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  1. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Good luck on the 5k this weekend Justin!

    What is the next challenge? p90x2 starts pre-order on 9/6 🙂

  2. Anthony
    Anthony Published |

    This is probably a given but eating right and what you drink will go along way as well before and after the event.

    Eating a simple meal of 200 to 400 calories about two to three hours before the race is important to have fuel for the event, but also have time to digest the food. Never experiment with food or drink on race day. It’s wise to practice eating before training to make sure the food works for you, then replicate this meal on the race day.

    Taken from http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/runningworkouts/a/5K_tips.htm

    Good luck!

  3. Paul
    Paul Published |

    I admire your persistence Justin.
    I tried running, but I just couldn’t keep to it and I don’t find it enjoyable. I much prefer swimming and find it easier to keep doing it as I look forward to it.
    Good luck anyway! Once I did a 20 km run, but ended up fast walking rather than running as I wasn’t prepared. 🙂

  4. Tung
    Tung Published |

    You’re sponsored by DevPress. Don’t let us down!

  5. Sami
    Sami Published |

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Just enjoy!

  6. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Hope your run went well today. I’m a graduate of a Couch to 5K program as well, which ultimately turned into Couch to 10K, Couch to Half, and then Couch to Full Marathon.

    You’ve now proven to yourself that you can overcome inertia to get off the couch and get moving. Remember that. Because inevitably there will be times that life throws you a curveball — injury, illness, weather, personal whatever — and you will stop running for a bit. Just remind yourself that you can start from nothing and accomplish your goal.

    Great job.

  7. Barry Wheeler
    Barry Wheeler Published |

    I ran my first 5Km race last year! Had a blast and before the end of the summer season was up to over 20Km.

    Hope you did well!

    Oh, running can get addictive!

  8. Ted
    Ted Published |

    This is fantastic progress in such a short amount of time. Great work and keep us posted!

  9. Bob
    Bob Published |

    Last year I did a 10K race – unfortunately with too little preparation. I started too fast, I got cramps after about 8k, then I had to stop several times to do some stretching. I finished the race, but it was a disaster. I hope your experience wasn’t as painful as mine.

  10. it girl
    it girl Published |

    5k race is so difficult and long ! how to find the courage to do that ? maybe the endorphin 🙂

  11. Peter Pentland
    Peter Pentland Published |

    I have completed my 5k last year and it took me over 6 weeks, doing mins a day. You have done just fine. keep it up.

  12. Keith Davis
    Keith Davis Published |

    Hi Justin
    Sounds as though you have done the preparation so things should go well.

    No short cuts when it comes to getting fit.

    Good luck.

  13. Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller Published |

    Running is quite addictive but in a good way! You can do it! All the best 🙂

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    Hugo - Ingresos con adsense Published |

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  15. grahajodoh
    grahajodoh Published |

    5k race is so difficult and long

  16. Blaine
    Blaine Published |

    That sounds like a legit program – I need something like that to help get me back in shape for soccer season. I’ve ran a few 5k’s over the years and can tell you first hand that it’s not easy unless you prep for it in the right away.

    good luck!!

  17. Adeel
    Adeel Published |

    It’s not that difficult if you’re determined you can do it for the sports people 8K is normal for them everyday.

  18. Blackua
    Blackua Published |

    I don’t have stamina to do that -.-

  19. Bradavice
    Bradavice Published |

    Lots of thanks for another valuable post. Its an informative topic.

  20. Jim
    Jim Published |

    That’s great that you were able to get off the couch and start running. Good luck!

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