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TV Shows On DVD is one of my favorite websites. The site’s design looks like it hasn’t been updated since the ’90s, but this only helps prove that content is more important than spiffy graphics (though I’d update it in a heartbeat given the chance). It has relevant, up-to-date information, and that is enough to satisfy me.

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  1. BrianK
    BrianK Published |

    I love the aside styling… Don’t know about that website’s styling though. Ouch. It better have good content looking like that.

  2. Jeremy Young
    Jeremy Young Published |

    Are you saying that you actually have time to watch T.V?

  3. Gord
    Gord Published |

    Justin, I’d love to see what you could come up with for redesigning the site. I’ve abandoned previous attempts at a redesign after discovering many of our users aren’t using up-to-date equipment, and prefer simple navigation to “prettier” navigation. I guess function is certainly topping aesthetics. I remember the uproar when I switched over to the current design (from a design that frankly makes me ill looking at it now). I found my time was better spent working on the content than working on designs that never got implemented (I’m a better coder than designer).


  4. Gord
    Gord Published |

    No, it’s not WordPress, it’s 100% custom-coded CMS. The entire site is database-driven, and what I know of WordPress it wouldn’t do what the site current does. There’s way too much integration with the database, keeping track of shows people have voted for owning on DVD (the site is more than just displaying a bunch of data).

    I’ll take a look at some of the font things. Some pages get very crowded when the font size is increased (the “TV Show Info/Voting” pages are one, but only when a user is logged in). If I have time I’d like to change a few things on the database end and eliminate the Season/BestOf/Individual voting that’s there now (changing it to DVD/BD). If that happens it’ll open up some space on that page and I can look at changing the font sizing.

    Thanks for the advice.

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