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I just got a new iPhone 4s, so I’m testing the WordPress for iOS app. It’s pretty cool. Any other recommended apps?

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  1. Michael
    Michael Published |

    That was my first thought, too. But wait until you want to moderate your first comments with this app…

  2. Kyle
    Kyle Published |

    You might like Trunk Notes. It’s a personal wiki/notes app. Syncs with Dropbox. Has JavaScript/jQuery built in.

    If you listen to podcasts then Downcast or Instacast are musts.

    Instapaper, Reeder and Tweetbot are more popular, so you probably w them – but for good reason.


  3. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    Check out Clear, it’s a fantastically beautiful todo app: http://www.realmacsoftware.com/clear not WordPress related though 🙂

  4. Elliott Richmond
    Elliott Richmond Published |

    Instagram is an old favorite of mine. On my old 3G it was… well, crap compared to the 4s! Faster, new filters and now comes with blur/soft focus ideal for faking tilt shift 🙂

  5. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Hands down, Camera+ app is a great photo app update, plus WordPress for iOS has it’s API integrated! And I created a widget plugin.

  6. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Its fantastic isn’t it! I got a white 64GB iphone 4S and I think its literally the best phone available right now. So slick and smooth, I love Camera+ and I use Instagram and Path a lot for filters and then upload all the images to Facebook.

  7. Brendan
    Brendan Published |

    I like shazam, it identifies any song that is playing and tells you the title and artist. Great for coffee shops, bars, radio, etc.

  8. John Hile
    John Hile Published |

    If you use Evernote, then the iOS version is a given.

  9. Geert Verschaeve avis
    Geert Verschaeve avis Published |

    I would go for Evernote indeed, and things like dropbox.

    You do already have the apps from Nike right? They are great as well.

    And oh, I don’t have my phone with me now and might be a bit wrong about the name: but zombie runners or something like that. While you’re running (for real), it’s as if zombies are running after you. How’s that for motivation 🙂

  10. Doug
    Doug Published |

    Welcome to the cult, I mean club. 🙂 These are what I consider the must-haves (or at least the best at what they do, if you happen to need to do what they do):

    Camera+ for photo editing
    Sparrow for email
    WriteRoom for (Dropbox-integrated) notes
    Downcast for podcasts
    Clear for to-do lists
    TextFree for (ad-supported) free text messaging
    MyPDFs for storing/viewing PDFs
    Netflix app for streaming movies/TV (account required)
    OverDrive for checking out ebooks from your local library (account required)
    360, panorama creator
    AutoStitch, after-the-fact pano stitching
    Trainyard, puzzle game
    Cut the Rope, puzzle game

  11. Crilley
    Crilley Published |

    Try Flashlight. Out of all the apps I have it’s become the most useful one & the one I probably use the most.

  12. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    My vote is on Instagram too, very helpful and now fb owns it…

  13. Amin Riaz
    Amin Riaz Published |

    IA Writer – highly recommended.

    A minimalist interface for writing on Iphone.

  14. Nadeem
    Nadeem Published |

    Link is not valid.
    Wordpress is misspelled in href

  15. Navneet
    Navneet Published |

    First congrats on getting Iphone 4s. Go with Instagram and if you want editor for wordpress then definately what you have got from wordpress official is better.

  16. Rob Oskins
    Rob Oskins Published |

    I have aforementioned Camera+ and it’s great for editing. Word of warning — check the Quality settings in Menu. “Optimized” photos have smaller resolutions. If you want full size, switch to “Full.” I just have the 4, not 4S — so Camera+ may work differently since the 4S has a better camera.

    Since you mention health food and exercise, you might like IntervalTimer. It lets you program High/Low intensity interval and rest time between sets.

  17. jim
    jim Published |

    +1 on Camera+. Reeder is a pretty nice front-end for Google Reader app. Instapaper handy for saving things to be read later. And, of course, 1password for general account management.

    Though I haven’t tried it on the iPhone yet, I absolutely love the Flipboard application on my iPad – it’s a Pinterest-like interface for a news reader. Very beautiful.

  18. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    Do you run? If so, try the Nike Run app. It will track your mileage and route with the built in GPS function while allowing you to play your favorite music play lists along the way. Sweet!

  19. Sabine
    Sabine Published |

    If you like Photos, don’t miss Instagram, camera+ and Snapseed

  20. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Try the Adobe Photoshop app for taking and editing photos. We have actually blown quite a few of ours up into canvases because they were such great pictures of our daughter. Now our walls are adorned with a few iPhone photos-amazing!

  21. Talita Mello
    Talita Mello Published |

    i will suggest you Instagram & camera+, and iphone 4S is best phone me 2 using the same phone, it has some great features.

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