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  1. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Where can I find out more about this “bug and issue tracker” you talke about?

    1. TobiasBg
      TobiasBg Published |

      Hi Justin and Jason,

      I’ll just add my question: The “bug and issue tracker” really looks like an overwhelming awesome example for using the new features!
      Basically you can have everything of the new features combined in there: Post Types for issues, post statuses for “closed”, “invalid”, etc. Taxonomies for “has-patch”, etc. (with finer control than just with tags), Categories for Components.
      That would really be an awesome example of all those features combined, so I have the same question: Where can we find more on this? (Or if we can’t: Please use this for your tutorial! 🙂 )

      Best wishes,

  2. Trisha Cupra
    Trisha Cupra Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’ve been using today’s nightly build all day (Aussie time) and I’ve made two themes compatible with the new Menus feature.

    I didn’t have much luck finding out the finer points (or even the not-so-fine points) of how the new Menus work via Google.

    For instance, I got this error message:

    “The current theme does not support menus.”

    Googling that message turned up pretty much zilch.

    But I worked out how to make a theme actually support menus, on my lonesome (quite a feat since I’m not a fantastic coder, but I’m learning).

    I wrote a post on how I got it working here:


    I documented it in case it can help other people who want to get their themes ready for WordPress 3.0, whether it’s site owners who just want to fix their own themes or for Theme Developers who need to update their themes.

  3. Ray
    Ray Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Regular reader of your blog and always look forward to you posting.

    I would like even more information on Custom taxonomies. Have read all of your previous posts but still would like even more.

    Love your work.


  4. Jeremy
    Jeremy Published |

    I didn’t know about the new login forms. I will have a deeper look into that, that could be interesting!
    Not that the rest is not interesting of course! 🙂

  5. Andreas Nurbo
    Andreas Nurbo Published |

    I’ve been messing with Custom posttypes but I just can’t seem to get it right which is annoying given how simple it looks. I ended up doing it manually.

  6. Mac_Boy
    Mac_Boy Published |

    Please write about the Custom Taxonomies and Custom Status Types combined with a workflow notification component. Explain how it all comes together as in the case of the Issue Tracker.

    Also, roles + capabilities (permissions) will be a critical element of such a system. A status of “new” is for a particular role where a status of “in work” allows multiple roles to get access.

    Another way to think about these new capabilities is in the sense of a “catalog system”. Now we can finally build our own iTunes, keep track of our playing cards, maintain a ‘database’ of parts and equipment, etc. You did this with movie part of PopCritics — it is very nice! What improvements can you make now that WP 3.0 is almost here?

    The developers are writing fantastic plugins to handle taxonomies on the admin side of the screen. There are at least 3-4 promising plugins that helps us to create taxonomies and post-types. Another tutorial would show how to use those plugins to ease the admin chore of managing taxonomies. I can help on this topic.

    In summary, we need tutorials on building custom catalogs that allow multiple roles to manage their parts within a workflow process.

    You have a marvelous teaching style, I enjoy learning from you. Let me know how I can help — seriously!


  7. paul
    paul Published |

    I’m also excited about these changes. Lots of plugins and hacks will become obsolete, but it will be easier for developers to cater for the clients needs, in terms of custom post types for example.
    the new menus are awesome for users, it will take a lot of work of the dev’s hands.
    Also great is the multi-site feature, and I think there will be an increase in requests for multi site installations with separate domains which will make managing multiple sites easier.

  8. donnacha | WordSkill
    donnacha | WordSkill Published |

    Justin, please write as much as possible about ALL those subjects 🙂

  9. Andrew@BloggingGuide
    Andrew@BloggingGuide Published |

    Wordpress 3.0 is really something that is worth looking forward to. And I agree that with these new wordpress release, tutorials are really needed! So, I will be one of those who will also be looking forward to your tutorials.

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  11. Bluesplinter
    Bluesplinter Published |

    I’ll add my “ditto” on the bug and issue tracker thingie… if I could handle that task from within WP, it’d make life much easier. So, details, please!

  12. Derek E
    Derek E Published |

    Custom post types, Navigation menus and of course the bug tracker.

  13. Bryce
    Bryce Published |

    I’m really interested in custom post types and how to get those working and displaying correctly. It would also be great to know how custom fields could be used in the custom post type sections. Taxonomies for any post type also sounds interesting.

  14. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Some interesting additions, cant wait for the release

  15. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    The Custom post types and shortlinks sounds the most intriguing to me..

  16. Kieran Cales
    Kieran Cales Published |

    Hi Justin,

    How much of an effect will it have on the Hybrid theme – will it require a major update?

  17. Luke Burford
    Luke Burford Published |

    Custom Post Types gets my vote, the menu system is extremely welcome, but this is the real game changer for me. Playing with the nightly but not getting it quite right – having a tutorial to look forward to would ease some of the frustration!

    Overnight 3.0 is going to take WP up a level, it’s like we asked, they listened, and we’re about to get all the things to kill off that ‘WordPress as a CMS’ thing 🙂

  18. Aggelies
    Aggelies Published |

    The custom post type is the most interesting part for me. In the past i worked a lot with Drupal and CCK fields (Content Construction Kit), which allowed you to add custom fields to custom content types using a web interface.
    Definitely looking forward to these features.

  19. Robert
    Robert Published |

    As most commenters, I’m also interested in the custom post types, taxonomies and all other features that allow for a more creative and feature rich site.

    I’d like to see an implementation of a custom post type such as “Events” with fields like event date, duration, venue location etc. and also how one would use the event date to sort the taxonomy-category-events page by event date instead of post date. Essentially, how would one implement a custom sort filter by additional custom post fields?

  20. Nadeem
    Nadeem Published |

    Custom taxonomies and Custom post types are the things i am interested in and excited too 😛

  21. Nico
    Nico Published |

    @Robert :

    You already can sort by custom fields using the template tag “query_posts”.


    This function gets all posts, pages, attachments that have the custom field MYCUSTOMFIELD and order by this field.

    More details : http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/query_posts#Orderby_Parameters

    1. Robert
      Robert Published |

      Thanks Nico. I was just looking through the wp_query options around this so it’s not a biggie really as you pointed out. Still, it would be cool for everyone’s benefit to have a tutorial around all this.

      On another topic, I just discovered a really cool feature in WordPress (not specific to WP3.0). It’s the add_image_size() function allowing you to add your own image sizes that the Media editor then uses to create thumbs. So you can add some extra image sizes for your post thumbs that may appear in different areas like a larger feature in a carousel ant then a post thumb. You can force a certain post-thumbnail size by calling set_post_thumbnail_size() – pass true in the 3rd parameter to get WP to crop your image to that size – fantastic! No need for Tim Thumb or third party image plugins…

  22. Chris / Fredericton Web Design
    Chris / Fredericton Web Design Published |

    I’m looking forward to 3.0 as well, as long as the wonderful team at WordPress get around to fixing the admin panel bugs introduced in the last upgrade 🙂 Scheduling a post used to be such a breeze, now I have to struggle to do it.

  23. Neil
    Neil Published |

    Looking forward to WP 3.0, Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.6 all at once – there’s a great deal happening in the world of Open Source CMS this year!

  24. Josh Stauffer
    Josh Stauffer Published |

    Thanks for the updates on WP 3.0. This sounds extremely exciting. Where can I find out more about the new features and the expected release date?

  25. Tod Kennedy
    Tod Kennedy Published |

    Great heads-up article, keeping us informed.
    The topics listed that I’d most be interested in learning first are:

    Editor stylesheets
    Custom post types
    `home_url()` and `site_url()`

    I’m assuming ‘Navigation menus’ will be the mega hot topic on mega blogs, so I’d like to hear more about what’s getting less attention, (but no less important).

  26. Jason Pelker
    Jason Pelker Published |

    The CMS Press plugin: http://vocecommunications.com/services/web-development/wordpress/plugins/cms-press/ seems to be a great bridge between WP 2.9 and 3.0. In a nutshell, it does all the UI heavy lifting for custom post types.

    I’ve had it installed on a few themes, but I don’t know enough about calling and querying new custom post types yet to really get it working well.

    I recommend all the other impatient WordPress developers out there check it out and let us know if it performs as advertised. Thanks!

  27. kwatog
    kwatog Published |

    I’m also looking forward 3.0. I’d like to see more info about the following:

    Editor stylesheets
    Custom post types
    Navigation Menu

    However, I’m running the latest nightly build right now and I would say that I noticed a slight performance penalty. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my rig but I think it’s a bit slower. Will have to run additional checks.

  28. Tony
    Tony Published |

    BUT Ive just gotten used to using 2.0 D:. Oh well, if wordpress makes it even better, Ill be happy!

  29. Baaltazar
    Baaltazar Published |

    I’m just worried about the updates. I mean I have quiet a few plug-ins installed and it is hard to track them all. Even small version upgrades affect plugins, I wonder how would that work with 3.0…

  30. Fajne Tatuaze
    Fajne Tatuaze Published |

    This sounds extremely exciting. Some interesting additions, cant wait for the release.

  31. livelife
    livelife Published |

    I’d like to see more info about the following:

    Custom post types
    Custom taxonomies
    Custom post statuses
    Navigation menus
    Editor stylesheets


  32. Michael
    Michael Published |

    One thing I’m particularly curious about: if custom taxonomies will allow for more than just title/slug/description fields. For example, if you had a “Movies” taxonomy, and in addition to “description” you wanted to create “cast,” “release date” fields, etc. — could you? I love your previous tutorial on custom taxonomies; it really opened the door on some ideas for my own sites.

    Beyond that, I’m particular interested in custom post types, as I’m assuming most people are. I’ve tried using the “More Fields” Plugin but I just don’t trust an occasionally-updated Plugin to handle such important functionality. Having this in the core will, if you’ll excuse the cliche, really take WordPress to the next level.

    Also, I’d like to hear your thoughts on how all these new features affect theme developers specifically. Instead of themes just being labeled “blog” or “magazine-style”, I imagine we could now get entire subcultures building themes for gaming sites, themes for tech blogs, themes for literary sites, etc. A gaming theme could include built-in taxonomies for games, platforms, etc, and built-in post types for reviews, walkthroughs, etc.

    Very exciting to consider the possibilities.

  33. Denzel Chia
    Denzel Chia Published |


    May I know how to add_filter to the_posts in WordPress 3.0 Alpha?
    currently I am using add_filter(‘the_posts’,array(&$this,’detectPost’));
    in a plugin.
    But it had stopped working due to the introduction of
    $this->posts = apply_filters_ref_array(‘the_posts’, array( $this->posts, &$this ) );
    in query.php

    Please help.



  34. Watch Health Videos
    Watch Health Videos Published |

    This new version is wonderful. No need more plugins:)

  35. shawn
    shawn Published |

    I would like to see a continuation of your tutorial on the movies project.

    One part I could never figure out was how to assign an image and description to a taxonomy. So say I add an actor, I would like to assign a picture and description of the actor.

    Then when I add a new movie, and choose the actor from the actors taxonomy, I would like the image and description of the actor to show up on the movie page instead of just the actors name.

    To date, I have found no tutorial even vaguely related to this.

    1. Lane
      Lane Published |

      I’ve been looking for the same thing, and I keep seeing you everywhere! Please let me know if you figure anything out. I think its only a matter of updates before the thumbnails will be included in a custom post type.

  36. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    I will waiting the NEXT BIG THING from WordPress team.. WP 3.0 hupla

  37. Rondi
    Rondi Published |

    I am looking forward to the WordPress 3.0 release and updated features! Look forward to learning more about the Editor stylesheets, Navigation Menus and Custom headers and backgrounds menus.

  38. jason
    jason Published |

    Great post – I love wordpress and love how they are constantly upgrading it. The last upgrade I had some problems with my theme and the plugins i was using

  39. Psychedelic Robert
    Psychedelic Robert Published |

    I am looking forward to Wordpress 3.0 too. I am currently running a b2evolution blog and I want to convert it over to Wordpress 3 once it is out. Wordpress offers so much more plugins and templates than B2evo that I need to switch over soon…

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  41. palPalani
    palPalani Published |

    i like “Custom post types”, very much.

  42. lenen
    lenen Published |

    I’ve been waiting for 3 a long time….really curious what it is like.

  43. Rebecca
    Rebecca Published |

    I am not a developer and still learning the intricacies of Wordpress (not a newb, but not an expert either) and I just want to say that I really appreciate all of the people who create great themes and plug-ins for people like me, and there are a lot of us.

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  45. cgilkison
    cgilkison Published |

    Custom taxonomies and Custom post types would be great

  46. designer
    designer Published |

    Same here bro. I have wordpress 3 would have some big change than previous versions….

    we can hope so…

  47. Dani
    Dani Published |

    I would like to know how custom post types can be combined with custom taxonomies.

    For example, in a movies database project, a movie can be a post type with actors and directors as taxonomies. But, at the same time, an actor can be a post type with all the bio and details. Even, an acator can have other taxonomies like country.

    So, how can actors behave both as taxonomy and post type?

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  49. Belmont Thornton
    Belmont Thornton Published |

    Hi Justin,

    As we all know Wordpress 3.0 is all set release on May 1st 2010 with lots of breathtaking improvements and exciting new features which will surely bring this platform one step ahead. Wordpress 3.0 Features Walk Through from WPCookies can give you some ideas. What we can do over here:-

    1.We Can choose Choose Username and Password while Installing.
    2.Wordpress 3 has been packaged with a new theme called ‘Twenty Ten’. This new theme is really outstanding and minimalist at the same time.
    3.Wordpress 3 allows you to create different menu items containing Categories, Pages, External or Internal Link.

    There are many other new features like these. But these are i found most interesting.

  50. Noman
    Noman Published |

    Excellent features in WP 3.0.. I needed them…

    Looking forward for the release..

    Found your blog interesting.. Started Following..

    Great work!

  51. güzel oyunlar
    güzel oyunlar Published |

    I really liked. I wish you good work

  52. David @ Cat Scratch Fever
    David @ Cat Scratch Fever Published |

    Wow, I didn’t even know it was on the way. I only recently launched my first WordPress blog and haven’t looked back. It is an incredible tool with some great features and 3.0 looks even better. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing!

  53. WordPress 3.0 Short Links | mark.
    WordPress 3.0 Short Links | mark. at |
  54. John Myrstad
    John Myrstad Published |

    I`d like to see some articles and tutorials on how to use custom post types, focusing on both the backend with custom write panels for a post type, and how to use templates to show the content in the custom content types on the front end.

    John Myrstad

  55. Bill
    Bill Published |

    Something I’d like to see is simple. I want to be able to highlight something in the editor and have it stay highlighted or at least have the cursor be in that spot when I click on the html tab. Its annoying to have to search for my spot again when switching between the two views!

  56. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Great, i was using “wordpress as a CMS”, but things didng go so well as with normal CMS…i hope things will get only better (usualy they get 🙂

    greetings, nagradne igre

  57. paul3
    paul3 Published |

    Almost all websites have a ‘look’ that is in part determined by the underlying software. It is great that the wordpress team are trying ot break this link. The more flexibility there is in any system, however, the harder it is to use. Will this be the same with wordpress 3.0?

  58. David Williams
    David Williams Published |

    This IS exciting. It’s nice to see that Wordpress is really flexing it’s creative muscles by allowing users to have more creative control over their content and how it is displayed.

  59. Book and Go
    Book and Go Published |

    Very interesting to know. With Wordpress 3.0 I probably can improve the layout and design of the news blog.

  60. Ash Blue
    Ash Blue Published |

    I’m most interested about the revamping of plugins so that they don’t break anymore. That seems to have slightly diapered though.

  61. Grampers
    Grampers Published |

    My vote for your next great WordPress tutorial goes to 1) custom post type 2) more on custom taxonomies

  62. Guy
    Guy Published |

    me too, can’t wait for it..

  63. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    Oh look, I could get really excited about the possibilities of wordpress being able to do even more than is humanly possible, however, they really need to make it easier to press the upgrade button in my opinion. I have seen so many do that and lose their data that I am too scared to even try to upgrade. Until then I am going to have to read one incredibly long journal to work out how to do it without crashing my site or remain unexcited about all these great new features that are just out of my reach…

  64. jason
    jason Published |

    i agree I can’t wait for 3.0 it looks like it will be awesome

  65. Marco
    Marco Published |

    wordpress 3.0 must be userfirendly than the existing one. hope wordpress also wont increase it’s price as it upgrades. looking forward to try the new one.

  66. Francois
    Francois Published |

    I’d like to know if it’s possible to use the same custom taxonomy in different custom post types.

    Example :
    Custom post types : News and Photos
    Custom Taxonomy : Actors

    I do not want to make 2 different taxonomies for 2 different custom post types. Is this possible to use the same ?

  67. David Riveroll
    David Riveroll Published |

    Custom taxonomies, User meta functions, get_generic_template() function

  68. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Very cool. I didn’t know there was a new version to be released. This is going to be great for WP lovers.

    I stumbled upon your site while researching more on WP. Looks like I’ve someone who is very knowledgeable.


  69. Denis
    Denis Published |

    What should I do to show blog custom post types from users on my network (MU)?

  70. Epiphora
    Epiphora Published |

    Whoa, I never quite realized what custom taxonomies were until now. That is awesome. Also really excited for post types and post statuses.

  71. Matt
    Matt Published |

    I am really excited for the WPMU integration.

  72. Christian Zumbrunnen
    Christian Zumbrunnen Published |

    Custom Post Types is the thing I’m most interested in although the multisite feature is getting my attation too and so do most other things in wp3.

    Anyway, what I would want to accomplish is a list of custom posts with a detail page each for mobile phones. Of course the detail page should have an image which is automatically scaled (and maybe the lis view should have a thumbnail)

    Also it should be possible to search through certain (or all) attributes to find all mobile phones (or whatever) with certain criteria.

    And finally I would love to allow for a batch upload from an excel file….

    So, if you or anyone else want’s to write on this (or work on it) that would be great…

  73. Fernando
    Fernando Published |

    Custom taxonomies and Custom post types tutorials would be great 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  74. Tiffany
    Tiffany Published |

    Wordpress 3.0 looks pretty cool but it sounds like there will be a learning curve to it as well. Considering I have several sites on wordpress I hope the update goes well and isn’t a big hassle.

    I see that a beta test for 3.0 has been released but don’t see when the finished product will be released?

  75. fit4flirt
    fit4flirt Published |

    this is great post on “Looking forward to WordPress 3.0” wordpress 3.0 will be more advance with the php scripts and securities… thanks for sharing Justin Tadlock 🙂

  76. tex88
    tex88 Published |

    Any news on the Custom Post Status mentioned above? I’m using wp3.0b2 and haven’t seen anything about it. I’ve been trying to use a plugin called Edit Flow, but it’s not quite there, and it looks like development may have stopped.

  77. Andrea
    Andrea Published |

    I hope this will be a major improvement. My site has been down quite often lately, and my hosting company assures me that it’s not a problem on their end. I know I’m not the only one this is happening to as I’ve seen other people expressing their frustration in several forums. I’m still trying to learn the basics of WordPress, and it can be a little frustrating at times!

  78. Kronk
    Kronk Published |

    Now we can finally build our own iTunes, keep track of our playing cards, maintain a ‘database’ of parts and equipment, etc. You did this with movie part of PopCritics it is very nice!

  79. Spunky Jones
    Spunky Jones Published |

    I am looking forward for the new release. However, my coder tells me that I need to wait for him to upgrade and make my custom theme compatible. There is a bunch of stuff that could break my theme, so I will have to wait a bit for this upgrade.

  80. Joe Random
    Joe Random Published |

    hello, justin

    i cant wait till thi s is released but i have a similar problem like sponky johns
    what are the possible features that may not apply to us?

  81. Bill
    Bill Published |

    i’m slightly concerned at the WYSIWYG/R editor for 3.0 RC3 release, i enter a shortcode like the following (removing spaces from bracket usage for illust. purposes only):

    [ scode att1=’abc’ ] my scode content [ /scode ]

    (again, the spaces after the [‘s and ]’s are for illustration emphasis…)

    the shortcodes, work perfectly… HOWEVER –

    for some reason after saving, and when i get back into the editor… (after the page reloads…) the [‘s and ]’s are ‘gone!’ and all that remains are the resultant…

    my scode content

    as per my scode function call… which is all great… but literally, the brackets are gone – period… and if I re-update the post at that point, i’m left with an even more scarey thing… since the brackets aren’t there in the visual/html portion of the editor for the post … it resaves/updates the post…

    WITHOUT the [ scode…. ] stuff… and thus it’s just plain viewable content in the post when viewed, and thus (obviously) not even in the post…

    i normally wouldn’t bug you WP brains … but trying to make sure our plugins will continue to work and this is giving me little confidence.

    Please reassure me that I’m missing something… thanks.

  82. Johnny Random
    Johnny Random Published |

    Wordpress 3.0 works perfectly, but I am still missing the way to save different sets of plugins and only having to turn on or off the set, I am missing the ability to quick select the categories, just start typing the name of the category and this is filter for easier selection, I am missing a better image resizing or editing, anyway, I love wordpress.

  83. James
    James Published |

    First, I see that get_generic_template has been renamed for WP3 as get_template_part. Same function, different name.

    Question: To create a overlay-with-pictures menu system — similar to the third tier of the demo at http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/vertical-list.html — would that be best done by get_template_part, tied into the new menu system? Is there a better way? Maybe as separate posts with their own template?

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  85. Tony Sauer
    Tony Sauer Published |

    Image editing seems to be much better in Firefox than in IE.


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  87. Hindle Campbell
    Hindle Campbell Published |

    Personally my favroute new features on WP 3.0 if the ease of organisation to help toward SEO purposes

  88. Jake
    Jake Published |

    I absolutely love Wordpress and use it on all of my sites. The freedom that 3.0 has provided has enabled me to make my sites even more user friendly and dynamic. However, with this new freedom, comes new difficulties. I have yet to wrap my head around all the changes and I find myself reading the help pages quite often.

  89. Mark
    Mark Published |

    So now its been around for a while, how have people found it? Are there any things that you would change in it? Personally I’ve found it to be pretty good but then I’m a bit of a newbie with it to be honest.

  90. Charolette Kisamore
    Charolette Kisamore Published |

    Do aspirin masks work? I have issues with acne, as well as lot of people have said aspirin masks are the way to go. The only factor is, I’m not sure I can get aspirin in Australia, so is any regular pain tablet (like Panadol) a good substitute? Or does it Must be aspirin?

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