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  1. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Either or works for me. Though it took me a a few weeks to adjust to the new fonts and admin layout.

    I’ve been testing 3.2 for some time now and have already switched to 3.3 aortic dissection.

  2. chuckreynolds
    chuckreynolds Published |

    At first I kind of freaked out about the new font around b2 or RC1… then got used to it… If any clients complain I’ll throw in the function but otherwise I’ll sit on it.

    Thx for the codez

  3. Dex Barrett
    Dex Barrett Published |

    Very cool, Justin. I installed the new version of Wordpress but i didn’t really like the default font it has now; it reminds me of the visual editor, which i don’t like either.

    I tested the code as a standalone plugin and it works. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jon Brown
    Jon Brown Published |

    Thanks for this, very cool… I think I’m about to go change my editor font to Panic Sans 🙂

  5. Alex (Viper007Bond)
    Alex (Viper007Bond) Published |

    I strongly prefer it, then again I spend a lot of my day already reading Consolas inside of my text editor. 🙂

  6. Ipstenu
    Ipstenu Published |

    The only reason I changed the monospace is that on XP it looks like crap.

  7. Adriana
    Adriana Published |

    I don’t like the change, because the text is very difficult to read. And especially if the purpose is blogging and reading what you are writing… this just doesn’t work.

    I tried the code in function.php, didn’t work.

  8. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Whilst I do not like the change , something bland does give you the motivation to make a quick change to what you really do like , so that can’t be all bad ..

  9. Tony
    Tony Published |

    “…but I hate the visual editor more than I hate people who kill kittens for fun.”

    Made me laugh.

  10. dragonsjaw
    dragonsjaw Published |

    Thank You!! Going to use this on all my wp installs.

  11. zaher
    zaher Published |

    hi :
    nice post , but i think it will best to use the built-in function add_editor_style to add our own css file and add it to the theme ..
    so that when people need to change anything they can just change it from the css file not the function file ..

  12. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Thank you so much.

    I’m still on XP ( and will be for awhile. )
    That mono font rendering is killing me until I found this post.

    I read what Nacin wrote on the forum and wondering why not otherwise.

    If this was meant specifically for coders, why not let people with coding skills make change to it, but instead forcing people with less coding skills ( like me ) to look around and find a solution and do the fixing myself ?

  13. Loren Helgeson
    Loren Helgeson Published |

    Hey, thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm.

    I was finding the new mono-spaced font a lot harder to read, almost like I was writing my posts in Notepad, which is not the friendliest plain-text editor out there. :/

  14. Lillan Backa
    Lillan Backa Published |

    Wonderful and works like charm 🙂

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  18. zonebattler
    zonebattler Published |

    Very helpful, thanks a lot! However, it only seems to work when creating or editing articles. Whenever I try to edit a comment, the text is still displayed in the ugly monospace default font, regardless of the theme I use. Is there another line of magic code for fixng that as well?

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  27. hamed ahmadi
    hamed ahmadi Published |

    I do this but everything gone. now when I go to my homepage http://www.siniqradio.com it says: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in D:inetpubvhostssiniqradio.comhttpdocswp-contentthemesnews-childfunctions.php on line 47
    just this.
    what should I do? what is this? I also can’t login to my wordpress. please help

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  36. Peter Brock
    Peter Brock Published |

    I discovered today that WP 3.3 overrides this fix. Don’t know why. Hope you will.

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  38. Xander
    Xander Published |

    #editorcontainer is now #wp-content-editor-container. Swap it into the declaration above and you’ll be up and running in WP 3.3.

  39. Sahil Mepani
    Sahil Mepani Published |

    Thank you, Justin. I’ve been searching for this solution a long time. You just made my day.

    The default font is really small and not easily readable. I also added little extra line-height.

    Thanks again 🙂

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