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  1. Craig
    Craig Published |

    Ok enough is enough! The breakfast looked awesome and now this. That’s a nice balanced looking meal. Can we expect dinner as well?

  2. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    Paper Plates?

  3. Neil Cowburn
    Neil Cowburn Published |

    A plethora of paletable Paleo provender. Nice.

  4. Craig
    Craig Published |

    One of the best things about working at home, which I have for about 12 years is you can really can have fun with cooking. I received a crock-pot slow cooker as a present last Christmas and most of the week I have something that I read on the interweb brewing away.

    The best thing is most slow cooker recipes require minimal prep time, and whatever you are cooking smells great all day, and you know you will have a great dinner at the end of the day after coding it up.

    I have lots of slow recipes, BBQ sauces, Steak sauces, and really good Italian style sauces. People say they kick …

    I already like this new branch to the blog.

  5. Shonda
    Shonda Published |

    Totally agree with you Craig. Working from home (mostly on the go as we travel a lot), I love the crockpot. Usually when everyone arrives back home for the day, the aroma is so delicious it makes you hungry if you weren’t already.

    I can check out food related all day long (especially with great images).

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