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  1. John
    John Published |

    Momma always said, if you are going to bring snacks, bring enough for everyone. This sounds so good right now.

  2. Amy Kristiana
    Amy Kristiana Published |

    Looks awsome!!! Peanut butter and watermelon rind, What a combination.

  3. George
    George Published |

    I’ll second that Kristina, looks delicious, yet relatively easy to make… I recently made some pear preserves, when I get home I’ll check out how THEY taste with some nice bread and peanut butter.

  4. Dougal Campbell
    Dougal Campbell Published |

    Aw man, I remember eating pickled/preserved watermelon rid as a kid. I haven’t had any of that in *years*. Mmmm….

  5. caveau
    caveau Published |

    It looks very good!

  6. kurti
    kurti Published |

    yummy.. i prefer cheese although more than peanut butter..but this watermelon rind made me feel hungry 🙂 why do we don’t get this in Mcdonals 🙂

  7. giong hat viet
    giong hat viet Published |

    I love cooking. But I have never done such preservation. do not know how effective

  8. Tulisa
    Tulisa Published |

    That’s a strange combination never tried that before, think I might give it a go next time I have some watermelon.

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