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  1. John Hawkins
    John Hawkins Published |

    I love the idea of asides, but have never really found a design for the main blog archive page that works for me. I think it works well for ma.tt because his posts are broken up visually to begin with. Each post is in a box all by itself. But, for a blog where the delineation between each post isn’t as pronounced, asides can tend to get lost in the shuffle.

    1. The Frosty
      The Frosty Published |

      Plus Matt writes so many asides that he can group them together in his current theme by day.

      1. Mark McWilliams
        Mark McWilliams Published |

        I am a fan of that! 🙂

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  3. dj
    dj Published |

    You mentioned you were working on a site re-design or I probably wouldn’t mention this; but,

    Perhaps you could display your code blocks a bit better. On my screen I see a tiny fixed width section containing all the code with a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom and about a full foot of completely wasted background “white space.” So much unused space and I’m still forced to scroll! This is particularly annoying when the code block is so long that you must scroll vertically even to find the horizontal scroll bar! (Like in your Chat post)

    I’ve seen sites where the code block opens up, even over the margins, when the cursor hovers. How about something like that.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this series of posts – the codex just doesn’t do enough to consolidate the development community toward practice standards on its own. This really helps.

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  5. Henry
    Henry Published |

    The introduction of post formats gives users the option to move towards micro blogging. To me, asides seem very similar to ‘tweets’. I like how WordPress moves with the times. A 1000 word blog post was so 5 years ago (unless it is a fantastic tutorial of course :})

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    دردشة صوتية Published |

    Thanks Justin that he did a great job

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  8. Amanda
    Amanda Published |


    I stumbled on this post while searching for a way to make Asides show up as regular posts in the theme I’m using. I’m using the Carington Blog theme, but I don’t know of a way to have Asides show up anywhere except in the sidebar, and I want them to show up as the regular posts do. I see the code on your page, and I’m assuming it needs to go in functions.php, but am not sure. Can anyone help with this, or is there something I’m totally missing? Also, when I go to write a new posts, I don’t see anything about post formats on the new post screen. I’m using the latest version of WordPress. Thanks.

  9. Tasneem
    Tasneem Published |

    Im actually not a huge fan of asides just because I usually don’t blog that way, and the last post I published was formatted as an aside. Is there any way I can change that?

  10. James
    James Published |

    Curious why you chose to use a filter for the infinity. Wouldn’t it be much easier just to add it to the template?

     <a href="">∞;
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  12. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I was able to add the code to my functions file, but I don’t know how to keep the title and post data from displaying as well. I think I have to add some conditionals to my loop, but am unclear how to do that.

    My index.php with my loop is viewable here https://gist.github.com/singlesoliloquy/ea0d22c05d29967e0673.

  13. Tim
    Tim Published |
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  15. Houcin
    Houcin Published |

    I switched between The standard and Aside format in my wordpress blog but i didn’t see a difference

  16. Daniel
    Daniel Published |

    Hello Justin. I’d like to use that code snippet but I am not sure where should I put it. Could you direct me a little bit? Thanks! Daniel

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