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  1. Brave Dave
    Brave Dave Published |

    I’m all for getting unnecessary shortcodes out of themes, but I’m not sure a one-size-fits-all approach is going to work.

    The CSS generated by your plugin ( ‘column column-span-1 column-push-0 column-last’ ) is, IMO, a little verbose and at first glance not going to work with the most common/popular frameworks ( Skeleton, Bootstrap, Foundation ).

    From memory, the three I’ve mentioned all use fairly similar class names ( row -> four columns ), perhaps this may be a better convention to follow?

  2. Brave Dave
    Brave Dave Published |

    Good to hear. I had no doubt the plugin would be meticulously coded.

    Are there docs available regarding the hooks? I could only find links to themehybrid, which required membership.

  3. Alan
    Alan Published |

    Pretty cool. Will work well on full-width pages.

  4. Naga
    Naga Published |

    Good to hear about this plugin which can be used by using shortcodes in pages and also posts where the short code will get works.
    Thank you for creating such cool plugin.

  5. Norman144
    Norman144 Published |

    In the past I use to buy many themes from themeforest and I would wonder why there were so many short codes just to handle columns, why not just one? So this to me is just good smart business. From now on just use this one plugin, simple. I fully support this great idea.

  6. David
    David Published |

    Thanks Justin, this is going to be really useful.

  7. Liana Mir
    Liana Mir Published |

    Do you mind if I ask you’ve encountered the Magazine Columns plugin I’m already using? I’m wondering if it’s code is clean or I should switch. I’m in the process of revamping my website, thus all this hanging out around your site for tips and it’s been just a big, jumbling mess of what stays, what goes, and how do I get the customization I want without coding for forever.

    Speaking of, one OT from this thread question: Is it possible or okay to include a theme page for use in a custom content type plugin? For example: I have the Organize Series plugin and I’d like to create a taxonomy-series.php, but it makes more sense to me to attach that to the plugin and the functionality it belongs to rather than the theme which may change.

    (still trying to puzzle out how child themes work)

    APNA JAHANIAN Published |

    really great, its really great idea to help humanity to solve their problems. but i can’t understand that where it will create column? in post or in theme index page?

  9. Sue Surdam
    Sue Surdam Published |

    Thanks for another great addition to WordPress. You bring up a good point about how hard it would be change themes when you have created columns etc. with short codes within the theme.

    I will definitely be thinking more about if a good plugin can do the job, rather than hard code in a child theme in the future.

  10. Åsa Rosenberg
    Åsa Rosenberg Published |

    Hi Justin, I really like this idea. However, I tried adding this plug to a very basic twitter bootstrap theme and I suspect there is some conflicting css. I do not get columns with bootstrap enabled. When disabling bootstrap css it works just fine.

    I don’t have time to investigate it myself at the moment. I hope it’s just some mistake on my part but I wanted to let you know. Thanks for the cool plugin!

  11. Åsa Rosenberg
    Åsa Rosenberg Published |

    Sorry. It was a tidythemes BlankSlate 2.2 with twitter bootstrap added but it’s on my local testing environment. I’ll get back to you when I get a chance to investigate and/or demo it. Plugin works like a charm in my other themes (without bootstrap). Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  12. Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor Published |

    Good stuff, Justin, look forward to giving it a try.

    I have a similar issue with geotagging/geocoding plugins, which all do different things. Change plugin, and you have to re-code all your posts. I’m all in favour of different people doing different things to get different *effects* but I think the *cause* should be plugin- and theme-independent.


  13. Manus Aktteva
    Manus Aktteva Published |

    Nice post.
    I will download it when necessary but I like it.
    I would like to suggest that you should post few screenshots here.

    1. shubham
      shubham Published |

      Strongly agree with you Manus some screenshots will help to understand this post more easily.

  14. Alan
    Alan Published |

    Nice work on the plugin.

    Let me say, briefly, that I am of the opinion that the vast majority of shortcodes have no business being included within a theme but rather should be created as plugins just for accessibility and portability reasons if nothing else. That being said, their are so many poorly written themes/plugins out there that this approach does lead to inevitable CSS conflicts.

    I am curious as to your thoughts on this aspect of the issue, and in particular, is there a point for you personally where you essentially are willing to state something to the effect of “the theme/plugin you are using is responsible for the problem, and unfortunately the solution is out of my control or the scopre of my plugin.”

    I know we have reached this point on some occasions in house…

  15. Pete
    Pete Published |

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for a solution like that for a while now. I’m gonna give it a try as soon as I’m home from work.

  16. Ali Kholi
    Ali Kholi Published |

    Nice work on the plugin.
    I will absulotly give a try as soon as possible
    thanks man

  17. دردشة صوتية
    دردشة صوتية Published |

    Thank you for topic

  18. Jim Blair
    Jim Blair Published |

    Great post, I have downloaded and I agree.

    But, I tell you what would be a great columns plugin – a dynamic plugin that automatically adjusts text to equally fit across a number of columns e.g.

    [columns = x]
    This text would automatically be divided across x columns without the user having to manually work out where to split it, now that would be cool!

    Just a thought, maybe a plugin exists somewhere already?


    1. Liana Mir
      Liana Mir Published |

      The Magazine Columns one I referred to does that.

  19. Jim Blair
    Jim Blair Published |

    Geez, it works – thanks for that Justin!

  20. Lakhyajyoti
    Lakhyajyoti Published |

    Heard first time about Grid columns wordpress plugin. Surely I’ll try this plugin on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Reinar Svendsen
    Reinar Svendsen Published |

    This is an absolute marvelous plugin Justin.

    Here’s an example which now enables me to reduce some css

    Very nice and very easy to use plugin – and I can’t see why it shouldn’t work as a one size fits all.

  22. Gerald
    Gerald Published |

    I followed the process since your first beta release. I`m totally with you that functionality needs to go into a plugin instead of the theme’s functions.php
    Cheers and thanks for the grid plugin.

    Only problem so far: I`m missing css rules for mobile usage.
    I normally set columns to float: none; for mobile versions.
    What are your ideas about this?

    and btw: +1 for one-size-fits-all 😉

  23. Julia
    Julia Published |

    Wow, looks like a great plugin. Columns can be annoying sometimes >_>


  24. Monna
    Monna Published |

    This is an absolute marvelous looks like a great plugin Justin.Very nice and very easy to use plugin thank you….

  25. Angela
    Angela Published |

    Really liked the plugin…..

  26. Georgia Robert
    Georgia Robert Published |

    Can I ask you if you were formally educated or self-taught to attain your programming skills? If self-taught, do you recommend any resources for someone “less comfortable” in his programming skills but “highly motivated” to learn? I have found if I really want to understand something and I never give up trying,I eventually get pretty darn good at something. I admire your skills and your sincere desire to help people, btw. Admirable, and it’s why you deserve every single bit of success you can get. Truly, it’s people like you that are why I don’t totally give up online (or on people in general).

  27. Thomas Moukawsher
    Thomas Moukawsher Published |

    It’s nice that we live in a world where people still provide things without charging. Wordpress was a godsend and now with all of the plugins, the sky is the limit!

  28. bokij
    bokij Published |

    I wa s exploring all the platforms but always coming back for wordpress.3 years using joomla buttt hm wp is better for me personaly.

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  30. Claudio Rimann
    Claudio Rimann Published |

    Very good idea, i will definitely have to update some sites 🙂

    The only thing i “miss” is a way to easily add the shortcode in the visual editor. For example just a button which puts the shortcode before and after a selected text/image.

  31. Andrei Chira
    Andrei Chira Published |

    Some say it’s a good idea to use a plugin, some say that too many plugins will slow your site and you should use built-in functionality.
    I guess you need to find a balance.

  32. Sam
    Sam Published |

    Very cool Justin. Thanks for the new plugin. Also from your previous comment, now that I know that adding plugins will not slow down your site, I will now start adding more.

  33. Kate Roberts
    Kate Roberts Published |

    This very good plugin download what I already think it is well worth download it.

    To me much good because I have a blog where I have to create columns and this plugin I drop like a glove.

    Truly thank you very much for creating this plugin.

    Greetings and a very strong hug from Spain!

  34. Roni rahman
    Roni rahman Published |

    i like it very much

  35. Charlotte
    Charlotte Published |

    You had me at “There’s a few reasons this theme development practice is wrong: It locks users into using their current theme forever.” Cheers!!

  36. Liana Mir
    Liana Mir Published |

    I do prefer your plugin to my old columns plugin because yours gives me more granular control. Question: can you do two instances on a single page. Example:

    3 columns for the main content
    1 column underneath for a signature/bio area

  37. Shashank Bhattarai
    Shashank Bhattarai Published |

    Thanks for the plugin but i want to customize my footer..i want to give all comments and blogs at footer do you know how to change it code???

  38. Umair Butt
    Umair Butt Published |

    I am listening first time about this plugin. But it will be better for wordpress webmasters.

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  40. Drew
    Drew Published |

    Thanks for making this plugin; it’s easy, straightforward and not bloated with a bunch of other stuff.

    Question/comment though – when I start my page content (in a column) with a heading rather than a normal paragraph, I’m getting an extra empty p tag above the content, which is creating some white space at the top of the page. See to check out the effect. Thanks! 🙂

  41. cctv karachi
    cctv karachi Published |

    I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out
    new stuff you post.”

  42. Mark Guides
    Mark Guides Published |

    Thio plugin is great Justin, I did few tests with it.

    To be honest, I like shortcodes, but for my customers and in my tutorials for them it is problem to explain to be simple for them. Shortcode here, shortcode there.

    Whole visual post text area is full of codes, and visual editor now looks like HTML view editor.

    You know, U put shortcode for columns then put in columns other shortcodes… :), and when U need to edit post you need few seconds to focus really hard.

    Thanks again Justin, I like your newsletters also, I am waiting to see what is gonna be with admin themes, bye, till next time.


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  44. Lolo Lopez
    Lolo Lopez Published |

    Is doesn´t works well with a responsive pages. 🙁

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