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  1. Neil Asher
    Neil Asher Published |

    I’m in!

    I was knackered just reading this!

    Neil Asher

  2. Carlos
    Carlos Published |

    I just ran into this routine, its seem tough as hell, count me in.
    I’m doing a deadlift routine right now but once I’m done smolov is next..

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  4. Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs Published |

    I recently squatted 495 lbs. x2 for the first time a couple weeks ago, after just turning 48 years of age, then ran across your website and the Smolov routine. Finished week 1 last week. I was also surprised at how bad my legs did not feel after the third day, although I did have a hard time getting the last set in on the third day, and I didn’t have a spot and I don’t wear a belt (I always lift raw) so I didn’t go as deep as I would have liked. I was physically tired, but my legs weren’t and I didn’t have to stretch them as I thought I would have.

    I’m in week 2 now. So far so good. Thanks for this blog!

  5. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Published |

    Myself and 2 other brave souls just started the routine last night. Day2 today. We had been following westside for awhile and we just wanted to try somthing new. Looking forward to the gains promised at the end of the tunnel. Hope all who try this find success! I will be back after the micro! Cheers!

  6. Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs Published |

    I finished week three but had to stop due to some technical issues at work that kept me from missing a week of workouts! So today I decided to see what I could do with 405 lbs. for reps. Was able to hit x12, so using a weight rep calculator I figure my squat jumped to around 550 lbs. Forty-five pounds in three weeks. Not bad!

  7. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Published |

    So we finished the micro and we are starting week 2 of the base today. My thoughts on comrade Smolovs program is this, after the intense amount of volume that he throws at you, 1 rep regerdless of the weight, just has to be easier. I have hit every rep of every set up to this point, some were hard and others less hard. Today is 4×9 with 305, I will report back after the end of week 2. Happy squatting!

    1. Chuck Cribbs
      Chuck Cribbs Published |

      Curious to see how it goes for you, Mike J. What was your max before you started? You appear to be in the same max range as me when I started Smolov. Good luck!

  8. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Published |

    Chuck, I used 405 to base my cycle off of, not becaus it was my TRUE 1RM, but because it is the only single I had done in the past month leading up to it. I have put 475 up before earlier this fall, but without squatting frequently between then and now I thought it was a safe play. No need to gusto out and blow a knee! I have 1 week left in base and today is 4×9 @315. I would say that my 1 rep next week will be close to 475 if not more just based purely on how the reps feel. I would appreciate any input though!

  9. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Published |

    finished the base cycle with a squat of 465! felt good and the legs could have done more….. but the core was thrashed. I will focus more on core assisstance work with the switching cycle.

  10. Tobias
    Tobias Published |

    “If youโ€™re not squatting, youโ€™re not lifting” to funny, but real talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

    thanks for sharing your sleeping and food tips. This can be a big help,

    blessings from dominican republic ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. georg
    georg Published |

    You even work out? Incredible, and even very professional. I am not that “squater” but like to Tae Bo boxing ๐Ÿ™‚ remember billy blank? hahaha

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  13. Skyler
    Skyler Published |

    I’m in!!!!!!!

  14. Squat_Lover
    Squat_Lover Published |

    I’m just now venturing into Week 7 of the program, and I’m impressed with the results. I used a conservative 335 lb. 1RM to start the Intro simply because that was the last 1RM that I had completed. Yesterday I squatted 405 lbs. with relative ease after finishing the base Meso (…so a solid 70 lb. increase). I can visualize a 475 lb. squat coming up after I finish the Intense Meso. This program is well designed. I’m 195 lbs currently. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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