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  1. Brian Krogsgard
    Brian Krogsgard Published |

    I think that’s more omelette flavored bacon than a bacon omelette.

    1. The Frosty
      The Frosty Published |


    2. Paul Winslow
      Paul Winslow Published |

      Either way the title of the post holds very true 🙂

    3. Peter
      Peter Published |

      seem its so delicious or disgusting together :p

  2. Anton
    Anton Published |

    Oh my god. That looks disgusting. Even though I actually do enjoy bacon myself, that image is just.. scary.

  3. Kevin Leary
    Kevin Leary Published |

    I think it’s that sloppy, open face presentation that makes that bacon so in your face. Or maybe it’s the sheen of all that grease. : )

  4. Rudy
    Rudy Published |

    MMMMMM That Looks Delicious 🙂

  5. Jeff Durden
    Jeff Durden Published |

    Looks very nice. Lots of protein!

  6. Eric
    Eric Published |

    Looks so delicious! My stomach just made some weird noise…haha

  7. adnanresa
    adnanresa Published |

    bacon for everything? yees i do.. i always use bacon for every food. its so american taste..haha

  8. Jochem
    Jochem Published |

    That looks delicious, i just love bacon!

  9. Paul
    Paul Published |

    For eggs of Champions I fry eggs and drop bacon bits into the white (before it goes white), perfect 🙂

  10. Vivek Nath.R
    Vivek Nath.R Published |

    Looks delicious. . .:)

  11. Ecig-Manolo
    Ecig-Manolo Published |

    So sad that best things in the world are so often the worst for our health 🙁

  12. Ben
    Ben Published |

    That is a heart attack waiting to happen. May the force be with you when you eat it.

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