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  1. Ben Ackles
    Ben Ackles Published |

    Looks good!

    The link in the footer results in a 404 error.

  2. Andrea_R
    Andrea_R Published |

    Nice header. πŸ˜‰

  3. Charles
    Charles Published |

    I recently tried a new theme and had a lot of small items to work through.
    So far yours looks very good.
    BTW you can click on my link and then click on blog to see the Theme I ended up choosing.

  4. Sheen Edward
    Sheen Edward Published |

    It is a good theme, have tried it in one of my personal blog and works just fine. Hope you found very useful and nice too.

  5. Mark McWilliams
    Mark McWilliams Published |

    I quite like how you’ve implemented the Post Formats, it’s subtle, but still enough to give you an idea on what you’re looking at! πŸ™‚

  6. Sue Surdam
    Sue Surdam Published |

    This theme is sure to become a classic. The ivory tones are beautiful and I love the subtle texture of the background.

  7. nuzmunnaher
    nuzmunnaher Published |

    Awesome! I like this theme, is sure to become a classic theme. I hope you found very useful and nice theme create and post.

  8. Chris
    Chris Published |

    I love the simplicity of this theme. The Post Formats are fantastic, as others have mentioned. Any chance of this becoming a Hybrid child theme, or would there be way too much work involved in that?

  9. John
    John Published |

    It looks very tasteful out! mmmmm….

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