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  1. Sayontan
    Sayontan Published |

    Nice! One thing I will definitely use this for is an Announcements URI. A lot of folks like to read release notes for a theme before upgrading. I have currently hard-coded a URL that is polled every time the options page is loaded, pointing users to the announcement containing the change-log for the latest version. A lot of users are fussy about upgrades, and this particular technique keeps them abreast of any issues or breaks in the latest version.

    With the approach you have provided I can support an Announcements URI for the parent theme as well as any child theme, so that people can read the release notes.

    1. George
      George Published |

      Change-logs are really useful sometimes, I like how Gravity Froms displays change-log on their update page.

  2. Customizing plugin and theme file headers | iamfriendly.com
  3. Nathan B
    Nathan B Published |

    Love these ideas and examples. I’ve often refrained from touching the header because I know WP relies on it to display info (anyone else find it weird that required content goes in a CSS comment?), even though I’ve wanted to add more info, esp. for documentation. Glad to have a way to do it.

  4. Ricardo
    Ricardo Published |

    This doesn’t seem to work when using wp_get_theme() is there a different filter to use as get_theme_data is now deprecated

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