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  1. John Swaringen
    John Swaringen Published |

    I want to write a plugin to help me manage all the updates for the various sites that I develop for people. Most of them can’t or won’t stay up-to-date and I’d like something that helps me do that.

  2. Roland Barker
    Roland Barker Published |

    Wow, I was just thinking about ordering this book, then I saw this…I’ll take a stab at it.

    I want a quick way to install a new WordPress site that includes all my favorite plugins, so I’m thinking a “plugin installing” plugin that gets a list of the stock plugins you want from, say, a webpage somewhere (so there’s a central place where my latest list of must-have plugins is) and if the plugin is not installed, the plugin goes through and installs all the ones on the list.

    This also allows the possibility that a WordPress developer could post a list of their recommended plugins and anyone who wants can put in the URL of the recommended plugins list, and the plugin would install (or upgrade?) all the plugin on that list.

    I hope I explained it clearly.

  3. Anthony
    Anthony Published |

    I would like a plugin that will visualise the content across my network sites and shows the dependency between articles so it becomes easy to connect content from various (sub)sites and still maintain a coherent story.

    Like I am writing a story about anonymous surfing on the internet on one site and I want to link an article about TOR that I wrote on another site. When I now publish an article about Privacy on one of my sites and link it to the story of anonymous surfing, the reference to TOR should also be taken into account.

    The fact that I would like it to be visual (like thebrain.com, but can be less cool)
    is that every type of user should be able to use it. And of course there should be some challenge in the development of this plugin.

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