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  1. Keith S.
    Keith S. Published |

    Why wait for them all to get ripe? Green tomatoes are excellent!

  2. Steven Gliebe
    Steven Gliebe Published |

    What kind of tomatoes are you growing?

  3. Klubovi
    Klubovi Published |

    Thats HUGE! 🙂

  4. jon
    jon Published |

    i love tomatoes, always did. two things i wanted to throw in here: in Hungarian language the tomatoe is called paradicsom (paradise)–rightfully so i guess :)) and: the Portuguese make a tomatoe “marmelada” (confiture) of which i, when i saw it first, thought this was totally gaga. but then! it is delicious. never thought that tomatoes could make a confiture.
    if you are interested i could find a reliable recipe. but then again, you might need all your tomatoes for the ketchup… oh my…

  5. Kim Parsell
    Kim Parsell Published |

    Glad to see that your garden is producing. 🙂

    When I had a garden, I found the best tomatoes for making/canning tomato sauce, ketchup, etc. are Roma tomatoes. They are mostly meat, very little juice, and are extremely easy to core – simply cut off the top 1/2″. Quarter them, put them through the Foley food mill to remove seeds and skin, then pour into a pan to cook down. Because they have very little juice, they cook down faster and the sauce is thicker when you’re done. You can even cook the sauce down in a large crock pot to keep the heat down in your kitchen in the summer.

    I usually had around 100 Roma plants to ensure that I had enough sauce to make everything I wanted to put up. Yes, I had a really huge garden. 🙂

  6. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Great photo of your squash. Many times the simple joys of life are among the best.

  7. shamvil
    shamvil Published |

    Looks like you will have a fruitful garden. nice pic of your first squash.

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