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  1. Cecilio
    Cecilio Published |


    I’ll try it in several website and I tell you it if I find problems.

    Thanks Justin.

  2. Want to Translate post format slugs? Justin Tadlock has got you covered - WP Realm
    YOGESH Published |

    Thanks for sharing this information.. I will also try it for my blog and website. Please help me incase of any difficulty..

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  5. budapeste gezi yerleri rehberi
    budapeste gezi yerleri rehberi Published |

    thanks also i will try it. I hope i can manage 🙂

  6. دردشة صوتية
    دردشة صوتية Published |

    Thank you Justin for all the work done I observer of all topics

    1. Howard Walter
      Howard Walter Published |

      Justin its hard to understand the procedure coding but its nice if its work properly.

  7. Ali Kholi
    Ali Kholi Published |

    Thank you justing for sharing this helpful info
    i will give it a try and i will see if it work’s or not
    thanks again

  8. Parques WDW
    Parques WDW Published |

    I typically use Blogspot on my websites – although I have tried out WP on several sites – and the blogger interface now allows you to create custom post URLs as well. Something that we have been missing for ages.

    Unfortunately, I have seen that many people using this function are merely stuffing keywords into their URL making it ultimately detrimental to their overall search engine positioning efforts.

    Use with caution.

  9. Quentin
    Quentin Published |

    Thank you verry much for this article, it looks great !

    Is there any possibility to remove the “type” from the URL, to have :


    instead of




  10. Aleks
    Aleks Published |

    Hey Guys,

    It worked perfectly well, just one thing that is not working with Standard Post type, so all worked but is not rewriting standard post format, but at the same time do not show all relevant standard one too. can anyone help with that ?

  11. Marc Bijl
    Marc Bijl Published |

    Same question as Aleks has: I can’t get it working with the standard post format. How can I create a page with posts that have the standard format?

    Alex, did you find out?

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