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  1. Pothi Kalimuthu
    Pothi Kalimuthu Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Happy to see you back at JustinTadlock.com with your WordPress tutorials and other stuff that I always looked upon.

  2. Al
    Al Published |

    Slightly disappointed that you are leaving DevPress but I’m probably not the only one who is glad that you will focus your attention back here and themehybrid. It felt a bit neglected recently. Not the support, that has been above and beyond as usual, but your websites.Welcome back!

  3. Dana Ni
    Dana Ni Published |

    Hey, Justin! I wanna be a Theme Designer! πŸ™‚

    Have it in your bag? ^^

  4. Stephen Carroll
    Stephen Carroll Published |

    Well you guys certainly gave the community some cool stuff. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more coming from all of you in your own unique categories. Would love to acquire syndication to some of that -just saying. If you need to have an elected shot caller πŸ˜‰ I’ve got the plan but only two hands and know what I want. Just name your price!

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  6. Glen Pridgen
    Glen Pridgen Published |

    Justin, Tung, Patrick and Ptah,
    I have benefited from you all individually and collectively (DevPress). Most start-ups start with multiple visionaries sharing CEO duties and learn very quickly that the lead by committee approach is ineffective at best. Glad you all remain friends and I am looking forward to Tung’s work here at DevPress.

    Still the best bang for $5 ever.


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  8. Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Published |

    Welcome back more geeky Justin!

    It’s not easy being split between too many projects and not letting any one of them suffer. I’m sure Theme Hybrid will reap many benefits from this decision.

  9. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    Nice to see it’s business as usual for you now and looking forward to more kick butt tutorials and plugins πŸ™‚

  10. Anthony Murgola
    Anthony Murgola Published |

    Good to hear you’re carrying the stuff you’ve worked on over to your site.

    Have you posted the devpress plugins anywhere for club members? I couldn’t find them since the redesign.

    Thanks for all the awesome stuff you do and the seemingly impossible amount of time you spend giving support.

    You’re one of the most helpful and intelligent people around.

  11. Randy
    Randy Published |

    I am not going to pretend I know what financial difference you have by running this site or being with DevPress but this site has taught me so much about being a professional wordpress developer that I cannot thank you enough.

    You’ll always be in the top left corner of my iGoogle home page! hehe.
    Most of the other Wp sites have “below the fold” material!

    Here’s a request for WP 3.4: Why does the word “wordpress” in comments on a Wordpress site not get recognized as a properly spelled word! ha!

  12. Mario Peshev
    Mario Peshev Published |

    Good to see you back here, let the Christmas header spirit bring you all positives in the ’12!

    Being a part of a similar experiment with many heads and none code monkeys is what I live in now, it has been a valuable experience what you all guys had in DevPress.

  13. Rev. Voodoo
    Rev. Voodoo Published |

    I have pointed others towards a few of your tuts that were on devpress before. I was worried when they started 404ing. So glad I found em again! Keep up the incredibly useful info please!

  14. Mick
    Mick Published |

    Not sure if you’ve covered this on your blog, but Google Knol is in the process of phasing over to a WordPress based platform. Knol pages used to rank quite highly in organic search results. Any thoughts on whether that deteriorates after the changeover?

  15. Teo Graca
    Teo Graca Published |

    Hopefully Tung and get things moving quickly. I am sure everyone would like to see DevPress live up to its potential. I would imagine one person, both chief and Indian, can do it!

  16. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    Thanks you for your new update on this tutorial…

  17. Scott Small
    Scott Small Published |

    Hate to see the Devpress team split, but I am looking forward to more of your tutorials

  18. Wes
    Wes Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Just want to say that I’m a big fan of your Hybrid Theme. Good luck on your future undertakings. πŸ™‚


  19. Mutuelle
    Mutuelle Published |

    It’s not easy being split between too many projects and not letting any one of them suffer. I’m sure Theme Hybrid will reap many benefits from this decision.

  20. Jon
    Jon Published |

    I always love your work. I’m excited about any change that leaves you making more tutorials!

  21. Justin Carroll
    Justin Carroll Published |

    I heard Dave Ramsey say something like “the only ships that sink are partnerships.” And they almost always destroy the friendship too, but thankfully you made it out unscathed. Good. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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  26. Shakil
    Shakil Published |

    Just found out that Tung sold DevPress in an online auction. Hope everything is okay with him. I just love your hybrid framework. It saved me so much effort and time. Thank you Justin.

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