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  1. Travis Watson
    Travis Watson Published |

    What about (X)HTML compression? I’ve seem some markup get hefty, especially when people use indentation with spaces rather than tabs. The CSS is also only loaded once, whereas the (X)HTML, including all headers and footers, must be loaded on every single page.

    At the bare minimum, I think you should use tabs over spaces, use as little indentation as necessary to provide readability, and use Linux or Mac line endings (LF or CR) versus Windows (CR+LF) to halve your line ending byte overhead.

    Lastly, I’m sure image compression is a completely separate topic here — but can we safely omit Color Profiles from images used for design elements? I never thought about it before, but recently had a project where the color profile in some PNGs and JPEGs weren’t matching CSS color values on a Mac user’s machine. Removing the color profile fixed the problem for the Mac user and didn’t seem to affect me or my PC comrades in any way.

    1. Travis Watson
      Travis Watson Published |

      * Left a bit out of that last sentence:

      “…didn’t seem to affect me or my PC comrades in any way and reduced the final file size significantly.”

  2. Tung Do
    Tung Do Published |

    for beginners like me who are beginning to set up their own WordPress environment offline. this tutorial suggests modifying the offline, test-only WordPress install that we have on our computers so that it reads from style.dev.css instead of style.css.

  3. Larry Levenson
    Larry Levenson Published |

    Hey guys. . . how ’bout and RSS feed for this blog?? And a Twitter feed? Great start! Looking forward to more.

    1. Travis Watson
      Travis Watson Published |

      I don’t use this mumbo jumbo, but the link is in the head:

  4. James Beardmore
    James Beardmore Published |

    Great post, I’m curious to try out the style.dev.css

    A CSS compressor I swear by is this one: http://iceyboard.no-ip.org/projects/css_compressor

  5. Yellow
    Yellow Published |

    Dev stylesheet is really a good idea~ I think I will use it from now on, thanks!

  6. Development stylesheets for theme developers
  7. PDU
    PDU Published |


  8. Navjot Singh
    Navjot Singh Published |

    I am trying this method on a blog hosted on Wordpress 3.1.3 but it is not loading the dev.css version if SCRIPT_DEBUG is set to true. Any idea?

  9. Christian Forums
    Christian Forums Published |

    this method seems completely of no effect and hence of merit to put into practice, a good blog to all.

  10. Mercy@Nikenya.com
    Mercy@Nikenya.com Published |

    smart blog hope to follow it up

  11. Mr Sames
    Mr Sames Published |

    Its been very much complicated after using the css compression tools as it changes the name of file and to change the name at all place where it called is time consuming too.

  12. Jimmy Chow
    Jimmy Chow Published |

    Hey I tried the method on your advice and it works. Thanks a lot!

  13. Eric A.
    Eric A. Published |

    Yes, it work perfectly. Finally, my problem solved using your method.

  14. Christana
    Christana Published |

    Super helpful tutorial. Very easy to understand

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