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  1. chuck scott
    chuck scott Published |

    Awesome writing Justin in this post and loved the local flavor – e.g., “nostrils soak up the fresh-cut grass all across the state of Alabama.” … certainly gives me a greater appreciation for your state and the soul of football fans … while not a big fan myself of watching sports, i did play a bit in Richmond VA in the late 1970s and loved the sport … since playing those jr/sr high school days, i’ve since reflected on the sport as an adult and come to think of it as a metaphor for eternal life … the good guys on one side, the opposition too good on the other side … we line up and do our best to assert our will despite the other team doing their best to block us from our goals … kind of the classic battle in the Heavens of Light vs Dark … certainly there would be no glory if there was not opposition to over come so on some level i salute those forces that oppose – even though i remain vigilant to perpetually win, i am grateful for their opposition as they inspire me to dig deeper, to get better, to try harder, to ultimately prevail … and i suspect that in the end, win or lose, it is not so much the score that counts but the spirit of how i played the game and the character of honor and determination to which i stood loyal too … accordingly, i salute my opposition and say “thanks for the game” – i’m better because of it … and thus looping back to the title of your post, i would “hope” they are too 🙂

    ps – per George Edward Woodberry quote “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”

  2. Jordan Tuwiner
    Jordan Tuwiner Published |

    Great post, Justin.

    It’s funny that you write this as I attend Towson and we’re playing LSU this weekend. I don’t expect a win, but I want them to make it at least a bit exciting.

    Go Tigers! (The Towson Tigers, of course).

  3. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    Go cuse. JK. They are horrible this year. Tigers look good.

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    1. Howard Walter
      Howard Walter Published |

      That’s fine for you!

  5. nathan
    nathan Published |

    They’re just words. They don’t control us. Not anymore. — Dane Cook

    ok lost my comment 3 times – I give up – WAR eagle !!!! Woo hoo! we are really bad this year… check out my site at http://www.mybamaprints.com – email me and I’ll hook you up with some free stuff. I meet Cam Newton last year and had a few items signed including a 7ft painting i did of him – I started one of you and I’m almost done and was hoping you would be in town to sign it someday – not really but you Sir are the Cam Newton of wordpress and you do good work sir! – cheers !

    Please allow comment section to repopulate after error message – I’m scared of the keyboard after losing two comments – : )_

  6. Rick Repin
    Rick Repin Published |

    Love your story Justin and how detailed you are with it football is a big part of the south and the north like you said most people don’t really get it. They don’t understand how much it mean’s to people like yourself and many other’s it’s a deep since of pride and just part of life as well. Thanks for sharing this post it is truly great stuff!

  7. andrea
    andrea Published |

    i really like sport articles like these. It was really nice to read!

  8. Shannon Wood
    Shannon Wood Published |

    Well now that the season is over Auburn University may have a chance at a run of at least 5 wins in 2013 with a new coach. All In!

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