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  1. Kim Parsell
    Kim Parsell Published |

    They are absolutely adorable Justin! A side benefit will be using the chicken manure in your vegetable garden.

    I wanted to raise some chickens here, but we have way too many coyotes in the area to do that – I’d end up losing them all. :/

  2. david
    david Published |

    It cost $6/dozen?
    Wow… That’s crazy
    Here in indonesia, it only cost about $1.7/kg.
    1 kg is about 16 eggs.

    I hope I can sell eggs there.. LOL
    My father own grocery store and we sold about 500-1000 kgs/month.

  3. Robin Mackenzie
    Robin Mackenzie Published |

    That’s true, good quality eggs are too expensive but they are worth the price. It’s also a good idea to raise chickens in your own farm.

  4. Nadeem
    Nadeem Published |

    These are adorable ones and you will enjoy them when they will follow you every corner of house and try to place themselves under your feet. The surprising thing for me is the price. Here in my area, i can get maximum $1 each.

  5. Diana
    Diana Published |

    I love chicks!
    We decided to breed some once but none of us was used to “natural eggs”, that is very strong color and smell!
    I advise you to keep few chickens and one rooster only (or none at all), we had couples and that leads to noisy fights lol.

    You said that government guidelines are extremely loose?! Thought that was opposite in USA, or not in the countries?!

  6. Quinn
    Quinn Published |

    They’re cute. Before you know it, they’ll be already big soon.

  7. Brian
    Brian Published |

    I love it, I enjoy seeing people take an interest is going natural, going old-school. I live in an apartment, so raising animals outside of cats (who would not be good for the chickens) is not an option at this time. In the future it would be fun to have either a small farm or just a few acres to do whatever I want with.

  8. Tao
    Tao Published |

    I once have two of them when I am still a child. However, they all disappear as my mother said they are too noisy at night! She return them to the farm.

  9. sarat sravan
    sarat sravan Published |

    They are really looking so cute when they are young at such age. But the price stated here is really a too much considering many suppliers.

  10. Kátia Rabello
    Kátia Rabello Published |

    OMG! nice!!!! so cute!!

  11. Linda Bradshaw
    Linda Bradshaw Published |

    My hubby and I have been talking about buying some chickens to clear the yard of ticks. Even though our dogs get flea and tick prevention medicine, they still come inside with ticks on them! My biggest concern is that the coyotes will get to the chickens and kill them.

  12. Govertz
    Govertz Published |

    If youre babychickens are not sorted you can end up with only roosters, thats what allmost happen to me first time I bought babychickens, 9 out of 10 was roosters.

    On the other hand you can be lucky and they all turns out to be chickens, but most likely it’s about 50/50.

  13. Imran
    Imran Published |

    Very nice so cute 🙂

  14. Shaun t
    Shaun t Published |

    Lol yeah they are super cute. Thats a good investment to have chickens that you can feed your left overs and they make free eggs for you. NICE!

  15. Sunny
    Sunny Published |

    What is your rough cost on raising the chicks – for food, water, heat etc. I’m wondering if it’s more cost effective to buy adult chickens, or simply buy eggs from an organic farmer. Yes it would be nice to have “my own” eggs, but for us $5/dozen for certified organic (I’m in Canada) from a local farmer at the farmer’s market seems like a lot less time, money and effort than raising my own chicks/chickens

  16. aurélie
    aurélie Published |

    I love them !!

    They are so cute…

    Unfortunatly I live in an appartment so no cute little chicken for me !
    But I have an amazing little rabbit.

    I hope you re not gonna eat them, just the eggs ^^

  17. Tulisa
    Tulisa Published |

    Awww their so cute, now you can pickle as many eggs as you like or as many as the chicks can give you.

  18. Hamlet
    Hamlet Published |

    Of course they are cute. Very nice indeed.

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