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  1. WTM
    WTM Published |

    I did the first week of the first two weeks last week and and into the second but seeing this post has got me feeling like I am just simply not going to be able to complete this. But hopefully maybe possibly. Thanks for putting it on your site.

  2. Harold
    Harold Published |

    the two last weeks seems to be very difficult but trying will not kill, so thank you for sharing this

  3. Dutch guy
    Dutch guy Published |

    Just stumbled upon this through google. Im curious how you are going to fill in the speed week and if you are going to survive the intense cycle. 2 years ago i did the base cycle only, it brought my squat up from an estimated 180 to 195 (kilos) while gaining weight, getting leaner and gaining a hell of mental toughness.

    My trainingspartner and i are going to dive into it again next week! Only this time im going to eat everything… learned my lesson there. And i hope we can do the intense cycle as well, i didnt do last time. Best of luck 2 you, im going to follow this!

  4. Dutch guy
    Dutch guy Published |

    Ah i just noticed that it you did this last year, i thought you were doing it right now due to the last post date before mine. Thnx 4 the reply! It could be possible that smolov killed your resistance though… i dont know if your familiar with Sheiko routines, but they call it sheiko-flu when people get ill during that. Cause of the high demands on your body, resistance goes down and you get ill :D.

    Good progress anyhow, 40 pounds is still a lot, especially in that short amount of time! Good advices, exactly what we are planning to do 😉

    good luck lifting!

  5. Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs Published |

    I just finished the base cycle last week. Hips are sore but I try hard to get my hips below my knees. Let’s see what I can do this week. Sounds like a great challenge!

  6. Tobias
    Tobias Published |

    Hey, thanks for sharing your sport experience. I will try some things out!

    did you try out crossfit already? A mix between weighlifting, cardio training & more 😉

  7. Cara Kerja
    Cara Kerja Published |

    Hi, great sharing about your sport experience. I’m new at this, I don’t know where to start. It’s so valuable for me. Thanks

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