plus that breakfest looks big

  37. Anne
    Anne Published |

    I am also in favor of the real Cheese. Mozzarella is ok but with this particular one I think greasy stuff would make it much more tastier

  38. John
    John Published |

    If i had the time to do something like that in the morning i would but I barely have time for a brew let alone start getting my pans out. lol.

  39. Mommy D
    Mommy D Published |

    I have been craving breakfast for dinner for the past week, then I see this and now there is no going back. Gonna have to go make an omelet now…and I mean NOW LOL. Thanks for the fun post!

    Mommy D

  40. Fuely
    Fuely Published |

    Mmm that looks delicious lol! I like the fact that you’re staying healthy with the whole grain for fiber and egg whites. I also like to use peppers in omeletes. Actually sometimes I sautee them with broccoli and put them into the mix. Other times I actually use the pepper pieces raw for a nice crunch in the omellete. Ugh, now I am hungry…

  41. Josefina Argüello
    Josefina Argüello Published |

    This is a recipe from my city: coahuila Mexico, hope you like it!!! ^^

    4 eggs, well beaten
    1/2 c. picante sauce, divided
    1 tbsp. butter
    2 tbsp. milk
    1/8 tsp. salt & pepper
    1 or 1 1/2 c. shredded sharp cheese
    Combine eggs, milk, 2 tablespoons picante sauce, salt, pepper; mix well. Melt butter in 8 or 10 inch omelet pan. Heat until just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water. Pour in egg mixture all at once.
    As mix starts to cook, gently lift edges of omelet with a fork and tilt pan to allow uncooked egg mix to run underneath cooked part. When mix is set and no longer runs, sprinkle cheese on half of omelet; cover pan and remove from heat. Let stand 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese melts and eggs are firm on top. Fold omelet in half and place on warm platter. Top with remaining picante sauce. Serves 2 to 3.

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