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  1. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Really helpful. It bores me having to type all this code. I’ll give it try sometime.

  2. Markus
    Markus Published |

    there is already a good plugin 😉

  3. Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco Published |

    Great! How about a Custom Taxonomy generator to compliment?

  4. Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart Published |

    No love for Brad Williams (author of the CPT UI plugin) in all the discussion, huh? *grin*

    Roger Wilco: Brad’s plugin does that too.


  5. Thiago Senna
    Thiago Senna Published |


    I really liked this idea too. It opens many possibilities… imagine, for example, a repository of custom post types? If somebody have already generated a movie custom post type, save it… and in the future other people could re-generate the code again without feeling the form again.

    It’s an idea that can become better and better… and many similar code-generation ideas could be used as an option to plugins. The developer now choose… use plugin or code-generation tool?

    Very nice, really!

    1. Thiago Senna
      Thiago Senna Published |

      obs: excuse-me for by bad english … where I wrote “feeling” should be “fill” or “filling”.

  6. Alex
    Alex Published |

    I didn’t know anything about custom post types before reading this. My blogs use always tags and categories but never custom types. I find it very interesting, especially for products, and will certainly give this plugin a try.

  7. Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee Published |

    how to display the custom post types once they are created?

  8. Orlando
    Orlando Published |

    This plugin looked pretty simple to me but I tried and it works great for the normal stuff I usually do on my blog. I don’t think most people will ever need anything more sophisticated than this.

  9. Chris Hess
    Chris Hess Published |

    AWESOME! For general users, a plugin is great, but if you are trying to limit the number of plugins on your site, or just want to create one post type without all of the menu options to create another, this is awesome! Thanks for letting me know it is out there.


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