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  1. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    Congrats on the weight loss Justin. You’re an inspiration. I’m at 250 now and need to lose some weight for health reasons. Hope I can do as well as you have already!

  2. Michael Beckwith
    Michael Beckwith Published |

    Keep up the good work Justin. Some pointers that you may or may not know about. Drink water religiously and minimize the sugary drinks. Also when possible, walk everywhere. I lost 40lbs at one point, on tons of water and walking all the time. Sadly I gained it all back at some point, but that’s a story for my own blog.

  3. Jarret
    Jarret Published |

    Great job so far! From seeing your avatar on here and around the web I would have never guessed you were anywhere close to 300lbs….though maybe that is an older pic when you weighed less.

    I think you have a chance at seeing some abs by the end of the year if you can keep up with the current weight loss you’ve already achieved. I’m 6’4″ and about 190lbs, I’d classify my body type as fit (not huge muscles but in shape) but back when I was about 180lbs I had some definition in the abs but nowhere near the definition that I was looking for.

    Did you happen to take photos of when you first started to now? It can be quite impressive to see the transformation that some people make when they put forth real effort when it comes to weight loss and getting healthier.

  4. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Good luck Justin,

    I have a full time job and a summer seasonal business (starts cleanup in March).. but I go to the gym from Sept through Feb. Although the cleanup in the spring is work (slightly strenuous), the summer is not, but it is busy enough to keep me from a real workout for 3 months.

    I can tell that I did not put in as much effort last winter, so I have a goal to build muscle and work on the abs. I’ll be working on it, right there with you, but in another 2 months!

  5. Anthony Newhook
    Anthony Newhook Published |

    Great article Justin,

    I have just begun my journey as well, I found this truly motivational!


  6. Al
    Al Published |

    Awesome. I too want to lose weight too and I have done in the past. I used the Nike+ running system with ipod and I found it to be a great motivator. The next part will be harder but if you can keep your routine you can do it. I think the important thing is to choose a routine that you can continue for life as it is easy to regain weight otherwise.

  7. Jim Hadfield
    Jim Hadfield Published |

    I read all of you rss feeds and enjoy them. Being 60 years old and no longer working, I found myself eating less and less while still feeling good. Three major back surgeries over the past 5 years tended to slow me down a lot and with that came additional weight. I had only gotten up to 225, but on my continually shortening back ( lost 2.5″ in the past 7 years) it was too much. My new regiment of eating less, and now getting more exercise has gotten me down to just over 200 lbs. and I feel much better.
    Keep up the good work. there is lite at the end of that tunnel.

  8. Adam
    Adam Published |

    Keep it up Justin, congrats on the lost weight man!!

  9. John Hawkins
    John Hawkins Published |

    You are definitely going about it the right way. Just losing weight doesn’t do the trick. Sure, you could probably have reached 215 in 22 weeks, but not only would that not have been healthy, the likelihood that you’d put most of that weight back on would be sky high.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Plus, it’ll help to get and keep you in the habit of eating right and staying healthy.

    Congrats, Justin!

  10. Pothi
    Pothi Published |

    I have never thought about getting into abs (or six-pack). But, I’ve always thought about maintaining the health. You’ve done a great job on getting the health back. It is not something that everyone does or even tries.

  11. Patrick Daly
    Patrick Daly Published |

    The hardest thing for me is discipline so having accountability is crucial. A couple friends and I worked out together almost every day for 3 months this spring with the goal of running a half marathon. Without those guys I would never had made it more than a mile, but for the first time in 10 years I did, lost some weight, and gained some muscle at the same time.

  12. Todd Morris
    Todd Morris Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Great story .. congratulations on setting a goal, and really going out and achieving something significant. Just based on your progress so far, if I was a betting man, smart money would say that there will eventually be a picture of your 6 pack abs right here on this blog. Thanks for the inspiring story.

  13. ska
    ska Published |

    Good going!

    I’m in week 3 on a diet. At 5’6 and 150 pounds, I just need to lose 12-14 pounds. Which is not much, but the hardest to lose 🙂

    I knew that any diet I would get on would involve me eating more actual food: I’m a sweettooth and would eat a smaller meal to get right to dessert.
    I’d never stuck on a diet for longer than a few days before (probably because I’d never taken it seriously). Am currently trying out the “slow-carb diet” proposed by Tim Ferris in “The 4 Hour Body.”

    I’m feeling much much better (no more of those highs and lows after eating too much pasta or sugary foods). Definitely recommend it.

    Anyways, keep it up Justin and good luck

    1. Rev. Voodoo
      Rev. Voodoo Published |

      Ha, another person doing the 4HB diet. I started about 3 months ago. 20lbs gone, 30 to go!

  14. Rev. Voodoo
    Rev. Voodoo Published |

    Thanks for sharing Justin! I’ve just started trying to get rid of my spare tire as well. Back in 2008 I dropped from 240lbs to 198. That was awesome, I felt great! Then I was in a severe motorcycle accident. Spent 6 months in medical facilities…. completely immobile. It’s pretty easy to gain weight like that. I can’t really exercise much, which is a downer. But I found myself creeping on the 250lb mark and just wasn’t cool with that! So I started eating better, and cut the beer and bourbon out of my diet. It’s a long road, but making a plan, setting goals, and staying committed is the way to do it!

    Good luck to you!!

  15. Teddy Garcia
    Teddy Garcia Published |

    Congrats on eliminating the extra weight Justin! (BTW.. it’s not a loss… if you lose something you may try to find it again).

    My girlfriend and I eliminated 20 lbs each this year as well. We attended a truly transformational program last year that his changed our lives radically in all 12 major categories of our life ( http://www.mylifebook.com ).

    I highly recommend you check it out and if you’re interested in attending, let me know… We can maybe barter it out and get some of your help with the online version of this we’re building on WP.

  16. Susan
    Susan Published |

    If you and your housemate get tired of the weights, may I suggest cycling? It’s addictive and social and joyful. It’s also responsible for making 50lbs of me disappear.

  17. Kent Mauresmo
    Kent Mauresmo Published |

    I used Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVDS. I know that sounds cheesy but it works and its fun. Haha

  18. Amy J.
    Amy J. Published |

    Thanks for Justin, i wish i can have a nice life experience as yours.
    i also want to lose weight, and this is my yearly plan. I want to travel to some favorite countries as well in the near future. I am working hard to earn money for this~ LOL.

  19. Ellie
    Ellie Published |

    Hi there,

    Nice post. But doesn’t make any sense because of lbs reference.
    Is it possible to translate it in something that most people in the world can understand (you know something like kgs)?
    Then it will be definitely something than can be truly shared with the rest of the planet (at least who lives with international norms)…

  20. Diana
    Diana Published |

    I have a tip on losing weight: only eat what you cook. Soon you get thin as a stick lol

  21. Phil Levett
    Phil Levett Published |

    exercise regularly one hour a day walking at least then walk faster everyday dont need gym or any thing athletic walk 4-5 miles a day .reduce intake of carbohydrates and and don’t eat junk food eat a bit of everything ,but the real trick is EXERCISE buy a beautiful ipod and listen to your favorite songs while exercising ,everyday for the first 4 -5 months ,then you can do it 3 4 times a week
    and of course dont eat ice cream desserts sugar ,and moderate use of alcohol NO SODA NO CHIPS well no garbage:)

  22. Laurent
    Laurent Published |

    Your article is interesting and touched me. So far I’ve never been ‘big’ but in April I had surgery on Achilles tendon. I stayed lying down for a month. I gained weight as never before. Today I still can not run and I feel bad. I hope to follow your example as soon as I can run again. We must give ourselves the means to achieve our desires. This is true for losing weight like the rest I think.

  23. Troy Chaplin
    Troy Chaplin Published |

    Inspirational words Justin, thanks! I’ve been in the mindset that I need to shed some weight myself, and hearing that you’ve dropped 48 in 22 weeks is motivating, as I would like to shed about 30-40 myself to get down to a total of 190-200 in a 6 foot frame!

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Steve
    Steve Published |

    I can heartily recommend following the Stronglifts 5×5 plan from stronglifts.com. Maybe muscle gain is not in your plans but I’ve been following the 5×5 for a little while now and it doesn’t just add muscle, I also lost belly-fat too.

    All the info you need is in the blog, so it’s all free. I’m not affiliated with the site at all, just someone who tried the plan and really got great benefits from it.

    Doing the full-body exercises like Squats and Deaflifts has helped to get the start of some abs definition. No six-pack for me yet though!

  25. Aja
    Aja Published |

    Hi 😉
    what are you doing exactly to improve your health, lifestyle and getting better weight? some special diet? or just excercises?

  26. Tristan
    Tristan Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Great work, what sort of training are you doing?

    I had a similar epiphany earlier this year and at a similar point in my life. I’m turning 27 next month and saw older friends starting to lose shape around 30. I thought it’s easier to stay fit and healthy by getting into good habits early so decided to take up gym. I’m actually working on an online site for training using Wordpress and some of your plugins, so stay tuned. 🙂


  27. Chad
    Chad Published |

    Congrats justin, I have no doubts that you’ll reach your goal. Just put the same spirit into your lifestyle decisions as you do into your passion about teaching and WordPress.

    I too had succumb to the tendencies of the carbaholic as many others have. I am 5’11” and was at about 237lbs for a few years.

    Depression got the best of me for a good while, which made me eat more. I finally kicked the habit and used a friends Wight Watchers calorie calculator to help myself count calories. Now it’s second nature. I now sit at about 182 – 185 and am happy with my weight. I have no problems bounding up a few flights of stairs now.

  28. Chad
    Chad Published |

    Consequently, no luck on the six pack for me either. Although I haven’t done sit-ups in a few years. Thought they might still be under the flab.

    Another thing you might want to try, for fun, is some sort of martial art. You dont have to kick the crap out of anyone, but it’s a fantastic form of exercise and you’ll learn to defend yourself at the same time. Jujitsu, Akido or Hapkido is excellent for someone of your stature.

  29. Alex
    Alex Published |

    I highly recommend doing the Couch-to-5K program.

  30. Chris Fried
    Chris Fried Published |

    I’m 24, 6’2″ and 300 lbs. with a big, Nordic frame that hides it well.

    My gut is finally getting to the point that its making some of my favorite shirts uncomfortably tight, though. I think it’s about time I turned this train around.

    Fifty pounds in six months? Challenge accepted.

  31. Aija
    Aija Published |

    amazing. you know – it will take quite time and efforts 😉
    good luck to you and all the best wishes with aiming to target

  32. Rohi
    Rohi Published |

    Congo on the weight loss Justin. You rocks…!!!

  33. Vix
    Vix Published |

    Congrats on the weight loss Justin. You can reach your goal 🙂

    After years of being overweight I made the decision to live a more healthier life. I’ve lost 15lbs but I’m doing it slow and steady because all that crash dieting never helped a damn.

    I just need to up the intensity on my cardio. It’s a great feeling to be able to go more than 10 minutes running without feeling like you’re going to collapse!

  34. lanh
    lanh Published |

    I been running 2 miles a day, I feel healthier than I was 18, going on 25 now. Exercise makes life better 🙂

  35. Lella
    Lella Published |

    Good Job !!!

  36. Random Jane
    Random Jane Published |

    Great result. Every year seems to be the year of the six pack for me but it hasn’t happened yet. Though an increase in exercise and a reduction in chocolate has seen a few pounds drop off. I’ll keep going and slowly but surely I’ll get to a flat stomach, though a six pack is just a dream!

  37. Lowell Nickens
    Lowell Nickens Published |

    As you struggle to reach your goal, remember that six-pack abs might not be where you’re the happiest as a person, and still be relatively fit. As we get older, not all of our bodies respond the same, and the end picture of yourself might not look like the one you planned to have, but might be just as satisfying. Good luck!

  38. designOdyssey
    designOdyssey Published |


    You’ve already been an inspiration on many levels. One thing that has helped me tremendously in keeping the weight off is STOP BEING HUNGRY.

    Sure, we snack at the computer and have nervous energy binges, but I could mostly resist that with willpower. What killed my progress was getting so hungry that I ate whatever I found and definitely too much of it.

    The other thing was the old adage, you can’t change what you don’t track (or something like that). I got an iOS app called Calorie Counter and was AMAZED at how many calories I consumer vs. burned. Now, I know exactly how I’m doing and because it’s on my phone and iPad and desktop, it’s easy to track.

    Stopping from being hungry was harder. I learned that if I ate a good solid low-carb breakfast (e.g. eggs, bacon, toast), I could stave off hunger easily with water for 3 hours. I keep that up every three hours with 400-500 calorie mini meals and then have some 100-200 calories snacks. I’m eating more often, but never go over 2000 calories which I can burn off easily.

    I’m rarely hungry, save money (dividing portions) and I’m losing the weight easy.

  39. Russell Davison
    Russell Davison Published |

    Hello Justin,

    Congratulations so far. I’m no good at sticking to the gym regime. I like to mix two activities together, where one involves fitness.

    Gardening is a great activity for me. Digging is good for your arm, leg and back muscles. So, I keep the garden looking good and keep fit.

    Our daughter likes to be outside. I take her on the bike to the local lake and back again. So, our daughter gets lots of fresh air and I keep fit.

    If we run out of milk, bread or yoghurt then I’ll walk with our daughter to the local supermarket to pick up these items. This keeps me fit, gives our daughter fresh air and cuts down on bad fuel economy for short car journeys.

  40. Hilary
    Hilary Published |

    Well done on your journey. This is only the start to the rest of your life. Richard Stallman should look at what you are doing.

    However for those days when you feel you just cannot ( this can help your house mate) the EFT technique of tapping on your acupressure points will help push you through.

    I am also concerned that you have not gone to a nutritionist to check what foods are good for your body type. Something you could look into is Ben’s blood/body typing. If you are interested I can get the web address for you.

    In South Africa we are using the EFT/Energy Practices to help people come off hard drugs and chronic pain management.

    This just shows you can use EFT on anything, even programming. I know I do. But you are a better programmer than I am.

    As that old adage said, an apple a day – & n0, not a mac. 😉

  41. Sarah
    Sarah Published |

    Hi, Justin. I really appreciate your determination and effort. I can imagine how handsome you are. I will always support you. And I like this sentence just as you said, it was time to make a change in my life. Come on! I am now working hard on writing my posts, I won’t give up.

  42. Mark Upshaw
    Mark Upshaw Published |

    Congratulations on your determination to just get it done, specially while you are young.

    I finally started my own on July 5th with juicing leafy greens, alfalfa, and other vegetables to replace my morning meal. A salad and fruit for the rest of the day. I have added walking, but not a habit like the juicing yet. The weight is shedding off and I have twice the amount of energy.

    Stick with it, there are many people wanting you to reach your goals.

  43. Vorter
    Vorter Published |


    I’m new to this site. Me myself has good experience with eating low-carb food. Have you tried it?
    Congratulations about your progress though, keep it up!

  44. ElShaddai Edwards
    ElShaddai Edwards Published |

    Congratulations on your progress so far, Justin. My story is very similar and hopefully your ending is similar to mine. At the start of 2010, I was almost 300 lbs… 400 days later, I broke 200. I wrote up some of my notes here: http://elshaddaie.com/tag/weight-loss/. Basically, lots of cardio, cut the evening carbs and add protein throughout the day… good luck!

  45. daniel
    daniel Published |

    Interesting article Justin – it is a good ambition to get a six-pack. I also need to loose some weight and I will follow your story with interest!

  46. Justin | Mazzastick
    Justin | Mazzastick Published |

    Hey Justin,
    That is awesome that you were able to lose that much weight. At 6’2″ you could look good at 225.

    I have found that with losing weight it started off for me to remove somethings in my life that were causing discomfort like relationships for example.

    I was once 30 pounds overweight but I have been able to keep my weight at 190 for at least 5 years. I am 5’10” btw.

  47. Thoughts on goals
    Thoughts on goals at |
  48. mfip
    mfip Published |

    Wow Justin, this is very interesting from your experience, I also weigh more, and sometimes felt embarrassed by everyone when hanging out with them, hopefully I can follow your trail to lose my weight, thank you for your share.

  49. onimoed
    onimoed Published |

    justin’ Go !! ahead…

  50. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    I can feel your emotion,Justin.because I was also 480pds and everyone wanted ti make fun of me.Then I decided to lose some weight and be fit and after 6 months,my dieting and exercise helped me lose 230 pds.At that time,everyone was surprised to see me.

  51. Mario Peshev
    Mario Peshev Published |

    I have a similar experience with this one, due to weight problems and heart problems as well (and I am even younger than you).

    I had been consuming tons of junk food with morning coffee, bottles of coca-cola and energy drinks as well. First of all the lack of movement led to increased weight which was wrong. However I reduced the coca-cola only and started doing “Zone Diet” which is a food strategy to eat equal proportions of proteins and carbohydrates on a regular basis. I have reduced 20 lbs for a month with eating chicken stacks and salads.

    This helped a lot but the increased pressure at work and the regular energy drinks and coffee accelerated my heart rate and led to breathing complications. I was way scared when I was hardly able to breathe. I took few days off, I started drinking some herbal menthol-Valerian pills to drop the pressure off. Later I entirely rejected energy drinks and fat food with 1 or 2 meals a week (which is appropriate) and I’m way better now.

    I’m trying to keep the balance of my life, I actually did a presentation on balance for a local TEDx conference and I admitted there that the only thing I’m not satisfied of is the sport-food relation. I hope I’ll be able to find more time for sports and have healthier lifestyle at the end.

  52. Marc Perry
    Marc Perry Published |

    Hey Justin, I just came across your website after searching for wordpress shortcodes. Congrats on all the weight you’ve lost so far. Impressive. I was a 200lb finance analyst on Wall Street with 20% body fat. I ended up getting down to less than 5% body fat (yes, really low) and rocking a six pack despite working 80 hours per week sitting on my butt.

    I started a website http://www.BuiltLean.com where I’ve written over 100 articles and produced 25 videos. I also created an 8 week fitness program for busy guys that requires only 3 workouts per week for 45 minutes and is sustainable (the exercise and nutrition principles last a lifetime).

    Feel free to use me as a resource. I help people all day long get leaner and improve their health, so happy to be helpful!

  53. Leonardo Casci
    Leonardo Casci Published |

    What your health is, depends on what you eats… keep eating healthy you’ll see the benefits when you turn 40.

  54. edsel
    edsel Published |

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  55. xtpl
    xtpl Published |

    hey justin , good job. now just chill & be alert for your weight. thanks.

  56. rahel
    rahel Published |

    You have great plans to reach your goal, to lose your weight. That’s so awesome. Congrats for you.

  57. Marv
    Marv Published |

    Congrats on the weight loss. I find it very hard but i try to exercise as much as possible and I stay off the alcohol as much as possible.

    Keep it up and remember we can do anything when we put our minds to it.

  58. William Boggs
    William Boggs Published |

    Congratulation on your weight loss. It is such a change to go from being obese to good shape. Your absolutely right in the key being able to do everyday things such as throw a football with your brother or walk up a hill without being tired. I myself lost over 40 lbs. and dropped my cholesterol tremendously. I didn’t follow a trendy diet and ate small meals 4 times a day, I ate Cholesterol Good Foods to help me drop raise my hdl level from 39 to 59 in just over 18 months. It is hard work, but well worth it.

  59. Jonathan Golden
    Jonathan Golden Published |

    Congrats on seeing success with your plan. Any active person knows how hard these gains can be. Keep up the hard work!

  60. Kyle Yates
    Kyle Yates Published |

    Commitment is key, but also understanding what foods and drinks are healthy. Since moving to Japan, I have seen how much foreigners eat compared to Asians. It’s one reason why many Asians are thinner. However, since moving here, I have also begun to see how many Asians are beginning to gain weight and become fat thanks to the importing and use of junk food, processed high fatty foods.

    Just like keeping the code of a theme or plugin down to the basics as not to overload a server or slowdown the loading of a page, so too is the issue with food. The more we eat, the slower our bodies perform. We actually run better on fewer calories…not too few, but fewer than when we overeat and fail to get exercise.

    So anyone reading this that wishes to lose weight has to organize their life by committing to stick to a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle. It doesn’t take as much effort as most people believe though. It only takes a little planning and implementing it.

    One way I have kept weight off is by only eating one bowl of rice instead of two or three. Japanese rice is delicious! I began gaining weight right after moving to Japan because I began eating more rice. Now that I have cut down and ride my bicycle more, I have gotten back to my playing weight! Do this, and you too will get back to a healthy weight.

    Hope this helps you Justin and anyone else that visits your site! Getting off the computer once in a while also helps a lot!

  61. personal training melbourne
    personal training melbourne Published |

    Great job Justin!

  62. Nick Meisher
    Nick Meisher Published |


    Forget the 6 pack. Drop down to 180, get 20 of muscle and be happy. There ain’t no way in hell that u will get a 6 pack after spending 27 years not giving a shit about your body and being tall and wide on top of that.

    I am 6 foot and was on a quest for the 6 pack for 3 years; and i got down to 144. Skin was tight around my skull, but i still had a belly. Seems like every last gram of fat all went to hide the 6 pack.

    My friend has a 6 pack but he been an athlete since 5 years old (while i spend my youth exercising my ass on the computer chair); If this kid just drinks a couple of beers, bye bye 6-pack. That 6 pack of his is like the most high maintenance girlfriend of all times, demanding constant, endless attention, or it disappears.

    Just get in shape so u don’t give yourself a heart attack looking in the mirror after a shower, and leave the 6-packs for liquor stores.

    Good luck, -Nick

  63. Keith Davis
    Keith Davis Published |

    Hi Justin
    Not easy to get good abs.
    You need to have the muscle and… you need to get rid of the fat in order to see the muscle.

    I bought a bench / rack and a few weights in order to put on a bit of muscle but it’s been slow progress.
    I’m a fair bit older than you so you will add muscle quicker than me, but still not easy.

    Stick with it and let us know how it goes – perhaps a few photos of those abs. LOL

  64. Alex
    Alex Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Any tips for someone trying to go through the same battle?

    I have reduced my carbs and increase lean protein but it seems that progression towards my goal has slowed, something that i did expect as i hit the harder to move fat but still knocks me a little.

  65. Gunther
    Gunther Published |

    Hi Justin,

    keep up that good work, many greetings from Germany.


  66. Syafz
    Syafz Published |

    It’s a good result. Even though only 48 lbs lost, I know you can do it to get down to 215 lbs. 🙂

  67. Shawn
    Shawn Published |

    Would love to hear a week’s long sample menu that you are using…is it strict? Or just healthier….

  68. Alex
    Alex Published |

    First of all, congratulations on your achievement. You have the capacity to achieve your goal. On December last year, I made me a promise to go to the gym and regain the 6 pack abs I once had. Sadly, I couldn’t fulfill, but since June, I’m doing almost every morning 2 sets of abs exercises, that are helping me a lot. And until December, I hope I will have my visit to the gym. Best of luck!

  69. David Josh
    David Josh Published |

    with all the weight lost and look fitter spree it would have been a great idea to post a recent picture of yourself too, well done with the weight loss.

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