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  1. Vikram
    Vikram Published |

    Nice tutorial, but when I sign in I got 404 mainly because nothing found on

    My installation base url is localhost/wp-latest/wordpress

    Do I need to alter return statement?

  2. George Serradinho
    George Serradinho Published |

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have added the shortcode to my blog and will be modifying it a bit to show more details when logged in.

    I am adding more shortcodes to my blog, so this one was perfect. I hope to share my modified version once complete.

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  6. kruz
    kruz Published |

    Nice Tips. Thx!

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  13. Eric Uned
    Eric Uned Published |

    Thanks for the plugin! I´ve finally found it.
    Thats what i was looking for.

    Kind regards!!

  14. amanda
    amanda Published |

    is there a way to offer a logout link for users that are logged in?

  15. Dean Taylor
    Dean Taylor Published |

    Remember to read the documentation – the ShortCode API documentation ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API ) states the following:

    “Shortcode names should be all lowercase and use all letters, but numbers and underscores (not dashes!) should work fine too.”

    So the above example is a bad example of a short code name “[my-login-form]”/”[devpress-login-form]” should be changed to “[my_login_form]”

    The risks of using “hypens” in the short code names is listed later in the offical Shortcode API page.

  16. Steinar
    Steinar Published |

    Thanks for sharing this. Just the CSS classes alone were a huge help!

    – Steinar

  17. keha76
    keha76 Published |

    It would be nice if there were an equally easy way to put an “edit profile” on the front end. Maybe there is?

  18. Alma
    Alma Published |

    I literally could not find anything else and I was a bit hesitant to mess with my theme’s functions but the login form works beautifully. Thanks!

  19. mas
    mas Published |

    I have completely messed my website.I used the codes that you mentioned in the function.php.
    However I am not able to log into my website. All the codes appear to come on my webpage header.
    how can remove this and be able to log in to dashboard.

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  21. Avery Z Chipka
    Avery Z Chipka Published |

    Nice write up everything works perfect. I am using the short code provided on a page that users are directed to after trying to access a page they don’t have access to. What I am wondering is if there is a way to embed in the short code a redirect to the previous page requested or a static one after login.

    On my normal wordpress login page when someone logs in they get redirected but when I use the form made via the shortcode above the redirect does not occur.

    Thoughts / Suggestions etc…

  22. Carsten
    Carsten Published |

    I can’t get it to work, the shortcode does not work, it doesn’t give the login form.

    I just used the simple code in the start of this post.

    I have Studiopress Genesis wrokframe and the Delecious child theme installed.

    All the best

    1. Carsten
      Carsten Published |

      It does work, the login form does just not show up when there’s another one logged in, that’s not good, cause when i as an admin need to do some remodeling, that means that clients can’t login to check their appointments at the same time.

  23. ndabe
    ndabe Published |

    thanks a lot you are a life save i have been looking for something like this the entire day.You are definitely sent form haven.

  24. Sajid
    Sajid Published |

    Nice tutorial

    This is the one for which i was looking for. I have learnt how to create a plugin in Wordpress for a specific theme, thanks again

  25. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Thank you for the easy to understand tutorial. This works great!

  26. Matthew Woodard
    Matthew Woodard Published |

    Thanks! Are there parameters for handling errors?

    1. Shira
      Shira Published |


      Can u advice please?

      I opened a new .php file for this function, added the both code parts u gave.

      I guess I need to connect the file to the website to make it work? prob in header.php file?

      Cause so far, I see my page presenting this: [my-login-form]

      Any help will be MUCH appreciated!


  27. Shira
    Shira Published |


    First of all thank you 🙂

    I opened a new .php file for this function, added the both code parts u gave.

    I guess I need to connect the file to the website to make it work? prob in header.php file?

    Cause so far, I see my page presenting this: [my-login-form]

    Any help will be MUCH appreciated!


    1. afjsystem
      afjsystem Published |

      Hi, Shira

      Maybe you forgot to include this :

      add_shortcode( ‘my-login-form’, ‘my_login_form_shortcode’ );

      You should read this tuts from beginning (at top this tuts).

  28. Karibe
    Karibe Published |

    I want to add a blog subscription shortcode, I am guessing I will have to write the function to return the form as well, or does self-hosted wordpress have such a form for email subscription? I am using the latest wordpress and Hybrid theme with a custom child theme.

  29. MirajeStudios
    MirajeStudios Published |

    I was creating a test website and the above wp log in script works! Thank you, it worked beautifully!

  30. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Does the page need to be https when you embed a login form? I hadn’t thought of it but my clients asked for me to force https on the page.

  31. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Do you have a suggestion on how to add the login or register feature? Thanks!

  32. masoud
    masoud Published |

    how can i redirect users to homepage after they logged in?

  33. Mirjam
    Mirjam Published |

    Thanks a lot – very nice tutorial.

    Greetings from Germany,


  34. Victor
    Victor Published |

    Excellent Tutorial thanks !

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  36. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Works perfectly – thanks for explaining everything so well

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