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  1. Tweets that mention Plugin dev book available for pre-order
  2. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Thanks for the heads up Justin. Congrats. Order placed.

  3. Michael Fields
    Michael Fields Published |

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get the book. With all of the WordPress book choices out there, this is the first one that has really appealed to me. Congrats!

  4. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    I’ve pre-ordered and I’m anxious to learn more about plugin development so I can take my brainstorms further and continue to give back to the WP community!

  5. mrm
    mrm Published |

    Thanks, order placed !!! any idea when will be ready to delivery?

  6. Randy
    Randy Published |

    I absolutely cannot wait for this! I had been let down by a recent WP book purchase but I know yours will rock.

    Wondering, will the book touch on complex usage of the wpdb class? I know it’s in the codex but I’d like to hear it explained by you for a better understanding.

  7. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Awesome, I am sure I will be grabbing a few copies of this book. Maybe even give a few away at the next WordCampLA.

  8. José Pardilla
    José Pardilla Published |

    I’m sure it’ll be a great book, I’ve landed here and on Ozh’s site more than once googling how to do this and that. Marking the date on the calendar already… 🙂

  9. Reinar Svendsen
    Reinar Svendsen Published |

    Hi Justin – congratulations to all of you on this new essential book og WP plugins. As usual you have my sincere respect on your dedication to quality!

  10. Kate Phizackerley
    Kate Phizackerley Published |

    I have already published a couple of programs but I am sure there are things I can do better. Copy pre-ordered of course.

  11. Jeffro
    Jeffro Published |

    Congrats on finally finishing the book. With you three all-stars in one book, can’t see how it could go wrong. I wonder if each of your personalities shines through in your respected parts in the book?

  12. JA McRae
    JA McRae Published |

    If the Canadians prefer Chapters/Indigo, I found it available for pre-order there as well. Always a bit more expensive – but I had a gift card so I’m still ahead 🙂

  13. arabic alphabet
    arabic alphabet Published |

    This is great, I need to have this book.

  14. Robert
    Robert Published |

    Onya Justin! Admiration for setting yourself a goal and sticking to it. You have a talent for all things WP and I look forward to the book. Pre-order placed!

    I bet mine will be the only copy shipped to Papua New Guinea!


  15. Caspar
    Caspar Published |

    Congratulations, I can’t wait to get a hold of a copy!
    Just found out: $28,69 magically add up to €38,99 at amazon.de (Germany). That’s almost doubling the price. Not that it wasn’t worth it, and with shipping costs and all it still might be a good price, so: order placed.

  16. Tibor
    Tibor Published |

    Good news; I pre-ordered in november already 🙂

    And Caspar: with Amazon.com it’s $36.67 (including shipping to the Netherlands)

  17. Boba
    Boba Published |

    Gonna get my credit card reactivated just so i can get this 🙂

    Definitely getting it.

    I don’t build plugins a lot (mostly themes) but i’m sure 60% of the book content has valuable info for WordPress development in general. Am i right?

  18. Caspar
    Caspar Published |

    @Tibor Thanks for the tip! I actually tried Amazon.com first. Including expedided shipping (I just don’t want to wait a month or so after the book has been shipped!) my order was up to $41… which didn’t make a difference then. Maybe back in November you got a different kind of a deal? 😉

  19. Neues Buch für professionelle Plugin-Entwicklung – Jetzt vorbestellen! - Beitrag - Schweizer WordPress Magazin
  20. Gilbert
    Gilbert Published |

    Hi Justin, very good news. Going to order asap.
    What is the release date for the book? Amazon.fr has it listed as February 28th while the US site has it for March.

  21. Gilbert
    Gilbert Published |
  22. jonny
    jonny Published |

    pre-order (tick). happy face (tick).

  23. Mark McWilliams
    Mark McWilliams Published |

    I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t read many books (unless it really interests me), but I think you’ll find it hard for me to put it down! — I’ll have code coming out of my ears, and plugins appearing all over the place, now just for the waiting! 🙁 HAHA

  24. Episode One: WordPress Security
    Episode One: WordPress Security at |
  25. ldexterldesign
    ldexterldesign Published |

    Great Justin. Perfect timing. The quality of WP plugins is the only downside of working with the platform in 2011 for me.

  26. Dex Barrett
    Dex Barrett Published |

    I just started learning Wordpress plugin development about a month ago and i found about the book through Ozh’s site. I already pre-ordered it, it covers a lot of stuff; i’m sure it won’t dissapoint me.

    Thank you very much, Justin. I’d wish more talented developers would write awesome books like this.

  27. Ron
    Ron Published |

    Just got notice my book shipped today yeah! Looking forward to diving into it.

    I read the Look inside pages on Amazon – looks good!

  28. Maor Barazany
    Maor Barazany Published |

    I’ve just ordered the book on Amazon. Looking forward to getting it!
    Do you have also affiliate programs for selling this book?


  29. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    Onya Justin! Admiration for setting yourself a goal and sticking to it. You have a talent for all things WP and I look forward to the book. Pre-order placed!

  30. Ganar Dinero
    Ganar Dinero Published |

    Thanks for the heads up. Congrats. Order placed.

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