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  1. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    Wow thats a really big melon!

  2. shahin
    shahin Published |

    how kilo was it.however it was really big.in Asia melon is red insight.

  3. Tung Do
    Tung Do Published |

    You don’t look like a theme framework developer.

  4. Pressa
    Pressa Published |

    Nice melon you got that, but do come back and brag when you have eaten it also ; )

  5. lewis
    lewis Published |

    very big!

  6. A Nolan
    A Nolan Published |

    Stumbled across this – amazing! I’ve never seen such a great melon!

  7. stewart
    stewart Published |

    Brother that if this giant, huge, I think it reaches up to feed two families


  8. Rebbeca
    Rebbeca Published |

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

  9. Fans kaufen
    Fans kaufen Published |

    Wow this melon is huge, never seen something like that before 🙂

  10. Wayne
    Wayne Published |

    Wow that’s a really impressive specimen. Watermelon is very good for us as it’s loaded with a compound that increases blood flow, sort of the way that some of the performance enhancers do. I’m more used to the variety that has the red flesh, but a watermelon is a watermelon. Question though Justin. Just what do you use the watermelon rind preserve to do?

  11. Nathaniel
    Nathaniel Published |

    My gosh!! That thing is humongous. Is that a special variety of melon. If not then just how did you get that thing to grow so big?

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