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  1. David
    David Published |

    I used to have tons of passion, and somewhere along the way, working as a full time blogger, writing about topics that didn’t interest me, I became sour and lost that passion. I’d really like to “get it back” but I don’t even know how to rediscover it. So if anyone has any tips, I’d be open to them… I miss being passionate about blogging, and I know that Passion trumps everything else…

  2. Arno Rootsaert
    Arno Rootsaert Published |

    @David There is always one thing we forget when we are doing things with passion and that’s Time.
    It sounds like you need some time for yourself and refresh your mind.
    Relax for some time and remeber: We’re no Robots!

  3. Joe Somebody
    Joe Somebody Published |

    You are right in the point! You can be a create writer but that will not be enough to succeed and keep a blog thriving. To achieve that the first thing you MUST have is passion! Good Tip!

  4. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    I agree that passion is the guide to a successful blog. Passion itself encompasses hard work, commitment and persistence.

  5. Amit Banerjee
    Amit Banerjee Published |

    “Write What you Love and Not what you can”.

    Passion gives your posts value and makes it creative. Good tip Justin.

  6. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Oh, I have tons of passion. The trouble is, I tend to get sidetracked …. what I need is direction …. which rule is that?

  7. Duane Nason
    Duane Nason Published |

    Passion. Is there a plugin for that?

    Kidding… but yeah, have to agree with you, passion is the key to a successful blog – or anything in life for that matter.

    – Duane Nason

  8. oscar
    oscar Published |

    @David, if the topics “didn’t interest” you then don’t blog about those topics. You can’t have passion for something you don’t care about or are interested in. You should blog about things that do interest you, and the Passion might come back.
    @Ian, great article. look forward to more in the series.

  9. Andrew Keir
    Andrew Keir Published |

    I got plenty of passion, I just need a cure for this writers block

  10. Steupz
    Steupz Published |

    Yep, that’s the key.
    I began writing on VH1 reality television because it fascinated me.

    I’ve been doing it for four years now and I still love it.

  11. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Yes, I agree, used Passion …. 🙂

  12. Mike Geary
    Mike Geary Published |

    I think the key is finding a topic you feel passionate about and build a blog around that topic. If you are passionate about it everything else will come naturally, and blogging will not be an every other day task but your favorite hobby.

  13. designodyssey
    designodyssey Published |

    Life is a journey and what you can’t let go of today, you may discard tomorrow. Passion is seldom limitless or consistent over long periods of time. As you age, you can accept this as the natural progression of life. Sometimes, you must step away to regain your passion. Think diminishing marginal returns from econ class. Sometimes you must experience something new to see the old in a new light and reignite your passion.

    The site I’m building is about my passion. A passion I’ve managed to hold for 22 years. It’s morphed, ebbed, flowed, but it’s always at least a slow burn. When the level is low, I learn something new, teach others or take up a related discipline. After while, the passion returns, but it looks different than before.

  14. Deniz - wedding Photographer
    Deniz - wedding Photographer Published |

    Passion is important – it is what motivates you to better yourself. In my profession passion is critical. However, for a blog – a would say you need to find ‘time’ before showing your passion.

  15. Stefan
    Stefan Published |

    Not sure when I lost my passion (last blog post August 09) but I know I lost it, some times I get the urge to write a killer article but something always makes me put it off, I’d say time is the #1 thing you need to be a successful blogger.

  16. Lawyer
    Lawyer Published |

    Exactly! I use passion both with my blogs and my career and both have been great. I started my first blog about 14 months ago and I was just recently quoted in the NY times. It started out slow but I kept at it and the results have been great.

  17. Alison Barrett
    Alison Barrett Published |

    @Deniz: I am running into exactly that problem. I have more than enough passion and not enough time.

    At the risk of sounding cheesy, I must say that this blog post has inspired me to rethink some of my priorities and get bloggin’!

  18. Heather Plude
    Heather Plude Published |

    Although I have been reading self development books for years and many of them talk of finding your bliss, doing what you love, etc. 20 years of self development and I was still unsure what my passion was.

    Last year I read a book called The Passion Test by Chris and Janet Attwood…

    The step-by-step method of finding your passion was just what I needed to pinpoint what really makes me tick.

    I highly recommend the book to anyone who is searching for the one thing that makes your heart sing. Because when you find your passion and live your passion, your life will never be the same!

  19. Martin
    Martin Published |

    I have no passion at all to be honest and it`s frustrating. Last thing i did passionately was playing volley-ball when I was like 14. I guess I should then start blogging about news in the wonderful world of volley-ball…not necessary. What I and many of you who are reading this should do is try new things – this is the only way of finding your passions. And I did found one, although I don`t have enough money to practice it at the moment, it gives me motivation to work on so I can afford it. (it`s atv riding btw)

  20. Chris Roane
    Chris Roane Published |

    I agree that passion is what we all need as blog writers. But passion isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you will be able to feed your family. And when you can’t feed your family, passion is irrelevant.

    Passion + Hard Work + Survivability = Success

  21. niftyfutureking
    niftyfutureking Published |

    You are absolutely right..without passion, you would be going nowhere with your blog for sure….It is the first and foremost thing needed to run a successful blog.

  22. Saung Web
    Saung Web Published |

    Hi justin.. it’s good info .. and I agree, for it

  23. Shannon
    Shannon Published |

    Yes. Passion has carried me this far, but income would be nice right now. Anyone have an idea of how to monetize passion?

  24. JT Tran
    JT Tran Published |

    But happens when you’ve been blogging for over 5 years like me?

    I’m up to over 800 posts and there are days when I’m really lagging and struggle to tap into my creative muse. And then there are still the good days when the words flow from my fingertips, through the keyboards, into the electronic ethersphere, and to the monitors in front of my adoring audience 🙂

  25. newager
    newager Published |

    You are right unless you have some passion about your blog you will never sustain the effort required to make it successful.

  26. Bobby
    Bobby Published |

    Passion is a huge component to success, it is what motivates you to keep going, keep writing. You will not enjoy it if you don’t have passion.

  27. Vicente
    Vicente Published |

    Passion and sometimes … sacrifice. I’ve spent the odd sleepless night trying to solve problems and improve my sites. The good news is that where there is good work and passion is results … almost always!

  28. Dr. Lawrence Kindo
    Dr. Lawrence Kindo Published |

    I found it a hard thing to keep the “passion” alive when I failed to get a constant fan following. I think you are right at it to make this rule no. 2 to a successful blog. I’ll remember that. Hey, by the way could you check out my blog. It would be an honour to have great bloggers like you even just to visit the blog.

  29. Todd
    Todd Published |

    Agreed! I write about my life and travels…would be sad if I wasn’t passionate about that 🙂

  30. Tattoo
    Tattoo Published |

    Over month ago Ive started to run my first blog about tattoos and I have to say that your rule #2 is so real and nothing helps better in running blog than passion. Right before I started to write my blog I was looking for some similar blogs and Ive noticed e thing a lot of people forgot what it means t write with passion. I guess these days its all about money and because of that people forgets that blogs are all about what they think and what they want to say to the others. Anyway I’m sure I will visit your blog much often and Im waiting for some more rules to come. Good Luck:)

  31. plywood
    plywood Published |

    Think diminishing marginal returns from econ class. Sometimes you must experience something new to see the old in a new light and reignite your passion.

  32. Denim Geek
    Denim Geek Published |

    I’ve got a slightly different problem. I have plenty of passion and love the subject that I write about, but I chose such a small niche and it’s hard to find relevant content sometimes. I would expand and open my blog up, but it would undo all my hard work 🙁

  33. steve haworth
    steve haworth Published |

    informative tip – your right about this – being creative with your writing is not enough to suceed and keep the blog moving foward. Passion is the FIRST thing that one must have.

  34. Avio karte
    Avio karte Published |

    I agree with Amit, write what you love and not what you can!

  35. Smooth Booth
    Smooth Booth Published |

    Finding time around a 50 hr a week job is the problem, especially when that job is working on a company website. You get great ideas but when it comes to doing them for your own blog you have to really push yourself.

  36. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Passion is very important, but the problem is that I’ve got more things that I’m passionate about than I have the time to do them all justice!

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