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  1. Kate Phizackerley
    Kate Phizackerley Published |

    The same technique can be used to add a splash page to a site.

    1. Richard Parker
      Richard Parker Published |

      As we all know that, wordpress is the fastest growing CMS in nowadays. The main reason behind this is, its features and functionalities. It is easy to use as well. Once we create a website in WP, we can easily manage throught its Admin panel. Also lots of availibility of pluging through which we can optimize the WP website. All and all, the future of WP is very bright.

  2. Jatin
    Jatin Published |

    I have to create a product page for my current project, and this article just came in time. Really helpful article.

  3. john
    john Published |

    How do I set up Hybrid to allow the type of Layout and stylesheet selections you describe? I’ve tried adding

    add_theme_support( 'theme-layouts' );

    but clearly there’s something else required. Could you point me in the right direction?

    I’m building a child theme from Hybrid 0.9

  4. Mack
    Mack Published |

    I use 1shoppingcart and I am struggling with the creation of a sales page. Unfortunately I am not a coder and cannot use Photoshop. I would love to see you go in-depth with this process. I believe that you are the first to even approach this.


  5. Ozh
    Ozh Published |

    Very interesting post, and I like how deliciously meta it is: how you used stuff from the book to make a page about the book 🙂
    Good job!

  6. mohit dhiman
    mohit dhiman Published |

    hey, my question is may be out of your article but i am finding answer of my question from along time.

    I have a photoshop template and want to turn it in to wordpress template, any idea? Shortest way is what i want.

  7. craig david
    craig david Published |

    Finally I found this helpful article..
    Now I know how to sell my product..lol
    Thank You Justin..

  8. David Riveroll
    David Riveroll Published |

    Also it’s nice to see how you created a post on your site to subtly promote the page about the book and the book itself, by leaving some of the meaty stuff we’re looking for out of it, and pointing to the book’s content.

    At least it’s working on me!

    Nice work Justin, thanks for always sharing so much with us

  9. Casper Larsen
    Casper Larsen Published |

    Great post! I wanted to create a product page for my beskatning udlejning services but there were no specific step-by-step instructions on how to go about this. I will look for your book, seems to have a lot of information I could use for my future projects.
    Thanks for this useful post.

  10. Nicole
    Nicole Published |

    Great post Justin… It is really informative… I really learned a lot… Thanks for sharing…

  11. Thomas
    Thomas Published |

    You’re right, I spend about twice as much time in mockup (sometimes use Pages instead of Photoshop) as actually coding or writing content (if it is hardcopy or pdf).

    I hope your book doesn’t get lost in the review spam on Amazon etc – you wouldn’t believe the dodgy rubbish that can now get 50+ five star reviews and is so, so poor.

  12. barney stinson
    barney stinson Published |

    Justin, great post and keep it up =) Very helpful

  13. Elextro
    Elextro Published |

    I wish I could be a developer too .. but it seems that the job requires a lot of focus and time: (

  14. membuat web
    membuat web Published |

    Justin good article, I try to see, and if this is not burdensome at the time of page load?

  15. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    same with @ Mack comment, I also had tried to use shoppingcart several times and the results are not satisfied because I have not fully advanced coding or PHP to create sales pages. So can you explain the steps more deeply?

    Thank you.

  16. Random Jane
    Random Jane Published |

    I have a online shop and now still in still maintenance. Using plugin that have made in wp. But this is good, i have to try this..

  17. fabiomarasco
    fabiomarasco Published |

    This is a great article. Thanks for the advices.

  18. Alex Warren
    Alex Warren Published |

    WordPress is easy to handle but most of the time we need tips and trick thanks for the post now i can make pages for my blog

  19. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    Thnx for this article justin,now i can make product page on wordpress.
    by the way can you make article about how to make a page on wordpress through which users can send messages to mobile phones?

  20. Cheyenne
    Cheyenne Published |

    This has inspired a few great ideas for my next wordpress. I am a big fan of wordpress and always will be!

  21. Kerry Churcher
    Kerry Churcher Published |

    Great article. I’m still getting to grips with Wordpress and spend most of my evenings scouring the net for good advice on getting the most out of it.

  22. Amy Shaw
    Amy Shaw Published |

    It’s a grea bit of kit and I’d like to know how to build a product page thats is easy for the total novice to do.

  23. 101 Essential Free WordPress Resources for Building Your WordPress Website | WordPress News at WPMU.org
  24. Brian
    Brian Published |

    Justin, thanks for the post! I’m just beginning to learn WP myself and am thrilled at how easy it is to create a beautiful website.

  25. Ram Kaletha
    Ram Kaletha Published |

    I was looking for this Posting it’s very use full for me and thanks for this posting..

  26. the_guv
    the_guv Published |

    tx for the post Justin but, more to the point …

    ** thank you very much, and to Brad and Ozh, for the book. **

    It’s not often sat idly on the shelf yet, but rather is being heavily thumbed.

    totally cracking m8

  27. 50 Unique and Informative wordpress tutorial showcase | DumasLab.com
  28. Phu
    Phu Published |

    I need someone to write a Product Pages plugin for me


    1. Can monitor all products in a list like Woocommerce.

    2. When creating a new product page, just release the page empty then I can design the product page by using Beaver Builder.

    Send mail to me robo@robocrm.vn to exchange more



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