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  1. Steven Bradley
    Steven Bradley Published |

    Funny, that’s pretty much how I became a WordPress developer as well. I decided to use it for my own blog and the first step was needing to make it look like the rest of my site. So I spent a week learning the basics of building a theme.

    From there it’s been seeing something I wanted to do differently and then searching for possible ways to make it happen and looking through code when I couldn’t find a solution seaching.

    I think you can apply the same ideas to working with anything, not just WordPress.

  2. Hafiz Rahman
    Hafiz Rahman Published |

    I completely agree with you that attention to details is what makes a great product. However, how do you measure the benefit of all that little details? In my experience a lot of those details go largely unnoticed by users, and sometimes I wonder if they make any difference.

    Or is that the real answer? That great design helps users without them even noticing it?

    1. Enej
      Enej Published |

      I think what makes designs stand out is the little things. When a design is polished, the little things are unnoticeable. Things just work and are less confusing, and the user just does what they came to do.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    I agree with what you said: “It’s the little things that matter.” These little things when developed or changed for the better will make the bigger picture much more attractive and likeable. It all starts with the small/little things.

  4. Željan Topić
    Željan Topić Published |

    Little things do matter, … so if we really go into those small things I’m not sure there are many people that want to change their pingbacks – I’d rather produce an option to delete pigbacks, much more useful 😉

  5. Gadgetsholic
    Gadgetsholic Published |

    I didn’t notice those little things, thx for telling me. so what should I do with the pingback? I’m a newbie so please help me

  6. Alison Barrett
    Alison Barrett Published |

    I recently came across a “little thing” I could have been doing for all my clients’ WordPress sites—replacing the WordPress logo above the login page with the client’s logo. (I am leaving WordPress credit in other places, of course!)

    That one little thing made a client actually say, “Ooooh!” when they loaded the page. To them, it made the difference between “a WordPress site” and “MY WordPress site.”

  7. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Great post. Users may not recognize each and every little thing, but they do recognize the overall quality of the experience.

    You used a very minor example, so here’s one from the opposite end of the spectrum: a theme with a beautiful sliding post carousel, support for integrating your Twitter account — but you try to add a text widget to the sidebar and you discover the margins look terrible. Thanks but no thanks — the theme obviously wasn’t carefully coded.

  8. bambang catur
    bambang catur Published |

    You’re such perfectionist man. Hehe.I (and majority of WP user) surely never recognize that.
    By the way, last time I visit wordpress.org I see you’re fighting faulty WP logo. That’s a great effort. I change my WP logo for my custom theme recently.

  9. Lauro Faria
    Lauro Faria Published |

    Do not get me wrong, but his anger makes me happy.

    Each theme and plugin that creates usually reaches some detail that I miss.

    This is good for me. 🙂

    Normal users do not realize how much the details make the difference. But any product that wins with quality details. Is subliminal …

    Note: Anything weird, blame Google Translate.

  10. Martin
    Martin Published |

    The first impressions are the strongest so yeah, having everything more or less nice gives the opinion that your site it more or less nice. I`d like to have an awesome site so start tweaking all these little things and soon you`ll realize that it only took like half a day and your site gives a lot more professional look.

  11. Jan Egbert
    Jan Egbert Published |

    ” The details are not the details. They make the design”
    – Charles Eames

  12. mathewsteff
    mathewsteff Published |

    hi, i m learning myself about how to make the word press themes and i think that all discussed points will help me a lot while designing the websites. I hope will keep in mind these all “little smaller things”, as to EOD i have to design it for my users!!!

  13. Arya
    Arya Published |

    hmm, im interesting when read this post, because im newbie in wordpress/blogging.
    i think the little thing is the best thing

  14. alphacaveman
    alphacaveman Published |

    The only thing I don’t like about Wordpress is that it seems difficult to do basic things. I find myself digging through to find simple features or links within the admin section. I don’t know why more things aren’t added to the admin navigation so that we don’t have to digg. But it’s free and most of it is very good so I’m still pro Wordpress.

  15. mrcopter
    mrcopter Published |

    I really have very, very few complaints about Wordpress. I guess to me, the little things don’t matter as much as the big things. With Wordpress I don’t need to have much, if any web programming knowledge and don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a decent looking blog up in minutes. And if I do know lots about programming, I can build it to my specs. It gives near equal footing to anyone who wants to start a blog. So I see your points on some things desiring improvement, but it’s free and let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

  16. amily
    amily Published |

    There is a proverb:Details determine success or failure

  17. Chris Roane
    Chris Roane Published |

    I absolutely agree.

    Being a programmer and a manager, I’ve come to realize the programmers who do well do care about the details. The good programmers are the people who care about obtaining perfection, even if perfection is not obtainable.

  18. DivvyWork
    DivvyWork Published |

    Yes as a programmer and designer I totally agree that adding those little details can make all the difference.

  19. Life is Real
    Life is Real Published |

    I same opinion with you . Being a programmer, the details is very important.

  20. Rabbit Pearl
    Rabbit Pearl Published |

    Great and usefull post! I do agree with that the small details are very important in everything you do not only on the webb. I can see it clearly when i finnish a house and sell it. The small details can make sell it or dump it.!

  21. paw1300t 7v
    paw1300t 7v Published |

    Yea, I agree that the little things are what differentiate the users experience as ‘great’ or ‘annoying’. Hahah. Guess I don’t have enough experience to notice the little things yet.

  22. Stan
    Stan Published |

    Good points but we should just reply on things and be more mindful and careful like poster said

  23. Sam
    Sam Published |

    The little things are really important in my eyes. It’s the attention to detail that shows your dedication to the project. Add everything up and you’ll have a great peice of work, but skimp on the details and it will show.

  24. Jason Draucker
    Jason Draucker Published |

    Yeah it looks interesting. I had done the same thing to my blog few years back. I had changed the test “please comment below” to “drop your suggestions”.

    Your article just reminded my of my earlier blogging stages where I was innovative at my web template editing.

  25. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    Get Details and get better 😉

  26. Jack Strawman
    Jack Strawman Published |

    The little things definitely add up. And when you add it all up, it could mean the difference between a successful business website and one that will never take off.

  27. IELTS
    IELTS Published |

    You are right. I hate default themes too. You really have to change a lot to make the wordpress theme look good.

  28. John
    John Published |

    Attention to detail does make all the difference. All those little things combined make the difference between a decent website and a great one.

  29. Steve
    Steve Published |

    I agree with the lesson of this post. Little things really matter and when you are in the field of Online Marketing, these little things make big difference.

  30. hypnose
    hypnose Published |

    You have some honest ideas here. It looks like you have done a research on the issue and discovered.Anyway thanks a lot.I think most peoples will agree with your blog.Keep it up.

  31. imergent63
    imergent63 Published |

    Congrats, it takes a lot of patience to continue writing in a blog every week and keep coming up with new material. Keep blogging.

  32. Isabel de los Rios
    Isabel de los Rios Published |

    I’ve always invested a lot of time into correcting these little things for one simple reason: they drastically reduce support questions. The more time you invest in correcting little things, the more time you’ll save in the future by having to answer less questions.

  33. Dreamsmaster
    Dreamsmaster Published |

    Being a programmer, the details is very important.I same opinion with you.And don’t lisen everyone.

  34. meita veronica
    meita veronica Published |

    Great and usefull post! I do agree with that the small details are very important in everything you do not only on the web

  35. Muffin
    Muffin Published |

    These little things you mentioned above make me crazy sometimes.But these little things always matter.

  36. Pat
    Pat Published |

    Thanks for sharing these tips; I agree that the little things on websites, blogs, etc. do add up and make me want to return (or never return).

    However, as a beginner website designer, it does take me quite a while to figure out how to change some of the little things…how do you measure the ROI?

  37. Andrew Pual
    Andrew Pual Published |

    Good Justin Tadlock……..Being a Developer, the details is very important.mall details are very important for us.

  38. Jonha
    Jonha Published |

    I think what sets the developers, designers and programmers apart from many other professionals is their being keen to details, or at least they should be. If not, then you cannot expect masterpiece but a whole bunch of replica of what is already existing. I am not such a keen observer that’s why I really appreciate those who do.

  39. Renudiz
    Renudiz Published |

    Yes, little things do matter. While programming we must keep in mind the little mistakes we are doing. It reduces the time and cost.

  40. PUpload
    PUpload Published |

    Small details always matter when you became a developer.I do agree with you.

  41. plywood
    plywood Published |

    The more time you invest in correcting little things, the more time you’ll save in the future by having to answer less questions.

    thank you

  42. Emmnauel
    Emmnauel Published |

    Thanks for sharing this with me, This is one of those things that most people look over and would not even bother with, but you really make sense that everything is in the details!

  43. imoti
    imoti Published |

    everybody is doing the “big things” or the necessary thing…but if you wanna stand out you have to do both – the big and the little things.

  44. John from Malaysia
    John from Malaysia Published |

    The little things always seem unimportant because they seem easy and tedious but actually, they form the foundation for large stuff to happen.

  45. Tony Sauer
    Tony Sauer Published |

    Wordpress plugin developers are incredible people. All that free content that they produce to enable us to pack more detail into our blogs is amazing. You are the unknown heroes of the internet world.


  46. Pål Hetland
    Pål Hetland Published |

    For me it’s the little things that Wordpress does so well that keeps me away from all the other alternatives.

  47. mozi premierek
    mozi premierek Published |

    The little things makes everything bigger.

  48. Sturla Lang
    Sturla Lang Published |

    Details are very important. One sees at once on a theme if the developer has done a good job or not. And if the details are not well done, there are often other errors, too. I’m not a developer, but I use still very much time to tweak things until I get it the way I want. It takes time but is worth it in the end.

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    Game of Thrones Free Published |

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