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  1. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Great review indeed! My book is coming today according to UPS tracking! I’ll be sitting on my porch at 4:30pm waiting like a happy nerd.

  2. Ola Waljefors
    Ola Waljefors Published |

    I’m currently reading in my copy of your book and it is just as good and interesting as I wanted it to be when I ordered it. I’ve not finished it yet (1/3 of it), but I have learned a lot so far.

    I’m pretty new to Wordpress and WP plugins, but I know PHP like the back of my hand. I think this book will give me all the insights I need to create just about everything I need (in WP).

    Thank you!

  3. Arbeja
    Arbeja Published |

    I´ve learned a lot from your book so I just want to say thank you for great work!

  4. Luke
    Luke Published |

    Many thanks for such a good book. I am new to wordpress having grown up in the era of .net and html sites.

    Nearly finished the book and about to start on my 1st wordpress site.



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