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  1. Mark McWilliams
    Mark McWilliams Published |

    I love the way you write about WordPress on JT.com anyway, and I’m really excited about this book too, so excited that I asked Ozh when pre-order was going to be available?! πŸ™‚

  2. Remkus
    Remkus Published |

    “I love it when a plan comes together” πŸ˜‰

    Congrats Justin!

  3. andrea_r
    andrea_r Published |

    What an awesome journey so far. πŸ™‚

  4. The WordPress Plugin Development Book Announced — Mark McWilliams
  5. Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Published |

    Hey, I’ve always really appreciated your column, and it’s exciting to see an Auburn grad achieve so much success!

    So do you have any advice for those of us currently at Auburn as far as educational resources? Did you take specific Web programming classes here, or are you self-educated?

    I’m at the Media Production Group here (auburn.edu/mpg) – let me know if we can ever help you out, since you’ve helped us so much!

  6. David Bell
    David Bell Published |

    Justin always appreciate your articles and tutorials, a book is the next logical step. I for one will definitely be interested in whatever you write, good luck!

  7. Alex
    Alex Published |

    I also dreamed of becoming a writer. After reading your article, I learned some valuable experience.

  8. Aurel Wong
    Aurel Wong Published |

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey. It is inspirational. Congratulations.

  9. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Congratulations, Justin. I’m looking forward to reading the book!

    Is it ready yet? πŸ˜‰

  10. Danny G Smith
    Danny G Smith Published |

    I can’t wait to get a couple of copies, one for home, and one for work. Your posts are always easier to read, and more to the point, and I am sure the book will be as well. I wish you the best, in all you do!!

  11. Luciano Passuello
    Luciano Passuello Published |

    Congrats, Justin!

    Finally a book on Wordpress plugin development by people that I really trust and respect. It’s going to be awesome.

    BTW, does the book have a title already?
    How about “Teach Yourself Wordpress Plugin Development in 20 years or Less”? πŸ˜‰

  12. Milan
    Milan Published |

    I moved back to Alabama last year

    You should update “About” page.

  13. Adam Pieniazek
    Adam Pieniazek Published |

    Pumped! You’ve got an easy to follow along style to your writing that I’m sure will make this book a blast to read.

    Congrats and looking forward to reading it!

  14. Ozh, Brad Williams and Justin Tadlock collab on plugin dev book | WPCandy
  15. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    They have chosen the right person and this is definitely a book that I will look forward to. It’s a great team, so all the best!

  16. Jonny
    Jonny Published |

    nice work Justin, I too love to write, however I can not keep my mind concentrated on one story at a time lol, I sometimes think my mind is “too” active, as it flitters from one story idea to another, at one point I had over 50 started stories and not a single finished one.

  17. Andrew Nacin
    Andrew Nacin Published |

    I can assure you, I’m not a robot. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the generous words. I’m stoked to be part of this project working with you all.

  18. Glen Pridgen
    Glen Pridgen Published |

    I spent 3 months every Summer in Selma, AL and it was glorious. ;-). Can’t wait for the book. I actually did fall out of my kneeling bench back saver chair this time. Congratulations my friend….well deserved.

  19. Jeffikus
    Jeffikus Published |

    Congrats Justin! Enjoy the feeling of being a published author, it’s great. Looking forward to reading it πŸ™‚

  20. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Looking forward to the book. I love every thing you have done for the wordpress community. Keep up the great work.

    I wish you much success on the new book.

  21. Stefano
    Stefano Published |

    Congrats Justin!
    I’m sure your books will be very useful to all of us


  22. James
    James Published |

    I am delighted to hear about the book. Can’t wait.

    And I must say, relieved to hear that you may forgo setting aside your WordPress expertise for teaching in a school setting. Considering your expertise in relation to the Robinson Crusoe-Friday economic dynamic, it seems “author” is an excellent path for your career at this point. While writing your book, you may want to re-consider your long-term career goals.

    I have a great deal of experience with teaching in a variety of settings, traditional or not, from esteemed university to innovative pre-K. Helping people by teaching them new things is a wonderful thing. But working for an institutionalized learning facility is… not.

    Beyond the endless hassles and political (and economic) dangers of being subject to frustrated educational administrators (been there, done that, as well), there is the harsh reality that it is nearly impossible to overcome your students’ home environment. This is because, in general, the two main factors of educational success are typically beyond your control — class size and parental involvement. Thus, much of what you do has little impact, and has more to do with supporting the institution, rather than your students’ learning.

    As a bit of a reality check, compare the reach and impact of a typical school teacher versus someone like Lynda.com or Khan Academy, where either proprietor has helped millions of people to directly advance their learning and improve their careers & family’s lifestyle. Millions. Like Bill Gates’ family, my own children *love* Khan.

    Either in a for- or non-profit setting, reinventing teaching with the Internet as the center of society, rather than a reluctant add-on to centuries-old institutions, has enormous potential to reach your students, enhance their lives, and better your own family’s life. You are the rare person who can implement the technology almost as an afterthought, whereas others simply don’t get it, and/or could never execute Internet-empowered education successfully.

    FWIW, if you really want to teach, face to face, then consider homeschooling your own children: the people who not only can be greatly influenced by your instruction and example, but who want, require, and *need* your help most as a teacher — and where your “class” size and parental involvement guarantees your teaching success.

  23. Egyptological
    Egyptological Published |

    Great – not just a great author but a publisher who has a history of first rate technical books

  24. Cebu Hotels
    Cebu Hotels Published |

    Hey Justin Congrats!
    What a nice journey you have experienced. Best luck for the new book.Hope it will have a good time.

  25. goto10
    goto10 Published |

    Hell yeah!

    Sounds like the perfect gig for you. You’re working with an awesome team too. I can’t wait to read the final product.

  26. Elio
    Elio Published |

    Congratulations Justin, you deserve it! Your writing is very rich and clear. You, Brad and Ozh will write an excellent book for sure!

  27. Jones Scott
    Jones Scott Published |

    The road to a writers hell is paved with unfinished material, but you found your nichΓ© in the end. I’m glad you did. Though do you truly believe there is one book to rule them all?

    I don’t. I think its about feeling your way through, letting emotion and raw workforce guide the transition from worm to colossus.

    You’ve strayed from your original lifelong dream and undergone a transition, jumping to a parallel boat in order to gain success for your ability to write.

    Congratulations on the book, I hope more will follow.

  28. Ivor
    Ivor Published |

    I will get a copy immediately!

  29. MyBB
    MyBB Published |

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey. It is inspirational. Congratulations.

  30. Douglas Adams
    Douglas Adams Published |

    It is good to hear that things are working out for you. I will have to try Word Press

  31. Simon
    Simon Published |

    Looking forward to reading it Justin.

  32. WebVostro
    WebVostro Published |


    Congrats – that’s a pretty big achievement. I can only imagine the effort and time that was needed to become an author. How were WROX to deal with – did they offer good support and backing?

  33. mo.
    mo. Published |

    Since I discovered the Hybrid Theme some weeks ago, I asked myself, how you earn money for a living. I asked myself: Does he work as a journalist? A webdevelopper. Contributing so much time and effort in your platform, having so many skills to do it proper and right, I just have to say thank you. Joining the Hybrid Club and reading those excellent tutorials made my day.

    Respect from Germany and all the best for the book. The work will be hard and I hope it will be a bestseller. Because with a bestseller you get some money back you spent writing a book.

  34. Henri Labelle
    Henri Labelle Published |

    Great project, I hope you get the success you deserve and worked for! πŸ™‚

  35. Donnie Gladfelter
    Donnie Gladfelter Published |

    Congrats Justin.

    I just had my first book (AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011: No Experience Required) published with Wiley/Sybex this past June, and have just started the acquisitions process for my second book now. Although I don’t have any experience with Wiley/Wrox, I can say without reservation that Wiley/Sybex has been an excellent group to work with, and wouldn’t expect any less from Wrox.

    Weighing in at 1,008 pages, I’d say my writing experience could be summarized like this. Writing begins – this is AWESOME, I can’t believe I’m actually writing a book. Around 50% when you’re juggling writing the next chapter with DE/TE Author Reviews, CE Author Reviews, and probably some more stuff (like renumbering TIF’s because figure numbers changed) – my life sucks, why did I agree to this? As you’re finishing – I can’t believe I made it this far without becoming clinically insane. When the book shows up on your doorstep – speechless.

    From one author to another – good luck. It’s an incredible journey that I’d certainly encourage anyone given the opportunity to take.

  36. Mika Gustavson
    Mika Gustavson Published |

    Hy Justin,

    Congrats from Germany. Mika

  37. Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris Published |

    That’s a great story. I myself had a similar path as I graduated college in 2007 with a degree in screenwriting. I found life pretty hard after school and have only just found my way back into writing. I love it and I can see you do too. It’s an inspirational story!

  38. Reinar
    Reinar Published |

    I remember before you came back from Korea, how you “talked” about what to to once you were back in the US, and the fact that your Fam bought you a book (or something) describing how to start your own business.

    Clearly you’ve stayed on that path and it’s such pleasure seeing you pursuing your dreams (or wishes), and actually taking and giving – ’cause that’s the point of life.

    Every step we take should be a step forward, so keep walkin’ Justin.

  39. Shaun
    Shaun Published |

    Congrats on the book… I have always wanted to write one and be published myself… I have one half way done but as you know it is time consuming, very time consuming.

    Congrats again

    Oh one more thing the world can always use another boy band song, can’t it?


  40. Levi
    Levi Published |

    It seems like you have been on quite the journey! Keep going towards your dreams good job on the wordpress book!

  41. budi wadud
    budi wadud Published |

    I Learn and I’ve read, this is a good news, the boss ……… may be an invaluable experience and additional knowledge for me, as well as an introduction from me and thank you

  42. Lisa Delesalle
    Lisa Delesalle Published |

    Congrats for making your dream come true.
    Impossible to know how many have wanted, tried and not succeeded to get their manuscript published. I’m sure the percentage must be daunting.
    Only preseverance, blood and guts can get you through and, where we needed luck before, now we have the support of the Wordpress community.
    All the best!

  43. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    We will waiting your Book, released it on Kindle or Apple eBook will be better πŸ˜‰

  44. Yongfan Li
    Yongfan Li Published |

    Release it and I am sure you will do well, lots of room for authors as yourself.

  45. Zarita
    Zarita Published |

    waiting for the great book hope it will reach me here in Africa.

  46. jason peter
    jason peter Published |

    I’m always have a dream of writing a book of my journey, but when considering the related things, it becomes complicated, thank you for sharing your experience, and I will say it really helps me a lot!

  47. rob thorpe
    rob thorpe Published |

    I too have attempted to write a eBook. It’s been hard to follow through even though I feel like I have some valuable information that would create a nice eBook. Good luck

  48. Karen Phillips
    Karen Phillips Published |

    I just happen to come across your site and was looking at it. I was wanting to create a personal blog page and was looking at wordpress or blogspot. Didn’t know which to go with. I saw a Tadlock that has written a book that was from Alabama. Was wondering if that was you. Really like your site. Keep up the good work.

  49. forexhug
    forexhug Published |

    Congrat Jus! Enjoy. Looking good one to reading thanx

  50. Leila
    Leila Published |

    Congratulations! The Internet offers so many opportunities to writers. Now you can be your own publisher. You don’t have to rely some agent or publishing executive to decide that your work is worth publishing.

  51. Thomas Retterbush
    Thomas Retterbush Published |

    As an aspiring author and ebook publisher, I can appreciate ANYTHING that will help someone (mainly me) write and/or publish a book. It never even occured to me that Wordpress could be used in this capacity. Something to consider. Thanks.

  52. Naveen R
    Naveen R Published |

    Congrats Justin

  53. jackluu
    jackluu Published |

    Not until the beginning of this year did I start to blog. Then, I’ve always happy to know that there is somebody reading my posts. Your story encourage me a lot in writing more blog posts. You have just taught me that blogging and passion require determination and patience. Thanks for that and congratulation!

  54. pasang banner murah
    pasang banner murah Published |

    wow, justing

    congrats.. nice post,,

  55. Software Reviews
    Software Reviews Published |

    No matter what your dream is about writing books, one thing is true…the better they sell, the more satisfying the ultimate process.

  56. Diana
    Diana Published |

    I have to say itΒ΄s easy for most non-english speaker to read your posts or explanations, I think is because your’re clear and honest, never looking for that “write-only-things-catched-by-serch-engines”, world needs this!

    Thanks for all things I learn and congratulations.

  57. Justin Tadlock is Writing a WordPress Book.
  58. Raena Jackson Armitage
    Raena Jackson Armitage Published |

    Congratulations, Justin!

    Like you, writing something wonderful was a long-held dream of mine, and I was so thrilled and happy with the chance to work on ‘Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes’. It’ll be ten tons of fun!

  59. Alex
    Alex Published |

    [Late to the party, but glad I finally read this.]
    you manage to do a lot, in such a short post. Many “life lesson” bloggers would find value in the underlying message about seizing opportunities regardless of how different things are from our expectations. Those who blog about writing (and other former English majors) can probably identify with your narrative and use it to discuss the value of writing in all its forms. More technically-inclined people might be reminded of blogging’s textual foundation. Those who follow your WordPress work are given valuable context, which helps explain why your approach to theme/plugin development is so thoughtful and why you put so much emphasis on providing elaborate learning tools. Future readers of your book are also given a taste of what that collaboration might look like. And members of the ThemeHybrid community are told about some of your plans.
    So, good job on this post!
    If your writing skills are put to use in that book, it should indeed be a must-buy.

    I’m also intrigued by your mention of ethnography. In my experience, few people know what it is, which makes it a more useful label for my work than anthropology. Care to reveal what this was about? Was Clifford and Marcus’s Writing Culture involved? Reason I ask is that it was a turning point in terms of looking at ethnographies as a literary genre.

    Thanks for a remarkable post. As I tweeted recently about somebody else’s multifaceted writing, this is exactly what blogging is about!

    Best of luck with the book and with applications for teaching jobs.

  60. Lav
    Lav Published |

    Hey Congratulations. I really am impressed by your sharing and am looking forward to your publications. Best of luck to you in the coming future too. I am also working on similar goals and so far have not achieved something concrete. Fingers crossed for me too.

  61. Anon
    Anon Published |

    Congratulations – whilst it may not be the type of writing you’ve always dreamed of it’s certainly an achievement, well done πŸ™‚ Nice to hear your story.

  62. S. R.
    S. R. Published |

    I love your work. I am a poweruser for WP and want to turn developer (I know it’s a looong way). Have some skill programming, but not much.

    What books would you recommend for Wordpress, Theme & Plugin development (for beginners, hehe).

    Note: Do not need anything in the form of “for Dummies” :]

  63. AlanK
    AlanK Published |

    Your site provides a very useful resource especially for people that publish and manage their own websites. I really appreciate that there are experts like you that willingly share your expertise to people like me who are looking for answers on web publishing. I sure am looking forward to your book. Good luck Justin.

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  66. Rhino
    Rhino Published |

    Thank you for sharing. Nice work Justin.

  67. Sandra
    Sandra Published |

    Very nice journey!!!
    Definitely this is helpful to becoming Authors.

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