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  1. Andrea_R
    Andrea_R Published |

    I actually *want* to read more about Justin. 🙂

  2. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |


  3. Joss Crowcroft
    Joss Crowcroft Published |

    Will be reading!

  4. Kate Phizackerley
    Kate Phizackerley Published |

    This is a mistake IMO. I will stop reading this blog but I won’t follow you to DevPress because I don’t want my newsreader clogged up with articles by authors I don’t wish to follow. Sites with a lot of content don’t work for busy people- we pick a small number of quality authors and follow them but we won’tfollow a large site.

    It dilutes your brand.

    1. Jim Blair
      Jim Blair Published |

      Sorry, but I agree with Kate.

    2. kevin
      kevin Published |

      Agree with Kate too.

      A specific feed on DevPress about tutorials would be interesting and even more, one to choose to follow your posts there, by author then.

    3. Mike
      Mike Published |

      This isn’t a problem, guys. If you want to *only* follow Justin, don’t subscribe to DevPress’s main feed, subscribe to:


    4. smuggecko
      smuggecko Published |

      Agreed. I dont really want to dig my way through to find your posts. But good luck all the same and well done.

  5. Sue Surdam
    Sue Surdam Published |

    Could you add the email option to the rss feed at DevPress for those of us that like to receive updates in their inbox? Thanks.

  6. Leo
    Leo Published |


  7. namesiyu
    namesiyu Published |

    Will be reading!

  8. frusciantil
    frusciantil Published |

    Get over it people… adding tutorials to a specialized site is more organized. If you want to know more about Jutin, you can do it here. If you want wordpress tutorials, go do devpress. If you only want Justin’s worpdress tutorials… it’s been discussed above. So why the fuss ?

  9. Dmitriy
    Dmitriy Published |

    Heh DevPress down with this message: Someone turned off the lights! actually, our MySQL server is down. we’ll be back soon.


  10. alex
    alex Published |

    Will be tuning in!

  11. mrpro
    mrpro Published |

    Agree with Kate too.

  12. Rick Hoyton
    Rick Hoyton Published |

    I totally get your dilemma, Justin. I’ve written consistently on a few blogs in my day, and it can be challenging to keep the content focused on the goal and on what your readers actually want. I think you’re smart to organize it as you have. The truth is that you can’t please everyone, or at least not in one place. That’s why I have multiple blogs now! Otherwise, I don’t think I’d have the discipline to stay on topic with every post. So what do you think will be the new focus of this blog?

  13. Martin
    Martin Published |

    I will definitely continue following the blog. Great info. Thanks.

  14. Random Jane
    Random Jane Published |

    I enjoy Your theme and plugin…. I will be a member of your forum too.. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I’ve been wondering…thanks for the infor

  16. Zubar u Zagrebu
    Zubar u Zagrebu Published |

    well… good luck with the new “home”, will stay in touch 🙂

  17. Michael Carter
    Michael Carter Published |

    Hey Justin,
    YOU have nearly single-handedly allowed me to dig into WordPress to where I’ve written a tutorial. It’s kind of a newbie what-I’ve-learned-can-help-you-too approach. One of the big mysteries to me were Sidebars. So, I obsessed and read and “forumed” and, of course, “Codexed.”

    If you have time, would you take a peek at it and tell me if it’s even worth guest posting somewhere? Three parts: Basics, More Sidebars, and a third which places the “side”bar in the middle. That last touches on mulit-loops and a bottom line query.

    You are an inspiration to all of us. BTW, Atlas Shrugged changed anyone who has read it.

    The non-SEO visible site with the tutorials is here:



  18. Jenn
    Jenn Published |

    Justin, I’m looking forward to your personal stories!

  19. Summer Brooks
    Summer Brooks Published |

    Justin, I completely understand because I’ve found myself with the same dilemma over the past two years!

    After becoming one of the forgotten long-term unemployed — despite over 25 years of Unix and Linux admin skills, with Mac skills and WordPress skills added in — it became more than necessary to redefine myself in order to re-establish any kind of income.

    I’m still working on that last part, finding small website jobs and short-term contracts here and there, but it’s not even hand-to-mouth yet. It’s a scary high-wire act, playing chicken with homelessness every month, but I am still working at finding a way to be secure again.

    So I’ve been working on being better at making websites better, doing more with customizing WordPress themes, and setting up a new site on an old domain as my portfolio.

    I started by planning updates to older personal websites of mine, and updating websites for the radio shows and podcasts we produce… a scifi entertainment news radio show, a books/writing show, a fitness/nutrition show, several scifi and horror fan shows, a car culture show… lots of sites to sharpen the WordPress skills on.

    Along the way, I also realized I needed to break my main personal website out into several other websites, to help bring all that different content into better focus for people who might share those particular interests, but who might not share ALL of the same interests I do.

    So now, I have one website for writing, one site for web design, one site for my voiceover and narration work (still in development), one fan site for my all-time favorite cop show, one fansite for my all-time favorite scifi show (still in upgrade hell), and one site for horses and horse art.

    And to think that just 10 years ago, all of that was squeezed into 2 handrolled HTML sites!

    Add in the websites for the audio and video shows I help produce now, plus all of the audio and video editing work I do for some of those shows, and the mind boggles. How can any one person with a variety of interests and passions truly contain all of that to one website in any way that makes sense for visitors? 🙂

    I say more power to you writing on more sites, just make sure folks have a clear enough breadcrumb trail to follow you to what you’re saying that interests them (be it fitness or WordPress), and push on!

  20. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    Hello Justin!!! I have gone through your tutorials available on http://DevPress.com and I’m getting lot of help and knowlege. But, I have a request for you that just don’t try to stop your knowlege as a famous quote says that if you help others then you’re just a mediator to help others who has been send by the God on earth.

  21. Melbourne
    Melbourne Published |

    No Justin!! keep posting WordPress tutorials, I come here all the time to learn new things.

  22. Ritesh
    Ritesh Published |

    Gud luck and welldone 🙂

  23. Odvjetnik u Zagrebu
    Odvjetnik u Zagrebu Published |

    I will follow you for sure!! Good luck

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