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  1. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Awesome. I am not finished reading my book yet, but I can tell you if this book had ended around page 80 it would still be worth more than any 400 page Wp book I ever bought. So many tips and Wp native functions I never knew existed.
    Thanks to the writing team for sure! Finally, my money’s worth and more out of a Wp book!

  2. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Cool page. Could this be the first hint of a new redesign?

  3. Tim Griffin
    Tim Griffin Published |

    Awesome. The Hybrid options and design continue to amaze with the clarity and functionality you bring to the scene.

    As for the book… It’s got you name on it and that tells me a lot about the quality. Must have! Will have it on my mac digital version shortly!!

    Thanks for your continued contribution to the Wp community Justin!

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