I generally assume the best in people. I assume they are smart enough to distinguish between fluff and facts. I assume they immediately recognize the stench when they’re being fed BS. I assume they can escape the whirlwind of spinning truth.

Then again, many people watch Jersey Shore. Maybe there is no hope.

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  1. JD Thomas
    JD Thomas Published |

    My New Year’s resolution this year was to stop assuming that people are smarter than they are and are willing to go learn something if they do not know an answer.

    I have failed miserably. No matter how far I lower the bar, someone always manage to slide under.

  2. david (b) hayes
    david (b) hayes Published |

    The problem you’re pointing at but not seeing is that different people value different things and come from different places. Some people want their TV to simply keep them entertained, and met with the right mind I’m sure Jersey Shore is quite entertaining. Different people also start from different places. I had parents who worked hard to make sure I not only went to good schools, but pushed me to learn things there. Most people aren’t so lucky.

    One of my core beliefs is that “I, like you, do the best I can“. But essential to holding this belief is the understanding that my best will never look exactly the same as someone else’s. And that for some people, their best is sometimes gonna look like “not trying at all” to me.

    It’s worth remembering that true nobility is not being better than some other person, but being better than your former self. That people don’t act in a way you wish they would is not a problem with them, but rather with your expectations about how the world works. You can assume the best of people and never be disappointed. But it’s just pure and utter foolishness to assume that all people will act in the way you think they should, and then hold it against them that they don’t.

    To say it another way, both you and JD are saying something like “People aren’t like me and I hate it.” But you don’t have to hate that people aren’t like you, that’s a choice you’re making. The fact that people have different politics than you can be a chance for productive discussion and mutual learning, not a source of frustration. Henry Miller wrote: “Everything we shut our eyes to… everything we deny, denigrate, or despise, serves to defeat us in the end.”

    PS: You don’t have a subscribe to comments checkbox, and this is a place I might like to use it.

  3. Randy
    Randy Published |

    I have started to categorize these people as those who need some sort of external help to keep their brain occupied. Those who are creative or have hobbies, etc. generally don’t need any senseless, non-motivational “crap” to fuel their brain activity (Not that it’s “all” crap).

    Hence, the success of dumbed-down late-night advertising suckering in huge numbers of gullible people.

    Having said that, I do try not to judge people too much by what they watch, listen to, eat or believe, etc. Unless you are truly trained in a profession, you may not know what makes great dialogue in a movie, what makes a song complicated to play on guitar, how great food should be made, or what the facts really are.

    Having said “that”, being a guitar player for many years, I do still get annoyed when people ask me to play simple three chord childish songs! ha!

    Having said “that”, I guess I have no point after all.

  4. casey dennison
    casey dennison Published |

    HAHA Dude, i feel you on this one. I feel the exact same way. You expect everyone to be smart and when it comes down to it there not as smart as you hoped or thought they would be. It gets me in a bit of trouble because sometimes i take it to far and say thing i shouldn’t have and therefor, tend to hurt a few people feelings. Anyways, i know how you feel on this!

  5. Paul
    Paul Published |

    The global BS is as big issue as global warming.

    People, not only in the states, but all around the world are getting dumber and dumber, it’s not that they don’t have college education, but it’s the inner quality.

    So we are living in the society full of these BS.

  6. Cristian
    Cristian Published |

    The way I see it is that I don’t even assume that for me, let alone someone else.

    Sure I try to be all of the above, but I’m also human, gullible, prone to errors, imperfect, judgmental and all the rest.

    So what I try is simply ask around and try to get validation for whatever stupid thought I have in my mind at the time.

  7. dave
    dave Published |

    total opposite.
    And maybe thats why i always think that there’s hope.


  8. Kurt
    Kurt Published |

    I want to know what creates a person to strive towards excellence? I know that above david posted that not everyone is as lucky as he was growing up, and thats why he has higher standards? which may be true, but I would have to say that there are probably just as many that were given all the opportunity in the world and blew it. Also, on the other side, there are people who had nothing and came from nothing that would not settle for being poor, uneducated, and ignorant.. what is the difference? What is the “it” factor that can turn humans into unstoppable beings vs. lazy men who live lives of quiet desperation??

  9. mp
    mp Published |

    One word:


    Whomever ends-up with “Snooki” has my deepest sympathies.

  10. Marius
    Marius Published |

    Sometimes I agree there is no hope…but soon I realize what I actually judge is my frustration about his behavior which I do agree or not…

    Maybe looking often in the mirror we will realize where hope is….in us.

  11. Jon
    Jon Published |

    It is amazing how the dumbing down of our society has slowly crept up to even the more intelligent among us (I’d like to think I am included). Several people I work with watch Jersey Shore and I can’t quite fathom it. Professional people with executive level jobs watching such filth. I stick to higher quality fare such as X-Factor and Survivor…I guess most of us need some form of escapism.

  12. Yeshua
    Yeshua Published |

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…” – Adolf Hitler

    Sometimes the truth is just too much to think about. It’s so much easier to click a button and go on a mental vacation. ‘Vacation’ from the Latin ‘Vacatio’ to be free from something, to give up or relinquish, to void or cause to be empty.

    I think there is hope, even for Jersey Shore fans. But it might take a radical event to preempt their regularly televised schedule of useless fluff.

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