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  1. Chris Coyier
    Chris Coyier Published |

    A low carb masterpiece.

  2. Alireza
    Alireza Published |


  3. pankaj shrestha
    pankaj shrestha Published |

    wow looks like great

  4. Paul
    Paul Published |

    The Deer would be happy that it was being put to such good use, nice work!

  5. Paniekaanval
    Paniekaanval Published |

    Oh no, more food 🙂 You should start a food blog, or at least a category about this. This looks delicious. I’ve never had deer in burger-form! It looks great and gluten-free.

  6. wantei
    wantei Published |

    OMG this looks so damn delicious i want a bite.

  7. Bharat Chowdary
    Bharat Chowdary Published |

    Seems like you are enjoying on a vacation …

  8. Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey Published |

    A deer, a deer, a female deer! I’m not sure I could wilfully touch this although it looks tasty.

  9. chris bohlender
    chris bohlender Published |

    looks edible… I find deer to be a little gamey but this totally looks good!

  10. Sergeo
    Sergeo Published |

    This looks yummy!

  11. Ben
    Ben Published |

    I’ve never eaten deer before! Nice?

  12. Tryphon
    Tryphon Published |

    That deer burger looks very promising and should have been tasty as hell !

  13. Michael
    Michael Published |

    You’re going to die of a heart attack sorry 🙁

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