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  1. Chris M.
    Chris M. Published |

    I’m loving this series! Keep it up Justin. Great stuff… Thanks!

  2. Alan Watchorn
    Alan Watchorn Published |

    Thanks Justin. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    1. Divyanshu
      Divyanshu Published |

      Nice and simple explanation. A video primer would be a good option to teach wordpress theme building. Not very much people think of making themes by themselves.
      Will wait for the next post 🙂

  3. Paul de Wouters
    Paul de Wouters Published |

    did you decide against using HTML5?

  4. Chris M.
    Chris M. Published |

    I think what Paul might be referring to is your avoiding the use of the new HTML5 elements such as “header”, “footer”, “section”, “article”, and the like.

  5. Matt
    Matt Published |

    I really appreciate these tutorials. I hope that you will go through the basic stuff added under the appearance menu, menus and widgets, and maybe even header images, backgrounds and some basic theme options. It would also be great to maybe add a page template and/or post format.

  6. Carlos
    Carlos Published |

    Hi Justin, I like this simple and clear tutorial series.

    Just a question, why do you include the sidebar in the footer template instead of in the index.php?

  7. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Thank you for this great series! I’m anxious for the next lesson. When can we expect it?

  8. Jess
    Jess Published |

    Great tutorials so far! Definitely looking forward to delving in to the tutorials for the other templates files once posted.

    Hoping you cover some topics other tutorials don’t (like having 2 sidebars, hanging dates, and ability to change headers and backgrounds in the admin).

  9. Chad
    Chad Published |

    wow, talk about good timing!

    A few years ago, I stumbled onto Tung’s “So you want to create WordPress themes” series. It was the most helpful, easy-to-read instructions I had found. I’m just in the process of “relearning” things, and found this new series.

    Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to re-write this tutorial, bringing things up to date.

    Can’t wait for the next post!

  10. Greg Turner
    Greg Turner Published |

    I am re-considering my stance on always using a child theme, because it seems with creating a child theme I spend way, way too much time on over riding functionality and styling from the parent theme. Now, I am thinking I can just role my own theme. Thanks for giving me the tools to do just that with this tutorial series.

  11. helloannie
    helloannie Published |

    Any idea when you’ll be posting the next tutorial in this series, Justin? Would really love to see it soon! 😉

  12. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Can’t wait! When you do post the next tutorial, will you PLEASE also post a comment here so that we’ll get emails to alert us? Thanks Justin!

  13. Milen
    Milen Published |

    Justin, I can’t wait to dive into your next tutorial. I know it goes a bit slower for me too, but I have only a few habits to know how to read php code and to modify it for my needs, but what I need to learn is how to write down my own code for all my needs instead of searching somebody to do the job so that I can redo it.

    the 5$ donations is really nothing about your precious advices I have used even before on your ThemeHybrid site. And I do like your simplicity too as I have found thousands of themes and/or plugins that are literally eating the CPU and cause tons of problems so now I need some more control over the CPU usage of my themes as well as the SEO matter.

    Thanks again and l am signing to join the club 🙂 Waiting for your next tutorial!

  14. kuku
    kuku Published |

    great work,and a really thanks

  15. Nikki
    Nikki Published |

    I cant wait for the next tutorial. This has been easy for me to follow

  16. malk
    malk Published |

    +1 Amy’s comment – or is there an RSS feed or for this series of tutorials?

    And I know you’re aiming at complete beginners at theme design (like me), but I don’t think it would hurt to make them a little ‘chunkier’. Anyone who’s looking at developing themes is likely to have some basic understanding.

    (that’s another way of saying I’m impatient for the next one! 🙂

    1. Jon L
      Jon L Published |

      I would just subscribe to the RSS feed for the main site… it’s well worth it in my opinion.

  17. Paul
    Paul Published |

    +1 This is great. An up to date, best practices WordPress tutorial! I stumbled upon your site, and 15 other related ones, because I was looking for a solution to putting facebook connect button in my comments. I did go through the Themeshaper tutorial (might not have completed it) about 6 months ago, but it was hard for me to understand. Since then I’ve been on a crash course to Wordpress, and have decided that WordPress is what I’m going to specialize in (I think). I have a few clients, and they are throwing all kinds of stuff at me. I have been able to handle everything, but sometimes it’s challenging.

    Although much of what has been already posted is “muy” simple, it sounds like you are going to go into depth on a lot of important topics that I am really interested in. Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re taking the simple detailed route, because I’m sure it won’t be long before you get way over my head, and I’ll need you to go slow.

    Thanks much

  18. Gil Gammon
    Gil Gammon Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for creating this tutorial. I´m just getting started with Wordpress templates and to be honest I feel quite lost.

    I´m not new to HTML but I´m not an expert either. I think what puzzles me the most is working out how to put a menu (the usual HTML website type of menu) because most of the templates I´ve found use post, pages and categories in the template and one of my blogs is just growing too much in content that I need to break it down into sections that can be reached from every page on my blog.

    The tutorial is quite useful in starting to understand how the different elements of a wordpress template fit together.

    I look forward to the next lesson and maybe I´ll learn how to edit my current template to put the menus in and assign different pages to different menu options.

    Thanks again!

  19. Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar Published |

    I like this tutorial …. i am planning to implement it with html5

  20. Daniel
    Daniel Published |

    While I’m not trying to design my own themes, I do like to change existing ones up a little to suit my needs. So it’s still helpful to learn some basics of HTML. Thanks!

  21. Obinna
    Obinna Published |

    Nice theme building tutorial you have here. Awesomely nice of you man. Thanks for this.

  22. Rasika Sampath
    Rasika Sampath Published |

    Justin it is very nice, simply explained. keep going……

  23. Bob
    Bob Published |

    Just discovered these tutorials. They’re excellent. You write well and explain things clearly. Really hope you can find the time to continue them!

  24. Robert Lilly
    Robert Lilly Published |

    Hi Justin, did you ever finish this tutorial series? If so, where can I find the remainder of the lessons?


  25. Bruno
    Bruno Published |

    You should’ve putted in the end of the post a list of the tutorials(part one, parte two.. )

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