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  1. Jamal Mehmett
    Jamal Mehmett Published |

    Nice trick… I have implemented something like this on my half-past-dead blog, and though I have gone a different road, the result is the same, I explained it here.

  2. Dave Bonta
    Dave Bonta Published |

    Very cool — thanks for sharing this! Certain types of record-keeping sites where the date is more crucial may still want prominent archives lists in the sidebar, but otherwise I agree that this is largely a waste of front-page real estate (and I’ve never understood the appeal of calendar widgets). However, I think most blogs with regular readerships will still want either a drop-down list in the sidebar or an archives directory page for the odd reader who’s looking for a post that appeared on roughly such-and-such a date, especially considering how poorly WordPress’ native search function works.

  3. Opal
    Opal Published |

    This looks cool. I have always wondered about this issue.
    Might just be a bit too techy for me.
    Still I need to have a go, or get someone to help me!

  4. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    The purpose of this code is really nice. You’re right, “It never hurts to implement more methods of keeping people on your site”, and this is another great way to do it. Better bounce rate and improves internal linking as well.

  5. Travis
    Travis Published |

    I’m a bit surprised these functions don’t default to the current post’s date. I guess if that were the default the function names would be different, like “get_the_month_link()”? Still a bit rough on WP naming conventions.

  6. Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Published |

    That’s a very interesting take on user retention. I agree that the default dateline doesn’t do a great deal, apart from visually.

    Looking at your post thumbnail, I was wondering if it might be possible to generate something similar (including the lifted corner) using CSS3 transforms…

  7. Bunny
    Bunny Published |

    Great job….amazing post!!!Looking for another one…Best of luck

  8. Rob Felty
    Rob Felty Published |

    Very nice idea! Just a plug to one on of my own plugins. My collapsing archives plugin gives you a nice widget in the sidebar which can be configured to not take up much space. It can expand and collapse months and years, and also display posts if you want it to.

  9. Opal Wholesale
    Opal Wholesale Published |

    Using the publishing link in your theme is pretty darn good. I will need to take a deeper look.

  10. SenseiMattKlein
    SenseiMattKlein Published |

    Just out of curiosity Justin, who else other than the Americans use the month/day/year format? It is a bit confusing because sometimes you don’t know the actual date if it is like 06/05/1997.

  11. K Clarke
    K Clarke Published |

    ya every time i try and look at the date liek that it gets confusint as most people format the date ina different way. however im a firm believer that more tracking is better. so hopefully this works out

  12. MackTeck
    MackTeck Published |

    Thanks for a simple way to do this. I was thinking about doing this myself, but my technique had sql queries involved. thanks for simplifying it for me

  13. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Or, you could just use WordPress’s get_option(‘date_format’) to get the appropriate date format for the blog.

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  15. Rev. Voodoo
    Rev. Voodoo Published |

    hmmm…I’ve had my dates link to my archives for a couple years now… BUT… everything is hardcoded. As in I don’t use date_format. Which bums me out. For the sake of learning I’m trying to get my theme as end user friendly as possible. Part of that would be allowing the user to change the date format as they see fit….. but I don’t want to give up the linking. So in the end, I’d love to see a way to always link the date to the archive, while using date_format to respect the users needs

  16. Victor
    Victor Published |

    I removed the archive widget from menu, because I set the permalinks to show only %post title% in URL, but in archives is including the date too, giving a 404 Error Page.

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