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  1. Steven Gliebe
    Steven Gliebe Published |

    I like the idea to use multiple types of nuts. Looks good.

    By the way, your outlet exploded.

  2. Brian Eisenhauer
    Brian Eisenhauer Published |

    The food you have been posting about looks a lot like a Paleo style diet….

  3. japh
    japh Published |

    looks yummy… never tried it before

  4. Genevieve Ardent
    Genevieve Ardent Published |

    I thought that was a mango! 🙂 People actually put peanut butter on bananas and it’s actually delicious!

  5. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Peanut butter on bananas..hmm, are you sure that goes?

    I guess if you deployed the rule of not buying food with more than five ingredients, you’re going to be making pretty much all your own stuff, including sauces.

    I do read the labels more now than I used to, if it has salt near the top of the ingredients (excluding when I’m buying salt of course :P) I don’t buy it.

  6. Dave
    Dave Published |

    I’m not a fan of peanut butter at all and that for me look terrible. How good did it taste?

    You new diet sound a little strict. I’m trying a high protein diet at the minute. I’m not finding it completely appetizing but I’m aloud to eat anything I want one day a week. This normally controls my sugar cravings. Cutting the sugar is my biggest problem I think I’m hooked.

    Also I’ve not heard of not eating anything with more than 5 ingredients but a similar one and probably just as hard to follow is nothing eating anything with ingredients that you cannot read or understand.

  7. Misha Krasnotsvetov
    Misha Krasnotsvetov Published |

    Going to try and make this kind of nut butter myself and put on a Krakerbrot or something like that. Looks delicious!

  8. Euro Ender
    Euro Ender Published |

    I can’t help but see this and remember the Curb Your Enthusiasm scene with Shaq and Larry and the argument about peanut butter. It IS dairy right?

    You must be pretty excited by all the nut based butters that could be made. I imagine Brazil and hazelnut butter would be rather awesome.

    Could you post a bit more in depth information about the quantities and ingredients you used? I’m a bit of a kitchen newbie but in our house we’ve an excellent food processor and i’m getting a taste now for a delicious nut butter.

  9. Mary Eve
    Mary Eve Published |

    It seems delicious! I never tried to do my own and spread it on a banana, and I will definitively try. On apples it is pretty lovely too.

  10. Crise d'Angoisse
    Crise d'Angoisse Published |

    It looks great. I can’t believe those are the only ingredients. Did you not even add water?

    You’re right about your peanut comments, they aren’t real nuts and are full of molds. I’m following the Paleo Diet and it has increased my stamina to levels I couldn’t imagine before!

  11. Briddick
    Briddick Published |

    Almond butter is awesome for trying to lose weight as well. Way more healthy than peanut butter.

  12. Diana Leion
    Diana Leion Published |

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  13. Arsène
    Arsène Published |

    That looks yummy ! I’ve got to try it somedays. Keep cooking !

  14. Nelson
    Nelson Published |

    Wow looks great!! of course it must be yummy in taste. i have never tried it. !!!

  15. Marion
    Marion Published |

    Hey, the nutbutter looks great!
    Less than five ingredients sounds like a great rule of thumb.
    It probably means no presevatives, flavour enhancers or whatever else it is they put in highly process food. I think additives themselves are responsible for the increase in allergies over the last few years…
    I try to keep it as natural as possible but of course that means buying fresh..shopping regularly..something that is sometimes a challenge!

  16. Maria Elena
    Maria Elena Published |

    This looks yummy. Will try this one on bread. Have you tried spreading it on a loaf too?

  17. Ryan K
    Ryan K Published |

    Looks so good, my grandma use to make this! If you can get the texture a bit more firm by adding more of the nuts its amazing to roll them into tiny balls and dip in chocolate. It is like a chocolate walnut / almond butter cup. 🙂

  18. Hotel Sardegna
    Hotel Sardegna Published |

    Looks good. Made it never before with coconuts and banana =) but i will try it.

  19. Nopalea
    Nopalea Published |

    Yum, looks good! Justin I have a quick question. What would would something like this cost? I mean do you use name brand ingredients or more off brand?

  20. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Hi guys, Justin 🙂

    I am increadibly pleased to find out that you are not only a genius in developing wordpress/web scripts and tools but also you are heading to a healthier direction. I am happy because living a healthy life and eating healthy food you prepare yourself when possible you will live much longer and tease us with more tutorials, plugins, themes, childthemes etc 😉

    Just one thought I would like to share with you based on my experience with food for more than 10-12 years already. If you are keen on preparing the butter yourself it is more than perfect to avoid the legumes like peanuts except in the case of the wild peanuts that are something different. All the rest of the butters are healthy when not overeaten and would help your body keep the perfect body structure and shape.

    One thing that I would suggest is to cut off the coconut fat if possible and to have that type of a treat on its own. It is not a good idea to mix different types of fats in one meal because that can lead to a harder digestion and some discomfort. If we are talking about 1-2 tablespoons to help the food processor to keep going – than it is OK, but not more than that.

    One of the keys to the best homemade butter is to NEVER FORGET TO SOAK the nuts and seeds before turning them in a creamy or crunchy butter. Usually the soaking time is around 6 hours and is enough to let the inhibitors to leave the nuts/seeds and to make the final product way more easier to properly digest.

    If your intentions are to keep the butter longer than 4-5 days, than I would suggest to leave the nuts/seeds in a dry and sunny place or dehydrate them before buttering.

    Try this simple tricks and you will be amazed of the results. Take care and live a long and healthy life. Thank you for every minute you share with us!

  21. Sunit
    Sunit Published |

    That looks delicious! And the fact that it’s butter makes it even better. I think you’ve just found me a replacement to homemade jam. Thanks!

  22. Roshan
    Roshan Published |

    Hi, add some little honey in that food , it will bring awesome taste 🙂 daily morning i will take this kind of food,it takes your body good and healthy

  23. JV
    JV Published |

    Every time I buy peanut butter I end up buying the most expensive one on the shelf for the same simple idea that it shouldn’t have so many ingredients! It never even crossed my mind to make my own! Great idea! How’d it turn out? I want to do this for the next “jar” of pb in our pantry!

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